LCNL 030: Music for Heat Waves in K# Major Minor (Pie Are Squared)

LCNL 030: Music for Heat Waves in K# Major Minor

Well, it’s summertime and I’ve been traveling so luckily the string of staff mixes continues. The latest comes from Mohammed Ashraf aka Pie Are Squared. Hopefully it helps get you through the heat.

In other news, Mexico City is amazing. I’ve eaten some great food, drank a lot of cheap beer, and met some of the friendliest people any where. Few cities can come close to this cosmopolis, and I don’t know of any of this value. The art and music scenes here are really strong, though of course you can also find the cheesy stuff that comes along with unthinkingly accepting American values crammed down your throat in the firm of crass commercialism and popular culture. Expect to hear some field-recordings of el DF from me soon!

Recommendations: I saw some pretty interesting performances at Laboratorio Arte Alameda. Congrats to them on their recent distinction from Ars Electonica in hybrid art. Check out the work of Mario de Vega and Ivan Abreu Ochoa. Also go follow the Myrdal Sound Lab, an imprint of the Myrdal net label focusing on more experiment sounds. (Joseph Sannicandro)

Pie Are Squared: Not exactly sure whether it’s the much welcome heat wave here in London or that I’m simply finding more reasons to be optimistic, but this mix certainly seems to deviate from any other I’ve made before in the sense that it’s generally far less focused on the darker side of music and is pretty serene from start to finish. It is also pretty much what I’ve been listening to and going back to over and over again in the past couple of months; found sound percussion, organic sounds, lots of stuff with female vocals, more stuff with more beats, generally music that has a sense of dynamism and pushing forward using elements that surround us. Elements that have been influencing and featuring in my own music more than ever. I would like to believe that as a nearly hour long music continuum, all the tracks blend well with each other, that despite covering a number of genres these disparities complement rather than take away from one another. It is a mix that aims to be pleasant and hopefully help whoever listens to it to discover artists they’ve either ignored or have never heard of before. Signing off.
I’ve attached a picture for the mix, taken by Hunter Eggers
00:00 Hiatus – Third
04:27 Autistici – Religion of Water and Air
07:48 Aphex Twin – vordhosbn
11:51 Origamibiro – Quad Time and the Genius of the Crowd
17:00 Devics – A Secret Message to You
21:35 mum – Green Grass of Tunnel
26:15 Moshimoss – Melody
28:10 A Dancing Beggar – Daytrip to Glynde
30:27 Poppy Ackroyd – Seven
33:56 Roll the Dice – Maelstrom
37:31 65daysofstatic – Come to Me
45:16 Blah Kesto – I Believe in Avocados
48:23 Federico Durand – la casa de los abuelos
52:41 Loren Dent – This Thing we Enjoy
58:49 Speedy J – Balk Acid
Mix Name: Music for Heat Waves in K# Major Minor

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