Busto Power Trio ~ The Deal Act 2

coverOnly two types of bands are bold enough to start an EP with the sound of fans yelling, “Boo! You suck!”: bands confident enough to know they don’t suck, and bands that suck so bad they wear it as a badge of honor.  Busto Power Trio is the first type of band.  However, they are also super-villains, a fact that anyone attending their concerts should know upfront.  That fan is probably dead now, and not just dead, but creatively dead, tied between two sub-woofers.

Busto Power Trio is just plain likable: the sort of villains that we fall in love with due to their sheer enthusiasm, even if their schemes go wrong and they end up helping people instead of hurting them, or charming those who apprehend them into letting them go.  Sometimes, they even become heroes, even though this burns them.  (Case in point, the trajectory of Dominic Toretto.)  Last time around, we compared them to Gru.  Having read that, they are now trying to be even darker and meaner and more intimidating.  But it backfires, because after hearing The Deal Act 2, we find them even more endearing.

The EP is again short; put the two together and you have a short album.  But once again, it’s so damn fun!  “Invocation” (the aforementioned Boo! song) is like a short nap under a Hawai’ian palm tree, and at the end, everyone is clapping (although the crowd is a little bit smaller).  “The Horstmangate” is like a Mexican standoff.  (“Do not … open … the door!”).  The title of album highlight “Shit Cathedral” will probably be regretted, as it’s the song live crowds will request loudly.  “What’s that you want to hear?”  “SHIT!”  But then again, maybe not – these are villains, after all.  “Shit Cathedral” is super-charged surf rock, like a longboard on nitro.  Even the slower “Hypnotoads” gains energy after some chants of “HEY!”  In this world, nothing stays slow for long; in the time it takes to down an espresso, the band is off again, launching its next scheme.  So it’s particularly amusing to hear the siesta opening of “Adios Palomita” morph into screams of “1-2-3-4,” surrounded by snarling metal riffs.

Whether tango, surf, or slam dance, Busto Power Trio brings the riffs and entertains the riffraff.  You like them, right?  You really like them?  Good.  Because when you hugged them, they stole your keys, and they’re now driving away in your new sports car, laughing all the way.  (Richard Allen)

Available here

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