LCNL 063: Shimmering Moods presents “Tales of the Field”


Based in Amsterdam, Shimmering Moods records has yet to celebrate their second birthday, yet in that time have released an impressive run of records.  The label’s founder, Paul, hosts a monthly radio show on Red Light Radio, one of Holland’s finest underground (online) radio stations, playing ambient, drone, experimental, acoustics, electronics, ambient techno and more. ACL recently reviewed Macheteoxidado’s Viento De Las Montañas,  and so we are happy to showcase more of this label’s sounds here.  Paul mixes together 17 tracks from recent and upcoming releases into a stunning mix of light electronica and dark ambient, full of powerful moods and intriguing textures.  (Joseph Sannicandro)

Stream or download at Soundcloud.


Tell us about yourself and Shimmering Moods Records. How long has the label been active?  Were you active in the scene, so to speak, prior to founding the label? 

I really wish to remain in the background, Shimmering Moods is about the music and the artists, adventures in electronic music, I honestly hope that people appreciate the other side of electronic music the label has to offer. For me personally this is only the beginning. I already met so many talented artists making beautiful music and who are often unknown to the public. For me the challenge is to see people enjoying this music the way I do. I’m in very good contact with all the artists who are releasing music on SHM. We always discuss the artwork, the mood and theme of the music. Every release is a different, personal thing from the artist. Although the label released a lot of ambient minded music we are going for some more darker and experimental stuff after the summer. I really like diversity, SHM is not a ambient label only, I think its more ambient electronica with lots of field recordings -minded influences. From the more warmer stuff to cold, dark experimental influences. I really find it hard to describe,  I think it’s more about feelings and certain moods.

The label is active for about 1.5 years now. I was buying vinyl every week, going more and more for the tracks on the B-sides, often the more ambient/experimental tracks on (Detroit) techno releases, house and more. I was always thinking about starting a label with the focus on the more calm, meditative, experimental side of music but never started it because of work and other projects. I remember that the best moments to experience music were before and after I went out to clubs, festivals and bars. On those moments i played early WARP, SKAM, DEFOCUS, DELSIN and NEO OUIJA releases, those early 90’s are a real big inspiration for my taste in music now.
SHM has now released two vinyl releases, nine CDRs, some digital releases and one tape coming up in July. All releases will be available soon as a digital download. Clone Records (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) will do all digital distribution. The psychical releases are available at Fluid Radio’s Stashed Goods, Norman Records, Delsin Records, Databloem, Disk Union in Japan and Experimedia in the US. Next to these wonderful stores there are some record shops across Europe who are selling SHM.

Myself I’m a collector of vinyl but since a year I’m also buying lots of music online (CD’s and digital) There are so many wonderful labels around and I’m still discovering new labels and artists every week. I’m looking, digging for new stuff every day. I’m running the label all by myself, there are some friends around the label who help me with different things like artwork and not to forget the mastering. This is done by Roel Weerdenburg aka Early Reflections, a very gifted young man who knows a lot about the technical side and the whole mastering process. I have a monthly radio show on Red Light Radio, Amsterdam’s finest underground online radio station, a great place to play music. Next to this I play DJ sets on a regular base in different places, mostly unusual non-club environment places.

Tell us about the mix.  How’d you put it together?  It’s all upcoming or recent SMR releases, right? 

Yes, all upcoming and recent SHM material. The mix is bright, light moods and more rainy, frosty, darker things…I can mix for hours and hours, bringing all sorts of electronic music and really get lost…I always step into another world when I’m mixing and listening to music, I hope this feeling will last forever…..

What upcoming releases would you like to plug? Anything else you’d like to talk about?  How’s the scene in the Netherlands these days?

There are lots of great upcoming releases, Joe Maas aka Zander One is doing a great warm, summer album “Emerald Awaking” around the end of August. After that there is Light Sleeper from Australia, Kadzuki from Japan, Chandeliers from the US, Fontaine and a special double album project by Aleks from The Netherlands who sounds like Terekke (L.I.E.S.) doing ambient with also some more dusty techno stuff. Also great stuff from Limited Liability Sounds aka Adam Mankowski from Poland, Sapphirine Phlant, Valanx,Snufmumriko, a new Parallelism album and a special project form The Lost Trail Orchestra.

In 2016 we have DR, Arc en Noise, Biuddha, Room of Roots, Shea McGilvray,Projektions, Eric Taylor and lots of more great artists. For our digital only series we have EP’s coming up by Zander One, Kris Dubinsky and Warmth, Autumna and DR. Last but not least Specimens is releasing a digital EP in combination with a highly limited cassette (only available at the SHM band camp store).

I hope that more promoters, clubs, venues, festivals, bars etc will offer people more ambient, electronic, experimental music and that the so-called “chill out zones” (sorry but I hate the word “chill out”) and specially programmed rooms will come back again like we had in the 90’s.
In The Netherlands we have lots of festivals, club nights and we are well known for dance music but unfortunately the other side of electronic music, the non-danceable, experimental side is still hard to find when you go out. There are some good festivals and evenings where you can find new, exciting things but a city like Amsterdam has almost no places where you can actually sit and listen and discover new music in combination with for instance great visuals. Most of the times the so called “lounge bars” are playing cliche music, very predictable, boring trumpet melodies and non creative stuff. I would like to see more of the Dutch electronic music scene, there are so many talented artists doing great things. I planning to do more with this next year.

Thanks to Paul and Shimmering Moods!


1. Is this a dream or a reality – Kadzuki
From the forthcoming album “Radio and the Sea” – Shimmering Moods Rec 2015
2. Be Foursuquare – Gallery Six
From the album “Gasansui” – Shimmering Moods Rec 2015 SHM CD004
3. Faded Photo – Chandeliers
From the forthcoming album “Artifacts” – Shimmering Moods Rec 2015
4. Turquoise Under White – Fontaine
From the forthcoming album “Daimond Lake” – Shimmering Moods Rec 2015
5. Long Walks to Nowhere – Light Sleeper
From the forthcoming album “The Goodbye That Keeps On Giving” – Shimmering Moods Rec 2015
6. Rainfall Diary – Snufmumriko
From the various artists album “Meditations 1”- Shimmering Moods Rec 2015 SHM CD001
7. Untitled 6 – Parallelism
From the album “Untitled” – Shimmering Moods Rec 2015 SHM CD 002
8. Do Not Go Gentle – Chandeliers
From the forthcoming album “Artifacts” – Shimmering Moods Rec 2015
9. Spacecore Dust – Benjamin Finger
From the album “Motion Reverse” – Shimmering Moods Records 2015 SHM CD008
10. Verig Rain Station – Shea McGilvray
From the various artists album “Meditations 2”- Shimmering Moods Rec 2015 SHM CD003
11. Shimmering – Aleks
From the forthcoming double album “Day&Night” – Shimmering Moods Rec 2015
12. In Every Direction – Dimitar Dodovski
From the forthcoming digital EP “In Every Direction” – Shimmering Moods Rec 2015
13. Back – Aleks
From the forthcoming double album “Day&Night” – Shimmering Moods Rec 2015
14. Shells – Projektions
From the forthcoming digital EP “Ne Ias A” – Shimmering Moods Rec 2015
15. B.H.O.S. BEACHES – Specimens
From the forthcoming digital EP & Cassette “II” – Shimmering Moods Rec 2015
16. Conversations – TimeDog
From the album “The Fragile Present” – Shimmering Moods Rec 2015 SHM CD007
17. Silent Yard – Sapphirine Phlant
From the forthcoming album “Until The Light Takes Us” – Shimmering Moods Rec 2015

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