coso ep2The work of Argentinian band COSO very well exemplifies one of those counter-intuitive musical operations that manages to confound and illuminate at the same time, simply due to common-sense expectations that understand music mostly in terms of length and not of volume. The EP2 lasts for about 12 minutes, but in the best of the noise/no-wave/grindcore ‘tradition’, every second is a supernova of gleeful abrasion, an inversion of the minimalist decree that wants to contemplate the soundscape as a single transcendental event – COSO (ever so carefully and yet aggressively) slashes that blank canvas and lets us see the concrete behind, the very baseness of the matter that same soundscape pretends to overcome.

It’s a little album so dense it feels, as many other musics working in the same field, that it carries the whole weight of the anarchic strain of modernism right at its core, demolishing anything it touches out of sheer gravity. Expect no quarter, because there is none, but expect little to no irrationality also, because even though it might sound improvised at times, every piece is fully composed, or at least seems so under close scrutiny. Everything sounds calculated, precise, articulate in ways that improvised pieces aren’t: it is a premeditated attack on the kinds of music that, like the aforementioned sort of minimalism, desire to reach new collective heights through the erasure of all beneath its infinite gaze by blurring it together with the force of centuries. The EP2 does not react by blowing everything apart and letting a myriad individual pieces of sound go mad, no, it (very, very quickly) thinks the situation through and hits only where it will hurt the most, in an efficient, organized fashion. In this sense, while much of noise music borders on the nihilist, the EP2 is rigorous, much more truly anarchic, and it knows it needs no more, no less than twelve minutes to make its case.

… unlike this review, which has perhaps gone on too long already: get your copy, turn the volume up, and feel how almost anything you listen afterwards is just so much filler to say little of relevance. (David Murrieta)


Available here.

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