Window Magic ~ Well Kept Era

WMWell Kept Era‘s chiming, vaguely-romanticized music gently wavers in the air, carrying with it the delicacy of a falling leaf and the whispered advancement of a plane’s vapor trail as it cruises at an altitude of thirty thousand feet. It doesn’t paint the sky a shade of white, though. It’s a very colorful sound that generously embraces the open sky that surrounds it.

On Well Kept Era, warm, fuzzy-felt melodies infused with a tone as refreshing as a hot cup of tea on a cold February day entertain the ears. As they fly up above, they swirl from one side to the other, coloring in one section of the blue at any one time. Shades of blue change with a great deal of subtlety, so much so you don’t really notice the change. Slightly distorted harmonies push the music forward, but the distortion isn’t particularly strong or aggressively heavy. This time it’s a light abrasion, prickling away at the music’s skin rather than wounding it. It’s a soft distortion, a candy-sweet tone huddled in sheets of sugar, the kind of half-awake distortion for sunny Saturday mornings. And like a morning frost, a light, crisp coating of static lies on the music’s bed. The notes sometimes resemble a fairground ride as they revolve around a carousel made out of spinning sounds. On this ride, the bronze, grinning horses are in their prime and they’re made to look thinner than they actually are as the ambient fat is totally disregarded. Phasing in and out, glittering and sparkling, the music of Window Magic cannot be grasped. It floats in the air like a spectral display of ectoplasm, seemingly not of this world and yet entering reality…

A light, frothy atmosphere runs throughout Well Kept Era, soaring higher than a white covering of clouds. “Youth” has an effervescent kick to it while still retaining its regal altitude. The music provides the listener with clear, deep breaths and some pure oxygen. Everything has been refined, and although the fuzz sprays up a little bit it’s never enough to injure the glowing harmony. It shines like a gem, radiating enough heat to supply and drip-feed positive energy to tired, spiritless minds. By the end of the record, the tones bubble away, dynamically dissipating until silence reclaims the space. The wind dies down and a chapter closes. Short and sweet, Well Kept Era is a magical record. (James Catchpole)


Available here

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