Tiny Leaves ~ Get Yourself Up On A High Mountain

Matching the artist’s name (Tiny Leaves) with the length of the recording (a tiny, home-grown, dozen digital minutes) and the price (a pound!) seems apt; the only thing out of place is the title.  But these three humble tracks do uplift the spirit, and it was a wise idea for Nathaniel Pike to adjust them and to present them to the world.  One would not have been surprised to encounter such a set on the Audio Gourmet label, as it sounds like a tea break, a momentary respite in which to collect one’s thoughts and reposition one’s attitude toward the positive.  Key track “A Moment to Dream” invites this exact discipline, with keys that sound like wind chimes and a calm sense of forward flow.  “The End” is a bit more somber in tone, but it provides a sense of small closure.  As solo piano is joined by subtly rising chords, one realizes that the daydream has ended, and that now it is time to get to work achieving it.  In other words, get yourself up on a high mountain.  A daydream can be beautiful, but without motivation, it fades like the morning dew.  Tiny Leaves provides that here.  (Richard Allen)

Available here

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  1. Gareth Pike

    Well done Joel. Liked the music and have purchased my own copy for IPOD listening. Liked the crescendo element – it is positive and uplifting, possessing hope to the psychi. Also like the way it changes by adding in the final layer with the more poignant prominant sound even if the ending is abrupt on first track. Quite beautiful and gentle second track – I really liked this quality as it shows a more internal music. Nice bit of resonance and echo appropriate for this quiter piece with necessary subdued trumpet sounds. Cymbal wqas great elongating the piece and adds an experimental aspect to it.

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