Stéphane Horeczko ~ Petite Lune

Once in a while, it’s nice to know that one’s favorite artists are still around.  A few years pass, and one wonders how they are and what they are doing.  Three years have passed since Stéphane Horeczko graced us with the delicate G. 1888, and while the sheet music for that album has continued to sell well, we’ve been waiting for a new work from the bright pianist.  Petite Lune arrives like a postcard from a friend on vacation.  As it turns out, the artist had experienced a heartfelt personal loss and is only now beginning to reengage.  This single arrives as a reminder and a statement; the artist is still around, and as viable as ever.

On Petite Lune, the composer cedes a generous amount of the spotlight to the soprano and tenor saxophones of David Rousselet.  The main melody is jazzy, breezy and memorable, a wonderful end-of-summer tune that manages to be wistful as well as upbeat.  Without the piano, the waves and some subtle guitar playing by Marco (no last name), the track might sound lonely, but the combination lends it companionship.  There’s certainly a lot more to come, as a new album is planned for late 2012 or early 2013, but this taster (which might not be included on the upcoming album) helps to whet the appetite and softens the blow of the passing season, just as the mastering of the track helped the artist to recover from a loss-generated silence.  (Richard Allen)

Available here

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