LCNL 056: n5MD Ambient Immersion Mix


Following the last few beat heavy mixes, Oakland-based record label n5MD delivers this soothing mix as a welcome departure, perfect for these first cold days of winter.  Specializing in more melodic forms of music,  label boss Mike Cadoo puts together this mix showcasing their more ambient releases, including ACL favorites like bvdub and Jasper TX.

Stream/download at Soundcloud or listen at  Mixcloud


Please introduce yourself, where you’re based, and tell us a bit about the label?

n5MD is an Oakland based record company specializing in more melodic forms of music. The label began back in November 2000 as the first to release solely on prerecorded Minidisc format. However that format became antiquated shortly after so n5MD trudged ahead with CD and vinyl formats.  The name in short means No Fives, Mini Discs! the ‘five’ is in to reference to the diameter of a CD.  In the beginning we released mostly IDM but as time went on we added other complementary styles such as electro-acoustic, post-rock, shoegaze, ambient and modern composition. n5MD at the time of writing this has about 125 releases in its catalog.

Not only am I the owner operator of n5MD but I also record as bitcrush (post-rock/shoegaze), dryft (bassmusic/electronics) and under my sir name m.cadoo (noise / drone). I was also one half of the post-industrial duo gridlock in the late nineties / early noughts.

What would you like to tell us about the mix?  How’s it organized, is there a theme?  All n5MD catalog?

Making mixes to showcase the output of n5MD is something I recently started doing. And while I’ve recently curated one that focuses more on our catalog that features more vocals for this mix I wanted to showcase our more ambient, somewhat, introspective offerings.

What’s coming up next?  What are you working on?

Very soon we will be releasing SUNLESS, the second album from Chicago based post-rock trio To Destroy A City. Also this month Arovane will be touring Japan with Loscil. For the new year we have releases scheduled from Aerosol, port-royal and Crisopa. We also have a special photography book and compilation planned. The bvdub track in the mix is a preview from that release.


Thank you!!!!!



Dalot – Ancestors (Bvdub’s Ancient Loves Fade At The Ages)
Ocoeur – Fusion
Last Days – Nepenthe
(ghost) – Dreaming is Enough
bvdub – You Are Here
Preghost – Departures
Mark Harris – in spite of everything_the night that made the darkness
Last Days – All The Lighthouses
Jasper TX – Colder

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