LCNL 034: Vektormusik present Alternating Polarity (vinyl mix)

Alternating polarity mix_Vektormusik for aCloserListenLCNL 034: Vektormusik

And…. we’re back!  Sorry for that extended absence, but I’ve got the next few mixes lined up and ready to go, including one really special mix that I can’t wait to drop.  (I uploaded a couple of short collage-mixes I made  in the intervening weeks, if you’d like to check out something different.)

The authors of this mix are the Danish duo Vektormusik, consisting of Thomas Ahlmark and Kristoffer Jørgensen.  They produce a uniquely odd brand of electronic music, utilizing a variety of electronic and acoustic sources.  A Closer Listen‘s  Richard Allen remarked of their debut vinyl, that  “the sense of unrest is found in an ongoing unwillingness to settle upon a single genre. While classical and kraut might not seem to go together, neither did chocolate and chipotle until around two years back; this too is a new flavor, biding its time.”   Now I’m hungry.  Go grab some snacks and give this a listen. I’m proud to present our first all-vinyl mix, Vektormusik’s Alternating Polarity.


Thanks for putting together this mix, Kristoffer.  Introduce Vektormusik to those who may not be already acquainted.

Located in Denmark – creating music and sounds under the Vektormusik moniker together with Thomas Ahlmark since 2004. We released our first full length vinyl titled “Uro/Unrest” October 2012 on the independent danish label space-craft. We have previously released an EP on danish label Rump Recordings (house of Rumpistol, Karsten Pflum, Bjørn Svin, Badun and Icarus among others).

Tell us about Alternating Polarity. How was it produced?  Is there a theme?

The working premise of the mix was to compose a set intended for immersive listening that hopefully will surprise, raise a smile while being full of high quality content music. The mix is created live, vinyl only – rough on the edges and some of the overlaying mixes could have been smoother. I am not really inspired of things if they are too arranged and perfect, there need to be some cracks, scathes and mis-alignment in order to stir emotion and imagination.

Most of the records date a few years back, not intentionally but these are the records I know the best. A lot of the music has served as great inspirations to the latest Vektormusik LP “Uro/Unrest”.

Some keywords that somehow covers my mind when listening to the mix:

Complementary contrasts, lost gems, classics – to me at least (Goldmund, Pekler – Nocturnes), something that grinds/twangs, something that is off-key, twisted tonality, guitars, piano, strings, modular systems, drums and a lot of quality music, part humor (Fatiche), part serious business (Hildur) and part constructivism (Rafael Toral and Alva Noto).


Artist Track Album Label Time stamp
Goldmund Ouendake The Malady Of Elegance Type
The Fun Years Cornelia Amygdaloid Various Artists SMM Context Ghostly International 3:29
Jan Jelinik Jackdaw Music and Birds Faitiche 9:18
Andrew Pekler Ogonjok Strings + Feedback Staubgold 12:07
Tied Tickled Trio with Billy Hart The end the same as the beginning La Place Demon Morr Music 14:32
Andrew Pekler Nocturne 3 Nocturnes, False Dawns and Breakdowns Scape 16:35
Ursula Bogner Signalfluss Sonne = Blackbox Faitiche 18:47
Robert Turman D2 Untitled Flux Spectrum Spools 21:00
Kaboom Karavan Wälzer Barra Barra Miasmah 23:11
Lokai 4 a.m Transition Thrilljockey 25:19
Evan Cameniti Leaving the Island Dreamless Sleep Thrilljockey 27:53
LAND Hotel Room Night Within Important Records 30:59
Rafael Toral III.IV Space Elements vol. III TAIGA 33:46
1982 3:32 Pintura Hubro 37:58
Hildur Gudnadóttir Elevation Without Senking Touch 41:25
Vektormusik Friløb Uro/Unrest space-craft 46:54
Alva Noto Teion Xerrox vol. 2 Raster Noton 49:47
Xela In Deo Salutari Meo In Bocca Al Lupo Type 51:06
Deaf Center The Clearing Pale Ravine Type 54:17
Ursula Bogner Uranotypie Sonne = Blackbox Faitiche 57:44



Bandcamp (full stream of Uro/Unrest LP):


Buy the vinyl:

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