Apologies ~ A Disgrace to Modern Science

Apologies-ADTMS-ArtworkIf you’re driving somewhere exciting (a date, a party, a sporting event) and are only twenty minutes away from your destination, pop this in the player and let it rip.  A Disgrace to Modern Science is a pure psychedelic rock jam that increases the heartbeat and heightens the senses as it grows ever more propulsive.  By the end, it exudes the power of a concert finale, like two hours tucked into twenty minutes.

Apologies may be a new trio, but the members are experienced.  Young Liar guitarist Joel Thompson is joined by Let’s By Happiness drummer James King and bassist Mark Brown to form a power trio, and man, can they rock.  Together only six months, they have already mastered the instinctive nature of the jam.  In the early minutes, Brown establishes a groovy bass line that becomes the song’s anchor, while Brown grows progressively more daring on drums and Thompson simply goes wild.  There’s no soft part to this recording; it’s measured but raucous from start to end.

The first shift arrives eight minutes in, when the bass line changes, the drums grow tribal and the guitar spews out its own fierce groove.  Now we’re in Fury Road territory.  One can imagine Furiosa’s piercing glare as she heads back toward Coma the Doof Warrior.  This is very exciting music, all the more because it doesn’t take a break.  The only downside is that because it is such good car music, it may lead to foolish driving behavior and tickets.  That’s why it’s a good thing that the jammers take a short breather in the twelfth minute, appreciating the beautiful road, the lovely day, the gorgeous flaming accident in the rear view mirror, accented by the setting sun.

Technically, “Pool Party Violence” is the second track (and lead single), but in terms of the overall presentation, it’s the closing portion of the unified work.  The segment lends itself well to separation, but really belongs in the whole.  Those who preview this track below and like what they’re hearing will be blown away by its integration:  what seems like a rocking five-minute track becomes the bottle of Nitrous that ends a race.  If you’ve timed your journey right, at the end of the line, you’ll step out of your car with shoulders high, ready for anything.  (Richard Allen)

Release date:  3 August

Available here

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