Plantagenet 3 ~ The Darkening Green

Imagine a crazy summer surf kicked up by an offshore wind, waves tumbling over each other until the sea is a froth of foam.  Now imagine a pasta boat overturning in the breakers, dislodging its noodles, which then begin to float and cook in the oppressive sun.  And there you have it: the visual image of Spaghetti Surf.  Yes, one might surf to these sounds.  Or one might ride out, lost and low, on a lonely desert, on a coughing donkey, salivating at every mirage.

Plantagenet 3 obviously enjoys what they are doing.  The live interplay between the band members on live tracks has always been playful.  Now a live favorite (“Angels Over Peckham Rye”) has been welded to the title track on a new 45.  Yes, Virginia, there is a Vinyl Claus.  With a bass line reminiscent of “Seven Nation Army” and an upbeat, gun-twirling lead line, “The Darkening Green” refreshes like a salt-rimmed margarita, while “Angels” presents two miniature post-rock bursts sitting atop a dappled pony.

Singles are supposed to be fun, and this one definitely fits the bill.  These seven and a half minutes make one want to check out the band’s previous work, while looking forward to its next full-length; and isn’t that what 45s are for?  (Richard Allen)

Available here

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