LCNL 052: Alrealon Musique 5-Year Anniversary Mix

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Just in time for back-to-school season, ACL presents our second mix from the Alrealon Musique label.  (You can brush up on the first one here.)  We’ve got 15 exclusive tracks celebrating their 5th anniversary, bringing together the past, present and future of the label: another strong selection representing their diverse roster, everything from experimental electronica to drone and off-kilter instrumental hip hop.  For more exclusive tracks, check out their recently released three-part 5-year anniversary compilation. ( 1 2 3)  And be sure to peruse their catalog at Bandcamp and Soundcloud.  Happy 5th birthday, Alrealon! (Joseph Sannicandro)

above art from Robert L. Pepper’s private collection

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Alrealon Musique was founded by Philippe Gerber in 2008, with Christopher Gilmore and Robert L. Pepper joining the management team in subsequent years.  Alrealon Musique is looking back on its 5 years in operation. In that time, 43 releases from artists around the world have had the Alrealon Musique logo stamped on them. Having received critical acclaim and with a consistently high quality for each and every release, Alrealon Musique has become a leading label for the hard to define and musically adventurous. Frequencies of Existence: 5 years of Alrealon Musique, brings together old and new friends in a celebration of what has come before and what will come.   This mix for A CLOSER LISTEN presents an additional 15 exclusive tracks from the label’s catalog.



1. PAS Musique – Third Circle Panic

2. Trinitron vs. The Use – SW 8° 23′

3. Black Saturn – Frequencies of Ivory (PunkAZzNoiZe)

4. Rapoon – as breath arises

5. Thorsten Soltau x Marina Stewart x Mihkel Kleis – Mutual Owsla Dysflector

6. Laica – We Reach The Church Limits

7. Chester Hawkins – Angels In The Neck

8. [ówt krì] – at the gates of silence (Piano Excerpt)

9. Anthony Donovan – Psephol for Troika

10. JOHN 3:16 – La Fin Absolue Du Monde

11. The Ephemeral Man – Ride

12. Rasplyn – A Dark Wood (3rd Mvmt)

13. Tribes of Medusa – Solar Cross

14. Fat Kneel – Prints of Whales

15. The Use – Bloodwork (FluiD Remix)

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  1. MD

    Thanks for posting this great mix! Honored to be included!

  2. “…Alrealon Musique has become a leading label for the hard to define and musically adventurous…” Thank you Joe!

  3. It’s great to be a part of this: big thanks to both the incredible Alrealon family, and to the good folks at A Closer Listen

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