LCNL 062: worriedaboutsatan’s worriedaboutdrone mix

69820009LCNL 062: worriedaboutsatan’s worriedaboutdrone mix

Well, it’s been a while but we’re finally back in gear.  After a long, unexpected hiatus, I’m pleased to jump back into our mixes with this diverse mix from Manchester’s worriedaboutsatan, including tracks from Talons, Schoenberg, Plastikman, Scanner and more.  The duo, originally from Leeds, have recently released a new album called Even Temper, which you can check out here.  We’ll be back in two weeks, hopefully at a more regular interval, with a steady-stream of cutting edge mixes, including more of the best current cuts as well as some special mixes geared towards accompanying specific tasks.  Until then…

Listen or download at soundcloud.  (Mixcloud coming soon)



Tell us about worried about satan, a little background, how the project started, etc. 

worriedaboutsatan (all one word, btw!) started life in 2006 as a side project I guess – me and Tom used to play in a bigger, more guitar based post-rock band, but it fell apart as bands usually do when you have lots of people involved all with different ideas. The initial music we made together was basically just expanding on a few demos and sketches I had kicking around on my old hard drive from the band days, and it just kinda blossomed from there really – we started playing live just because we thought all bands did, even ones that had big clunky computers!

Tell us about your mix.

The mix was made via the internet – Tom sent me some tracks that he thought would go well in a more ambient/ downtempo mix setting, which is what we aimed for when putting everything together. I sequenced everything in Ableton, and made sure it all flowed well, as there’s nothing worse than a jarring mix! We’ve always loved ambient music, and this mix provided us with a great chance to showcase what we love about all things with a more introspective leaning. It was also probably the quickest mix we’ve ever done as a band! We were both going on holidays on the same day, so tried to find the time to get it all sorted before we headed out. I had no idea it’d come together so quickly, but I had a spare bit of time before I left, so thought ‘why not?!’ and just put it all together the night before we left!

What have you got in the pipeline?

We’ve plenty of stuff coming up for worriedaboustatan in the next few months – we’ve at least 2 separate tracks we’re working on for various compilations, and we’ve finished a new single too, which will be out in October on our own label, This Is It Forever. Tom’s also putting a solo album out in August, and from then on we’re hunkering down in our studio and working on album no.3!




1. John Peel intro
2. Talons – Reverie
3. Lucy Claire – Stille (worriedaboutsatan remix)
4. Thomas Ragsdale – As The Rain Went On Falling
5. Schoenberg – Sehr Langsam 1
6. worriedaboutsatan – I’m Not Much, But I’m All I Have
7. Her name is Calla – A Sparring Partner
8. Gravenhurst – The Diver
9. Plastikman – Korridor
10. Capac – Spirit Level
11. Scanner – Dec Sad Atlantis
12. Marcel Dettmann – Shelter
13. Falconetti – Kino
14. David Axelrod – The Smile
15. Julee Cruise – The Swan
16. Gavin Miller – Spindle (N2)
17. Thomas Ragsdale – Bait

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