LCNL 065: Assembler presents “Rearranging Mists”

Assembler - Rearranging Mists

Welcome back!  I’ve been on the road since the end of May, which has certainly disrupted my ability to properly keep up with this series.  But we’ve got some special things lined up for the duration of the year, and hopefully 2016 will see some exciting changes around here.  This month, I’m happy to finally be able to share “Rearranging Mists” with you all.

Back in July, Denmark’s Claus Haxholm aka Assembler  released the album Quantum Paths of Desire, on the Copenhagen-based imprint Infinite Waves. Haxholm takes his industrial-inspired, techno-oriented loose sound to lighter and brighter places, more clearly evoking house, trance and even new age music. At the same time the album draws on influence from Japanese, Korean and Chinese music as well as Haxholm’s own background in areas such as noise, drone, doom, industrial and more.  On this mix, he incorporates his influences with current favorites to produce something that is quite different from anything we’ve presented before.  Enjoy.  (Joseph Sannicandro)

Download and stream at Soundcloud


Tell us about yourself.

My name is Claus Haxholm, and I’ve been playing music most of my life, hardcore punk, noise, jazz, postrock, primarily as a guitarist and drummer. Later on electronics were introduced to me, and my noise music changed, and I’ve begun to compose drone pieces, and more “elektro-acoustic” stuff, or abstract electronics, lately its mostly been techno and sound design I’ve been working with.

What can you tell us about “Rearranging Mists”?

The mix is a crystalline structure partly from memory lane and partly as a reflection of the current listening streams + the odd choices here and there.
It was made a improvisation, a set that started with a few choices which lead to the next to next, und so weiter.

In my (current) ears it became quite harsh stuff that’s presented, though I don’t give the harsh stuff as much time now as before. Ha! The sentiment of the harsh reality. for me this mix maingly consists or grey, charcoal and transparent colours or textures, if I was to transpose it into materials.

How’s the local scene in Denmark these days?

The scene where I’m based is rocking, there’s being produced a high amount of great quality art and sound.Im part of the scene around a place called Mayhem, a great venue, where a lot of good stuff is happening. Sadly though, Denmark in general seems to be a high-castle of ignorance and stupidity. I’m deeply ashamed.

Any upcoming projects you’d like to plug before we go?

To end on a bit happier note, I’m working on new exhibitions (I’m an artist) and new Assembler stuff slowly starting to show itself (been making other kinds of music the last months), and yeah… Ha, good stuff coming up!

david jackman – laus (a side)
nicky&wale – clappers
antestor – mitt hjerte
astral social club – hydroponix
keiji haino – un autre chemin vers l’ultime
dizzie rascal – jezebel
kajsa lund – ruskeneset – fornordiske klanger
mutt – fluid exchange
sabu orimo – susabu
john fahey – goodbye old paint (and from this point on)
john cage – 0’00” (from shock)
吉村弘 – dance pm
henning christiansen – den røde skov
central african pygmies – girl’s echo song
kim young-gi – track 4 (yeochang gagok i)

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