Ant’lrd ~ Clouding Indefinitely / Selaroda ~ viaje a través de sonidos transportative

IIThis is the sound of the Pacific Northwest…and beyond; the far-reaching sound of California’s Inner IslandsClouding Indefinitely is a series of tape meditations designed to take you to inner, fantastical worlds. A slightly tropical sound (but without the shirt-sticking humidity) seems to roll in on the grey-blue hues of a strangely hypnotic ocean. The rainy weather dapples your face as you listen in, and the overcast sky holds mysteries within its cloudy veil. Stranger places wait for you.

AntThe leaf-green trees sing their shy ambient music softly. The music absorbs its home environment, is evocative of its local geography and the uneven topography of its sun-enlightened forest. “Slow Hood” is such a track; it sits in its earthly environment. The calming location pours into the recording. While this may be the case, the music isn’t entirely natural. Ruined temples that used to be sanctuaries of refuge and reverence lie broken in the grass; a shattered symmetry of spirals and stones. Strange hieroglyphics are carved on the sides of the rocks. Black helicopters fly overhead. In this part of the forest, you may even hear the heavy, fur-padded snapping of branches and the tapping of rocks on a roughened trunk of crumbling bark.

Jaded synths and lush-yet-cloudy notes converge and, like the onset of a benign hallucination, they begin to congeal, taking new, indistinct forms. The deep, heavy mist slowly shifts from one side to the other, and it covers this part of the state completely. The road signs point to a vivid, seductive place of rustling leaves and groaning soil.

Hiking up the side of the music is a grainy and lightly coated distortion that leads the way through “Reset Button” like a little known, gravel-laden trail. On arriving at “window seat/hvy lids”, we’re given a stunning view of the ever-so-high peaks and the pristine, virgin beauty that surrounds the land. Something spiritually alive and otherworldly lives inside the ambient music. It walks its way slowly through the varying textures. Clouding Indefinitely is a dank, misty place that’s as mysterious as it is pretty.


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SelaSelaroda‘s music is a spiritual journey that in turn affects and impacts on the physical body. viaje a través de sonidos transportative is ‘inspired by the idea of sharing earthly creations with lifeforms from elsewhere in the cosmos’, and as the slow, transporting harmonies glow softly they share a lovely message of nothing but peace. You escape to other, still dimensions that have never heard of war, violence or hatred of any kind. These other plains have never been visited by our species. Percussion peppers the music, but this is still an ambient-turned-new age journey. “Phonons et phenomes, a l’infini eternelle” breathes out a soft chant that hangs in the still air. For eleven minutes, its ghostly light filters outwards.

Like streams of pure water, dazzling colours flow into the music. They fly along coastal highways like the silver ship from Flight of the Navigator, and they pour into your spirit. Lighter, wispy winds carry the sound of a sparse piano. It’s only at this point that you can look back and see where your journey has taken you. Tonal lily pads obscure the underlying water of the ambiance, but there’s just enough space among them to reflect a faint light. Chimes usher out a call to prayer, a time for restful meditation. The music is as deep and as beautiful as a soul that knows nothing but peace and tranquility. No jealousy. No bitterness. No anger. No drama. Their quiet lives leave behind quiet, peaceful steps. A pure serenity flows from soul (music) to soul (you). Music herself is an ancient, mystical entity, something that can’t and was never meant to be fully understood. They are open explorations that’ll enhance your relationship with her. Inner Islands specialize in music for the soul; she’ll care for you. She’s always loved you. This kind of ambient rests not only on Earth but in the spiral arms of the galaxy. (James Catchpole)


Available here

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