LCNL 014: ACL 2012 Mix


LCNL 014: Best of 2012 Mix by the new objective


Well my friends, 2012 is coming to a close and as I look back it has been quite a strong year for experimental music.  We also just celebrated the one year anniversary of this mix series, and nearly a year of ACL, so the completion of this year has added significance for us.  For those of you just tuning in as a result of our end of year lists, welcome to the fold!  And for those of you who’ve been with us since the beginning, or even followed our work at The Silent Ballet and other sites, we really can’t express how much we appreciate your continued support.  So this last mix of the year is something of a holiday gift to you all,  two and a half hours of some of my favorite moments from the past year.  In the end I drew on something like 45 albums, plus some film and news quotes, field-recordings, and more.  I tried to maintain a flow and overall coherence to the mix, which was not easy task considering how much drone music I managed to include. On some level I wanted to respect the integrity of the track but I also wanted to achieve some manner of coherence to the mix itself.  I rarely let a track run longer than three minutes without mixing it with something else, so at times a drone track might be interwoven with another track or field-recording.  To the artists whose tracks I have mashed up, my sincerest apologies!  I even worked in some whale and camel recordings.  I know, it sounds strange, but I hope you enjoy.  (Joseph Sannicandro)


Bob Corn & Matteo Uggeri  – “La macchina del pane pt. I”

Actress  – “Uriel’s Black Harp”

Emptyset  – “Armature”


Alberto Boccardi – “Clocking The Time”

Nuojuva – “Hamaraan”

Giulio Aldinucci – “Sole”

Birds Of Passage – “the numinous place”

Tinfusain – “Children in Djounhan”

Bell Orchestre – “Water – Light – Shifts” (Tim Hecker Remix)

MB+ICS – “La Eternula Prenis”

Clams Casino – “Amor Fati (remix) [Washed Out]”


Vladislav Delay –  “Avanne”

Mark Fell – “SOA-7”

Celer & Machinefabriek – “Mt. Mitake”

EUS / BLACK SWAN – “ El Camino (Levitation Remix by BLACK SWAN)“

Kyle Bobby Dunn/ Loscil – “Completia Terrace/Slow Moving Grain Car”

Giuseppe Ielasi –  “04_Untitled, 2011”

High Aura’d – “Methodist Bells”

Steve Peters & Steve Roden – “Water Veins”

From the Mouth of the Sun – “Color Loss”

Kreng – “Mythobarbital (Part 2)”

Thomas Köner – “Novaya Zemlya 3”

Damian Valles – “Movement IV  (NO edits)”

Kassel Jaeger –  “A Guest + A Host α”

Bob Corn & Matteo Uggeri – “You the Rainbow”

36 – “Lithea”

EUS, Postdrome & Saåad – “Dawn (feat. Metal Alvin)”

DEEP MAGIC – “Motionless”

Swans/Le Réveil Des Tropiques – “93 Ave. B Blues/ Tenochtitlan”

Ektoise – “Down River (Noah Landis remix)”

Jerome Noetinger & SEC_ – “Testacoda Side A (NO edits)”

Leonardo Rosado/Horostar – “Variation in white #2/Chaud!”

Bellows – “06_Reelin”

Pete Swanson – “Do You Like Students?”

Lost Trail – “Black Clearcut Forest On Damaged Polaroids”

Attilio Novellino – “After You’ve Had A Life”

Luca Sigurtà – “2”

Simon Scott – “Sealevel. 6”

Parallel41 – “VIII – Out of Season”

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – “Mladic (NO edit)”


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