Best Music Videos of 2015: Third Quarter

AbaddonOur latest installment features dancers, animators, storm chasers, a zoetrope, a photo montage and images of earth from above.  Fans of sight and sound will find plenty to enjoy, especially since most of the artists are new to this site!

Director:  Conner Griffith

Music:  RISD ‘Sound Ideas’ Library/Freesound

We’ve always had a loose definition of what constitutes a music video, for the simple reason that we seek to include the very best.  “Ripple” is a fascinating array of aural and visual textures, vibrant in color and perfectly meshed: a soundscape for the eyes.

Director:  Gianluca Scuderi

Music:  Marcus Fischer

How often do we think of horizons?  This rapid-edit photo montage may make viewers think in ways they’ve never imagined.  The combination of sepia tones and modern graphics creates an engaging interface between viewer and subject, until everything collapses in a line.

Embroidered Zoetrope
Director:  Elliot Schultz

Music:  Melt, “Educator”

We’ve featured zoetropes before, but never an embroidered zoetrope. This may be a sign that the lost art has finally been found.  Great care (and a lot of stitching) went into this effort; Sculpture would be proud.

Director:  Rogerio Silva
Music:  Alaskan Tapes

A bittersweet meditation on love, lust, longing and loss, the stunningly choreographed “ABADDON” introduces our readers to the lovely music of Alaskan Tapes, who seem like a new century version of Portishead.

My New Animation
Director:  Masanobu Hiraoka

Music:  EZ3kiel, “L’Œil du Cyclone”

When a director is this good, he doesn’t need to provide the details; it’s enough to know that this is his “new animation.”  Hiraoka’s sense of flow is sublime, and these kaleidoscopic, psychedelic images are wild enough to keep us engaged while we wait for more information!

The Chase
Director:  Mike Olbinski

Music:  Kerry Muzzey, “The Secret History”

Storm chasing is a dangerous pastime, for some a career.  Olbinski allows us the opportunity to watch from the safety of our screens.  The time-lapse photography (taken over a two-week span) is beautiful, especially the contrasts between green and blue, aqua and orange, beige and gray.

Richard Allen

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