ACL 2013: Guest Lists II

wild children cameraPart II of our 2013 Guest Lists.  (Part I)

Guest lists from Alex Gray (Deep Magic, d/p/i, sun araw band), Giovanni Lami (Lemures), Giuseppe Ielasi, Ross Baker, Liam Coleman, Vasco Viviani (old bicycle records), Sylvain ini.itu, and Pete Swanson.

Alex (Deep Magic, dpi, sun araw band)

1. Mexico City shows / festivals
2. Being inspired
3. Jungle
4. L.A.
5. Chilaquiles
6. Orange Man & Baby
7. Country
8. Gucci Mane
9. Making enough $ to survive
10. Endless movie night

/// /


Giovanni Lami (Lemures)

just in alphabetical order 6LP, 1CD, 2gigs, 1exhibition + 2LP just out of 10 (artist – work _label or other):

B/B/S/ ‎– Brick Mask _Miasmah
Eprom – Halflife _Rwina
Evol – Proper Headshrinker _editions Mego
Félicia Atkinson – Visions / Voices _Umor Rex
Gabriel Saloman – Soldier’s Requiem _Miasmah
Gerhard Richter – Tapestries @Gagosian Gallery _London
Giuseppe Ielasi & Adam Asnan – Quarry _Holidays Records
Hiroki Sasajima – Circle Wind _Felt Collective
Mohammad – Som Sakrifis _Pan

Scout Niblett – live @Bronson _Ravenna
Stephen Cornford – live electronics @Raum _Bologna
Terminal Sound System – A Sun Spinning Backwards _Denovali

Giuseppe Ielasi

Astor “Inland” (Kye)
Antoine Beuger / Michael Pisaro “this place / is love” (Erstwhile)
Coppice “Big Wad Excisions” (Quakebasket)
Dale Cornish “Fleshpile Sister” (Entr’acte)
Lawrence English “suikinkutsu no katawara ni” (Winds Measure Recordings)
Matthew P. Hopkins “Vent” (self-released)
Eva-Maria Houben “Orgelbuch” (Edition Wandelweiser)
Dennis Johnson “November” (Irritable Hedgehog)
Madteo “Noi No” (Sähkö)
Nite Lite “Mergrez” (Desire Path) (actually released in 2012, but i got it later)
Eliane Radigue “PSI 847” (Oral)
James Rushford / Joe Talia “Manhunter” (Kye)
Toshiya Tsunoda “O Kokos Tis Anixis” and “The Temple Recordings” (edition.t)
David Tudor “The Art of David Tudor 1963-1992” (New World)

Ross Baker

Top 10 underground & DIY releases of the year:

01. Dementia and Hope Trails – Pure Magical Love [Rainbow Bridge]
02. Luke Howard – Sun, Cloud [self-released]
03. Jack Anderton – Vale [Sirona]
04. Aaron Martin & Christoph Berg – Day Has Ended [Dronarivm]
05. Broken Chip – The Wonga Pigeon [Flaming Pines]
06. EMS : Piano – One [FSOLDigital]
07. Rad Wolf – Content [self-released]
08. Rat Rios – Broken Fold EP [self-released]
09. Amalgamated – Trudge/Slap [((Cave)) Recordings]
10. Off Land – Tidewater Pulse [Psychonavigation]

If you’re curious, I have a ‘full’ list of my favourites on my music blog.

