ACL Singles Chart ~ November 2014

single and loving it!This year, we’ve already featured a hundred songs on our Singles Chart, and we still have room for ten more before we choose the top tracks of 2014!  These songs are catchy, short, and ready for radio.  They could rule the airwaves, if only they were given a chance.

Making a mix tape for a friend, but worried about choosing the wrong words?  Let these sounds become your soundtrack.  Sometimes a mood is better than a monologue.  There’s something here for every taste, from solo piano to Monster drink mayhem.

For our single-loving readers, these are the best brief tracks of the month ~ we’re single and loving it, and hope you feel the same way!

1) Koloto ~ Fox Tales (Bad Panda/Abandon Building)
Bad Panda recently called attention to Koloto’s “Fox Tales”, the opening track of the Mechanica EP.  Abandon Building is about to bring the artist’s work to the next level by releasing an expanded CD version of the EP, featuring remixes from artists including Set in Sand and Sun Glitters.  This piece dances in the leaves like the red tail of an elusive autumn guest.


2) Lubomyr Melnyk ~ Evertina (Erased Tapes)
The title track from what will certainly be one of the last releases of the year (December 15), “Evertina” presents a different side of Lubomyr Melnyk – not the speed demon, but the tender lover.


3) Jakob ~ Emergent (The Mylene Sheath)
We’ve been without New Zealand post-rockers Jakob for eight years.  Eight years!  Finally this fall, the band returned with a vengeance.  The highlight of Sines, “Emergent” showcases a string section, which offsets the bombast of the harder pieces.  Next time, don’t stay away so long!


4) Luke Howard ~ Cibi
It’s almost summer in Australia, and we are so jealous!  “Cibi” is the sound of bare feet hitting the sand for the first time in months.  It’s the lead track from the exquisite photo book and album Two & One.


5) Nathan McLaughlin ~ Process (Eilean Records)
Nathan McLaughlin is known for his reel-to-reel-based music, but on the recently-released Nothing to Be Sad About, he is joined on two tracks by Joe Houpert’s cello.  The opening track, “Process,” is a study in exquisite grace.


6) coso ~ cosa2
“Want to hear a new song?”  “Can’t, I’ve only got a minute.”  “Great!  Because this song is ONE MINUTE AND SEVENTEEN SECONDS LONG!”  There’s plenty more like this on EP2, the newest (short) collection from this rocking Buenos Aires band.


7) Objekt ~ Second Witness (PAN)
Even slower in BPM than “Radioactive”, this taste of Objekt’s Flatland is awash in loose wires and stray beats.  This sort of IDM is rare these days, so it’s encouraging to think it may be making a comeback.


8) Horla ~ Drummachine Supersansplomb (Le Cabanon)
The most dancefloor-ready track from Horla’s new Orogenèse EP (although it would still need a remix to conquer the drum-free section), “Drummachine Supersansplomb” is industrial in nature, lurking in the darkness behind the switches and lights.


9) Ending Satellites ~ Royal Sparks
Sometimes the most beautiful pieces lie hidden in small releases until somebody finds them.  This easygoing piece highlights the acoustic guitar and a new direction for the post-rock-minded Ending Satellites.  The track can be found on the Bayonne band’s EP The lost tapes Vol. A.


10) Carlos Cipa ~ And Gently Drops the Rain (Denovali)
The standout selection (and lead single) from the just-released All Your Life You Walk, “And Gently Drops the Rain” reflects its title with droplets of notes trickling from the ivory keys to the floor.

Richard Allen

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