Library Tapes ~ Sun Peeking Through

Most readers of A Closer Listen are probably already familiar with Library Tapes or David Wenngren, the man behind the moniker, due to his involvement in various compilations, collaborations and maintaining a pretty steady flow of new music since the project’s inception back in 2005. For those who are new to his work, Library Tapes’ sound can be seen as a close companion to that of fellow contemporary classical musicians in the vein of Nils Frahm, Peter Broderick and Goldmund but probably with more prevalent Erik Satie undertones. His latest album, the very aptly titled Sun Peeking Through, sees Wenngren finally release his most realized work to date.

Strands of light filter through the shutters, the room still predominantly dark, colors begin to appear, silhouettes slowly transform into objects; a new day rises. Sepia-toned brush strokes take form, making their way to yesterday’s attire still lying fresh on the floor, the crumbled bed sheets and a breath of life given to the otherwise inanimate objects. Pitch black turns dark blue, sepia to white, the sun peeks through, gently announcing a new start. The gentle drones, minimal piano arpeggios and amazing string work on this album manage to not only fully engulf one in their beauty, but also perfectly translate the album’s title. Words, imagery and sound all locked in one, almost uninterrupted, piece of music.

The piano sends an optimistic vibe throughout, yet one that is very carefully balanced out with real life emotion and strife emanating from the fantastic cello work done by his high profile collaborators on the album, which includes the likes of Danny Norbury and Julia Kent. The music contained in this rather short piece could extend from narrating a single day’s morning to a thousand dawns rising, a lifetime of seeping lights or that one moment of utter epiphany; the breathing room allowed in the tracks and the spaces within the notes make this an album that is instantaneously easy to relate to without being too overbearing and pushes Sun Peeking Through from the realm of instant gratification to that of the borderline timeless. (Mohammed Ashraf)

Available here


  1. Oriol

    Truly beautiful. Very nicely put into words.

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