LCNL 047: HOLODECK presents The Trial [mix]



Our second mix from Jon and Holodeck records, this one the more avant-garde ying to the first’s yang. (Listen to the first mix here.)  Jon is one of the co-founders and head operators of HOLODECK records.  He’s also an artist, performing as Silent Land Time Machine, as well as playing in Lumens and AMASA•GANA. HOLODECK is an experimental / electronic tape & vinyl label based in Austin, TX, founded in 2012 by members of S U R V I V E, Thousand Foot Whale Claw, Pure X, and Silent Land Time Machine.

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Glad to have you back, Jon.  What’s new? What’s going on with Holodeck?

Since we last spoke we have booked two West Coast tours, had our first official SXSW showcase, and brought in Marie Davidson from Montréal for a tour of TX. We’ve also got a TON of releases lined up for this year though all we have released this year thus far is Symbol’s debut Online Architecture (which is the first track featured on today’s mix). Troller, S U R V I V E, and SSLEEPERHOLD, who were all featured on our last electronic mix for ACL are all preparing for performances at MOOG Fest 2014 at the end of April 2014.

What should we know about this mix? 

This mix explores more of HOLODECK’s experimental / avant-garde side – these are tracks selected from our catalog that were recorded on busted mics, on homemade and/or recontextualized “classical” instruments, often featuring percussion as often as they don’t. These are those amorphous transmissions from deep inside the psyches of each artist, free of the constraints imposed by song structure or aesthetic. Included in the mix is the criminally under-rated reissue from Good Stuff House (a reclusive super-group composed of Scott Tuma and Zelienople’s Mike Weis and Matt Christensen) as well as a cut off Silent Land Time Machine’s EP, both of which make their ACL debut on this mix. SPECIAL BONUS – the entirety AMASA•GANA’s (ft. members of Silent Land Time Machine, Symbol, S U R V I V E) untitled debut appears at the end for your extended listening pleasure…



1. SymbolTracer from Online Architecture (HD022/LLR009)

2. Good Stuff HouseUntitled 1 (excerpt) from Untitled (HD016)

3. Silent Land Time MachineEven Floating Islands Fall from I am no longer alone with myself and can only artificially recall the scary and beautiful feeling of solitude (HD008/IQR003)

4. Smokey EmeryOver the Side, in the Storm from Soundtracks for Invisibility Vol. II: You Take the High Road (HD014)

5. Thousand Foot Whale Claw Veritas from Dope Moons Vol. I (HD013)

6. SungodGas is Better than Gas from Contackt (HD011)

7. AMASA•GANAUntitled (full album / HD006)


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