NoizeNoize is anything but noisy. In reality, it’s shy and a little subdued. Liquid notes, swelling synths and lonely lines make up a nocturnal, ambient panorama perpetually showered by a fine, light drizzle. Down below, neon lights sparkle as Saturday night approaches. The notes walk the streets of Los Angeles, buried under the weight of dozy, low-hanging drones, wearing a warm bass as if it were a winter jacket. Millions of people live in the city, but sometimes it can feel completely deserted. Especially when you’re on your own. There are occasions when you can feel completely alone in a crowded room.

One by one, the white orbs start to fade. Suburbia rests. The last train of the day leaves the subway station. Deep, flowing drones slowly move down vacant avenues. Long shadows come into being and grow by the second. They squeeze through the cracks in the sidewalk, taking over the city night after night. Through all of this, serene music flows, a little sad, yes, and a little dark. The bus comes to a stop and the doors slide open for its disembarking, weary and blank-eyed passengers. It’s getting late. Even the Sun has left you.

Noize shuts off the dissonance of the city like a good, cozy pair of headphones with its late night, somnolent tones. For the most part, the ambient pieces are short lived. LONE ECHO presents us with a three or four minute opportunity to peek into the life of the night. The local make-out point is patrolled by police in “Kids Today”. The police radio has no suspicious activity to report. Later on, after the same teenagers have said goodbye to their lovers and returned to their homes, those red and blue streaks of light will observe the main streets.

Life continues, despite the sleepy atmosphere. The local gym locks its doors for the night and the final bleep of the checkout sounds as a midnight snack passes through. The drones are covered in a sleepy, electronic layer. You can almost hear the music yawning as it lumbers from chord to chord. Every drone has a slower-than-normal movement you can often experience while cocooned inside a silk-thin dream. An electric guitar haunts the streets, its slow melody cradled by the supportive arms of a lovely bass. Noize is music for dreamers; music that slips through a crack in the window and drifts out into the rain. (James Catchpole)


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  2. Your delectable, mesmerizing words! Your reviews alone should be a book it itself.

    Big fan and obsessive follower of your writing. Thank you for introducing such beautiful music through such lovely words.

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