LCNL 040: Holodeck Records Mix


Starting now, you can stream any of our mixes over at our Mixcloud page, and/or at our Soundcloud, which is download-enabled and will eventually house our entire archive of mixes.

This week’s mix comes to you from the artist-run label HOLODECK, and features tracks from their recent catalog, including Dylan C, Survive, M. Geddes Gengras, and Marie Davidson (Les Momies de Palerme). We’ve featured a number of HOLODECK’s artists in the past, including this 6 tape feature, and we love their ethos.  Enjoy. (Joseph Sannicandro)


Please introduce yourself to our Listeners, and maybe tell us a bit about the label, your philosophy, the direction the label is heading.

I’m Jon – I’m one of the co-founders and head operators of HOLODECK. I am also Silent Land Time Machine and play in Lumens and AMASA•GANA. HOLODECK is an experimental / electronic tape & vinyl label based in Austin, TX, founded in 2012 by members of S U R V I V E, Thousand Foot Whale Claw, Pure X, and myself. We are musician founded and operated, meaning there is no one who is exclusively a “label guy” at HOLODECK, we are involved at as many levels of the process as we can and will continue to be. We started the label because of a proliferation of material from our own projects in Austin and opted to take the releasing-process into our own hands than shop our records around. There were quite a few albums that were being completed between 2010 and the beginning of 2012, these made up our first nine releases, more or less, and we were so proud of these albums that it felt more true to the respective works to do them ourselves and build things from the ground up.

Since beginning almost two years ago, we have increased our tape production quantities, have ventured into the world of releasing LP’s, and are working with artists both in Austin, around the US, and internationally. We’re getting more efficient at booking our own tours so hopefully you’ll be seeing more of our bands coming through different regions of the US (and Canada) in the coming year. We have a really packed 2014 which we will start making announcements about soon.

This mix explores more of HOLODECK’s electronic side – tracks selected from our releases that were recorded direct-in, on insane modular units, on both vintage and digital synthesizers, and tweaked drum machines & sequencers. SPECIAL BONUS – the entire b-side of M. Geddes Gengras’ Beyond the Curtain appears at the end of this mix, which is still one of my favorite pieces that we have released.

You can stream and download HOLODECK releases at their  bandcamp.

You might also want to check out this screwed version of Dylan C’s Samsara: Causes (HD012A) up on soundcloud too.


1. S U R V I V Ecschz 01 (excerpt) from HD009 (HD009)

2. Trolleruntitled from s/t LP (HD003/LLR007)

3. Marie DavidsonL’unique from s/t EP (HD017)

4. SSLEEPERHOLDF.I.S.T. from Ruleth (HD022/LLR008)

5. Sensum and ClunchStrawberry Days from s/t EP (HD019)

6. S U R V I V EOmniverse from HDXV (HD015)

7. JU4NUniversal Texture from Vaporware (HD010)

8. Dylan CFogman from Samsara: Causes & Conditions (HD012A/B)

9. Thousand Foot Whale ClawPhobos from Dope Moons Vol. 1 (HD013)

10. M. Geddes GengrasBeyond the Curtain from Beyond the Curtain (HD007)

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