Best New Videos: Crystals, Clouds & Snow

PrintOur autumn collection is a true variety pack, highlighting amazing storyboards and exciting visuals.  Animation, time-lapse photography, and splendid cinematography are all on tap.  So relax, get comfortable, and get ready to enjoy our brand new 50-minute short film festival!

Plain Sight
Director:  mustardcuffins

The eye is tricked every time, no matter how many times this video is viewed.  We’re not sure how this video was produced, but we’re pretty sure it wasn’t with 40-foot photographs.

Director:  Simon Christen
Original Music:  Jimmy LaVelle (The Album Leaf)

Christen’s follow-up to the beguiling “The Unseen Sea” once again features fog that acts like an ocean.  The stunning images were shot in the San Francisco Bay area over the course of two years.

Mirror City Timelapse
Director:  Michael Shaneblum
Music:  Bassnectar, “Butterfly” (featuring Mimi Page)

This lovely travelogue through various American cities reflects (pun intended) angles never before seen; it’s like watching life through a city-sized kaleidoscope.

Orla Wren ~ Four Feathers Few
Director:  Joey Bania
Music:  Orla Wren, “Four Feathers Few”

The standout video from Orla Wren’s Book of the Folded Forest album/DVD on Home Normal, featuring suspended motion, beguiling images and a lovely color scheme.

Director:  Susi Sie
Music:  CypherAudio

Everybody loves lycopodium powder, and this video gets to play with it in an all-new way.  A mesmerizing drone provides the soundtrack.

indignu ~ Capitulo I
Directors:  Alexandre Cunha and Tiago Faria
Music:  indignu, “Capitulo I”

Tender, heartbreaking, and ultimately moving, this video demonstrates the power of the short form music video.

Director:  YuJeong Eom
Music:  Kate Carr, “snow storm”

This visual accompaniment to Carr’s latest album, Songs from a Cold Place, delves further into the landscape of Iceland by offering a unique take on the perils of inner island transportation.

Moderat, “Bad Kingdom”
Director:  Pfadfinderei
Music:  Moderat, “Bad Kingdom”

The panels may appear to have been drawn by Charles Burns, but they actually come from a quintet of creators.  This trippy video moves without moving, and its overall effect is as hypnotizing as the pendant wielded by its silent host.

Director:  Bruno Levy
Music:  Kate Simko

A concert event blending live action and projected images is captured in this unique half-screen video.  Originally performed at the Royal College of Music in London.

8 Bit Balloons with Contact Mic and Drums
Music and Video:  Sex Detectives

We receive a lot of experimental music for review at A Closer Listen, and often our response is, “I suspect this is very good, but it’s probably best experienced live.”  This video underlines that point.  On its own, the music is entertaining, but the viewing experience adds a frosting of appreciation. 

Richard Allen

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