LCNL 068: Jamblu presents ARBID mix


Jamblu is the solo project of Kartik Pillai, a multi-instrumentalist from New Delhi, India.  With two releases under his belt since inaugurating Jamblu in 2014, Kartik has explored mood and genres quite removed from that which he explores playing guitar/trumpet/keys for PCRC, or as vocalist and guitarist of Begum. Jamblu’s sound mines the influence of hazy hip hop instrumentals and  slow-building ambient music, interjecting these passages with unsettling rhythms that cut across melodic textures.   This mix is culled from some of the influences that shaped Jamblu, and precedes an upcoming release on Lost Children comprised of excerpts from 18-months of recordings. (Joseph Sannicandro)

Listen/download at Soundcloud


Please introduce yourself.

I am Jamblu and I make music.

Tell me a bit about how your approach.

I have always been musically inclined, being prone to life changing instances my body has retained most of the shockwave spectrum of emotions felt when in great distress and euphoria and produces it at my will i focus on bringing that aspect to the aural experience I emit, it must replicate my underlying truth, it must make me feel at home.

How’d you came to be making music?

it was a choice between this or a 9-9. anything less than 24 hours is lazy.

What was your path into electronic/experimental musics?

Reflexive action, I wanted to experiment with cymatic frequencies and became aware very quickly that when informed of a situation a subject behaves very differently, thus I had to mask my frequencies with musical layers and atmosphere meant to accentuate those frequencies, and concerts/live performances are the best mass trials.

What can you tell us about the mix?

Its a collection of songs which really influenced me to think in a certain way starting with the first few songs I heard which really changed how I thought about music, curation and ones that lingered long after. The mix is almost chronological in terms of when I discovered them as well(almost).

Is there a scene in Delhi? Or are your connections to the music and other artists mostly mediated through the internet?

The internet definitely allows one to collaborate with other musicians and reach listeners all over the world but there is definitely a scene in Delhi, even after attending shows in Europe, I can still say some of the best experimental sets I’ve seen are from Delhi. Off the top of my head, Hemant SK, Da Saz, Kuru Circus are some great experimental acts. Of course the scene in Delhi is also very diverse and there’s always a lot of spill over and collaborations through all genres.

What are you working on at the moment?

Aside from the bands I’m a part of (Begum, Peter Cat Recording Company(albums in the works)) I am currently working on a full length Jamblu album featuring collaborations with Korean-Canadian artist Andrew Lee from Holy Hum and Indian artist Hashback Hashish.


1. Tsutchie,Fat John – Thank You
2. Telefon Tel Aviv – Your Face Reminds Me Of When I Was Old
3. Kaki King – Playing With Pink Noise
4. Envision – Fish Eye
5. Animal Collective – Bees
6. Hvad – Handwork Pandit
7. Burial – You Hurt Me
8. Mr Bungle – Ares Moriendi
9. Hella – Biblical Violence

About Joseph Sannicandro

writer | traveler | sound organizer | contrarian | concerned citizen

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  1. Great mix Jamblu!! Slow build, truly diverse from minima piano to acoustic guitar, psych punk avant techno. haha nicely done!

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