Passo Uno ~ Retrospective 2005/2010


Passo Uno is a musical project devoted to sonic atmospheres in close relation to the image, static or in motion. Founded in Milan in 2005 as a “music for image” project, the duo of Stefano De Ponti  and Alessandro Bider  have created three soundtracks, a collection of outtakes, participated at Italian and international compilations, made music for short films and live soundtracks in Italy and abroad. Passo Uno has also contributed to a number of studio projects for other artists, including Andrea Avolio, Matteo Uggeri (Sparkle in Grey), Lucio Mondini (Asofy) and Marco Capra (Baise-Noir, Peckish, Le Gros Ballon).

The duo are no longer very active, though  De Ponti has just released a solo tape on Old Bicycle records (stream).  This  retrospective celebrates their first 5 years of activity as Passo Uno, and features a selection of the most their most representative tracks from their various albums, as well as the new track “Hopeless?”, soundtrack for the short film by Mattia Costa “L’ultima anguriera”, and included in the compilation Con fuoco d’occhi un nostalgico lupo.

In addition  to the retrospective, the entire Passo Uno back-catalog has been made available on bandcamp for ‘name your price.’

Though both of the musicians are gifted performers, coming from conservatory training, most of Passo Uno’s musical research has been directed towards studio work, primarily in the form of soundtracks.  Perhaps it’s not a surprise that De Ponti has made documentaries and Bider works as a graphic designer, as this approach informs the narrative quality of their musical work.  In a period of 5 years Passo Uno realized two documentary soundtracks – Presenze (2005), Il Passato Riemerso [The Past Resurfaces] (2006); the sound design for “Tartüff” (2009), a silent cinema masterpiece directed by F. W. Murnau in 1921; and the collection Take Your Time and Share the Harvest, which includes compositions and improvisations recorded in the most different places and situations between 2005 and 2010.  All of these works, edited by the independent label trazeroeuno, obtained praise from critics and audiences alike.  Retrospective brings together strong cuts from each to present a representative survey of the achievements of this Italian duo deserving of wider recognition. (Joseph Sannicandro)

A new piece “Summer Evening” can also be heard at the groups soundcloud.

[Look for a review of De Ponti’s recent tape soon.]

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