ACL 2012: Overview

Happy Winter!A huge thank you to all of our contributors, readers, artists, labels and friends for making A Closer Listen a success in its very first year!  Our readership has grown steadily month by month and it still continues to soar!

Today is the official beginning of our first Year End Feature, which will stretch from now until the end of the year.  We’ll begin with some specialty lists (each compiled by one person), then introduce the features that have been compiled by all:  our Label of the Year and our favorite album covers of the year, followed by seven lists of the top ten albums in each category.  Our overall top twenty will be unveiled on Christmas Eve, followed by staff and guest lists.  Then we’ll close the books on the year with a summary and a look ahead.

A few notes on the year-end lists: our voting was democratic, with each staffer’s vote being counted equally.  In most cases, the only way to be featured on a genre list was to find support from at least two.  This handicapped those whose releases were not streaming online; those found on Bandcamp, Soundcloud or other public sites had a distinct advantage over those who offered only snippets.

Vintage!Our biggest pleasure of the year: encountering so many wonderful artists, labels and albums, and feeling that we are becoming a valuable part of the wider world of music.  It’s a great responsibility, but also an honor.

Our biggest disappointment of the year: the inability to review everything.  We do what we can, but we have a small staff and sometimes the amount of submissions far surpasses our ability to write reviews.  If you have submitted music and haven’t been covered, keep trying!  We continue to listen to everything that comes in.

We believe that we are in a new golden age of music; when you read the upcoming articles, we hope you’ll agree.  We wish everyone health & happiness during the holiday season and beyond!


  1. Oh, lovely, looking forward to this! Hopefully will be able to fill in on anything I’ve missed so far this year.

  2. Thanks you the ACL team. Merry Christmas and happy new year ! See you in 2013 😉

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