Moon Ate the Dark ~ Molt and Grow

Molt and GrowLast year’s self-titled debut from Moon Ate the Dark enchanted our readers, who made it our most popular review of 2012.  The head of Brian Records was so taken by the album that he asked the duo to record a 2-track follow-up for his label, and they kindly obliged.  Molt and Grow is a brief yet beautiful dip into a pool of piano and electronics, presented by Anna Rose Carter and Christopher Bailey, who once again impress with clear vision and solid development.  This time around, Brian Records has chosen to present the pair in two formats:  8″ lathe cut and 3″ CD.  This does increase the options, but interested parties are urged to act quickly, as the last few remaining copies are about to be released through Norman Records.

“Verse Porous Verse” begins with an electronic hum, but Carter wastes no time getting to the ivories, nor does she slow down once her fingers hit the keys.  This sprightly piece advances at a rapid rate, eager to get to its Big Moment, which arrives at 2:12.  Following a second of silence (no time to waste!), the notes grow even more urgent as a drone rises from the background to the fore.  “Sand That Remembers the Rock It Once Was” (featured below) is slightly more introspective, as one might intuit from the title.  In this piece, the swiftness of Carter’s right hand is balanced by the measured cadence of her left. The contrast is as sweet as that between the sand and the sea.  And then all too soon, it’s over, and we’re left wanting more; hopefully more will arrive on a not-so-distant tide.

On a related note, Brian Records’ last release, Clem Leek‘s Rest, is available for digital purchase here.  While billed as modern classical, this seven track set is more properly defined as quiet post-rock.  Highlights include the lovely opener, “Bless Those Tired Eyes” and the evocative “Burleson TX”, which closes with the sound of a passing train.  There’s no telling when a sold-out release will pop up in digital form, so we applaud artist and label for making this item available again.  Will the same happen with Molt and Grow?  We hope so ~ but we also urge our readers to subscribe to Brian Records’ mailing list.  They don’t release much, but all of their records are worth it.  (Richard Allen)

Brian Records

Norman Records (sign up for restock alerts)

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