LCNL 018 : Alrealon Musique Mix


LCNL 018: Alrealon Musique Mix

Beginning this month, we’re going to be increasing the frequency of our mixes.  No guarantees as to when or how many exactly, but ideally we’ll be releasing more than we had been, including monthly mixes focusing on the output of an individual label.

This mix comes to us from Alrealon Musique, a diverse selection demonstrating the labels versatility and commitment to experimental music of all sorts. The three individuals are equally disparate geographically, with Philippe Gerber  based in Geneva, Switzerland / Lyon, France, Christopher Gilmore in Chicago and Robert L. Pepper of PAS Records in my hometown of New York.

Check out more of their back catalog via the 2011-2012 compilation at Bandcamp embedded below, or browse their Soundcloud.   (Joseph Sannicandro)


Please tell us about yourself and the label.

Philippe Gerber: Alrealon Musique was founded in 2008 while I was living in London. After moving to Switzerland in 2010, Christopher Gilmore (FluiD) joined the label not only as an artist but as co-manager. In our 5 years we have had more than 30 releases, spanning a multitude of genres, locales and formats. Artists on Alrealon include, JOHN 3:16 (Switzerland), Philippe Petit (France), FluiD (US), PAS (US), Black Saturn (US), the JazzFakers (US) and [owt kri] (Finland). We’re steadfast in our belief that music knows no boundaries and that genres are meant to be destroyed, not adhered too. To that end, we’ve recently teamed-up with Robert Pepper (PAS) to co-organize and promote a yearly music festival in Brooklyn, New York, called Experi-MENTAL Fest.

What’s the mix about? 

Christopher Gilmore: The mix focuses on three aspects of Alrealon Musique. It features tracks from the very beginning of Alrealon and highlights the more beat and psychedelic releases of the label.  Alrealon has in the past two years become known more for experimental and drone based music but we have a love and passion for a good beat/groove. Detroit techno, Dub, Jungle and Hip-Hop are not only some of our favorite musics, they are some of our biggest sonic influences. With this mix, we wanted to show that side of us. For us, it has never been about one sound or one approach.  We think it’s good thing when different musics rub up against one and another, they don’t all have to fit seamlessly together.

And so do we.  Thanks.


1 – JOHN 3:16 – Earthly Father (Original Mix)

2 – The Broken Keys – Road to Ether-nity (Original Mix)

3 – Blue Sausage Infant – Ygggdrasil (Original Mix)

4- – mNIPK – TT26 (Original Mix)

5 – Black Saturn – Extended Thoughts (Original Mix)

6 – ARU meets FluiD – Remain Positive (Original Mix)

7 – Ebinger  – Gramo Memo (Original Mix)

8 – FluiD – Forewarning (Original Mix)

9 – John 3:16 – The One Who Does Not Believe (2013 Edit)

10 – owt kri  – Drowning (Original Mix)

11 – DJ Restless – Without Reason? RESTLESS? (Original Mix)

12 – FluiD – Disrupting The Ghost (Original Mix)

13 – Tashentiqué – Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo (Original Mix)

14 – PAS – The Dramatic Exit (Original Mix)

15 – Philippe Petit – Needles in Pain (Preview)

16 – JOHN 3:16 – Through Fire and Through Water (Original Mix)

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