Liam Coleman

On the sea (saito koji & sima kim)
Kani (Porya Hatami)
A day as a blade of grass (Valiska)

Live night of experimental music in Leeds called HOGWASH


Sylvain ini.itu


Jørgen Leth
Vibrant Forms
Gnostic Preludes
Mathias Delplanque
Mycoplasma Pneumoniae
Karel Goeyvaerts & Baudouin Oosterlynck
Eliane Radigue, Peter Brotzmann, Keith Rowe
Paul Celan, Aki Shimazaki, Tchouang Tseu, Anselm Kiefer
Akifumi Nakajima, Zbigniew Karkowski, Bernard Parmegiani, Yusef Lateef
Critics reformulating press releases, crowdfunded relaunch, premature tops of the year

John Kolodji (High Aura’d)

My favorite vinyl soundtracks/scores plus an eternal reissue

Dickon Hinchliffe – Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1980
The Fog-John Carpenter
Broadcast – Berberian Sound Studio
Solaris-Eduard Artemyev
Salem’s Lot -Henry Sukman
The Hired Hand-Bruce Langhorne
Songs: Ohia -The Magnolia Electric Co.
SOLARIS- Cliff Martinez
Last House on the Left – David Hess
Stalker/The Mirror – Edward Artemiev
WORK/DEATH: Phone About To Ring
EARN : Hell On Earth

Vasco Viviani

2013 – Ten good Things

Wow…this year was complicated and full of work and stuff, but some things came down and touch me…here what, for me and OBR, should enter in my top ten. No number…just ten things.

–        OTHER MUSIC in NY: Wow…this autumn I was for the first time in my life in NY, together with my girlfriend Jessica. Before starting i’ve asked a litlle bitt o my netfriends if someone could suggest me a good music store in the city. Okkyung Lee answered me and gave me the name of this store. I was there and i fall in love with…in my sides there’s non more place for this stores and turn around for just one hour or two was the best musical experience i had for long times! All the stuff I’ve bought there we’re amazing: Willis Earl Beal, White Hills and Anna Von Hausswolff on top.

–        DRESDA – DILUVIO: A classic „post-rock“ album? Maybe, or maybe how instrumental, emotional music have to sounds. Five Italian guys building 35 minutes of amazing music…if names like Mogway, GYBE! and by the way are familiar to your liking Diluvio it’s the answer.

–        CHANTAL  ACDA: I’ve never heard about Chantal Acda before read an article here on web, it was absolutely love! I can find her album here in Switzerland but i can stop to listen these beautiful song whenever i can.

–        MAGNETIC POETRY: A Serbian project with member of Mesta. They played on a tribute album to the poetry of Emily Dickinson called SAFE IN THEIR ALABASTER CHAMBERS. No word sto describe the mood of the music…just turn down the light, close your eyes and listen.

–        LUBOMYR MELNICK – COROLLARIES: A solo album by a great pianist. They call it continuous piano music, or strumming to speak in the Charlemagne Palestine mood…whatever it’s a great album with an incredible strongness inside.

–        BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO – Berberian Sound Studio it’s a soundtrack, made by the beautiful English group Broadcast for a horror movie. I’ve never seen the movie, i think i have to wait a couple of years before someone would to translate it in Italian. I know there’s Toby Jones inside, in a strange mind state working on a movie somewhere…in Italy or in this mind. Listening the OST of the movie you fall into this old and creepy atmosphere…a wonderful work!

–        JOZEF VAN WISSEM & JIM JARMUSCH – Concerning the Entrance into Eternity: I love the movies of Jim Jarmusch and i’ve never heard his music in the past years…then i found somewhere this beautiful album together with Josef Van Wissen and all the poetry i fonde in the movies was translated in sound. A great partnership that i hope could continue in the time.

–        CRIMEA X – ANOTHER: Crimea X it’s a project build by Jukka Reverberi and DJ Rocca. A dj and a guitarist  for a crash between electro, post-rock and  waves…amazing, to listen and to dance with.

–        MUSSEL | MUSCLE live @ Sonnenstube: Sonnenstube it’s an artistic open space in Lugano.

MUSSEL | MUSCLE a project by Eugenio Luciano and Nicola Giunta. Together they put an amazing live show…unforgettable, for real. Here you can watch it (…try to bring them to your city.

–        AAVV. – All the people i’ve meet and i’m in contact with through my label…this was an incredible year and we made a lot of stuff with a loto f results. Nothing could happened without YOU!

Pete Swanson (soon to be updated)

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