snacs ~ swim tape

coverThe phrase “swim tape” inspires images of a plastic boom box by a pool, a whiff of chlorine, a dedicated athlete poised to practice.  Reflecting its title, swim tape blends laid-back beats with murky vocals and produces an impression of music heard underwater.  The third release from snacs, the album displays Josh Abramovici’s fascination with manipulated samples, some instantly recognizable, others difficult to place.

The release’s thesis arrives at the end of “pager (boo) / tyrna be”:  “If you could only see five colors, you’re blind.  And if you could only hear five tones in music, you’re deaf”.  The thread continues in “blueberry part 1” in the phrase, “the colors that you bring”.  snacs is interested in expanding aural boundaries through re-contextualized sounds.  We’ve become used to hearing certain tones in the original works; snacs has heard others, and is eager to share his discoveries.

Mariah Carey sings “We Belong Together” in a higher register, at a swifter pace, as if in a hurry to exit the lap lane.  Water splashes from speaker to speaker, dripping from her suit as she climbs the ladder.  To balance her sister, Minnie Riperton shifts from her normal voice to a slower, lower register.  She’s still loving you, and it’s still easy, ’cause you’re beautiful.  Snatches of phrase echo down the ceramic tiles.  The wordless pieces create an impression of flow, like the swimmer who has found her rhythm or the diver who enters the water without making a splash.  The soothing hum of “blueberry part 2” lasts beyond the beats, while “pancakes” invites comparison to bvdub.  Best of all: “youth”, which boasts the cassette’s clearest percussion: a buoy-like clang that carries the track until it is muscular enough to bear the weight of drums.  Even in the aquamarine depths of a pool, the ocean extends a quiet invitation.  (Richard Allen)

Available here

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