Premiere: Ras Moshe + Stefan Christoff // Rêves Sonores à Alwan


A CLOSER LISTEN is proud to premiere the latest tape from Howl! Arts, featuring duets between Ras Moshe and Stefan Christoff, with reimaginings by Nick Schofield.

The A-side of the tape was recorded at Alwan Centre for the Arts early one morning in the spring of 2015 in New York City. These live-off-the-floor improvisations feature duets between Ras Moshe (sax / flutes / bells) and Stefan Christoff (piano), with the early morning setting adding to the pensive and restrained quality of their interactions. Ras Moshe has been playing free jazz for decades, including as part of the William Parker Orchestra. Christoff is a writer, musician and community organizer who has worked to bridge art and activism. Over the past 15 years Christoff has built a special relationship with Alwan in the context of the Palestine solidarity movement. Founded in 1998, Alwan plays a leading role in promoting the diverse cultures of the Middle East in New York and the tri-state metropolitan area. Their unique film festival has become the largest event of its kind outside of the Middle East, and their program now includes concerts, dance performances, academic book talks, poetry readings, panel discussions, theatrical performances, visual arts exhibits, as well as educational offerings in language, dance, and music.  The setting gives their interactions an added valence of resiliency and reflection.

Rêves Sonores à Alwan makes up the B-side side, comprised of reinterpretations of some of the recordings from the Alwan session as refracted through the sonic dreamscapes of Nick Schofield’s processing at his Studio 2X5 in the Mile End neighborhood of Montreal.  Schofield’s interpretations are even more minimal and spacious, transfiguring the acoustic tones of the original into blissed out loops, micro-sampled textures, and computer-processed passageways. We premiered their debut, rêves sonores à Montréal, back in 2014, which you can listen to here.  And listen to the entire tape here. (Joseph Sannicandro)

An EP release concert will happen at Casa del Popolo in Montreal on Wednesday 20 April at 8:30pm.
Rêves sonores
Ras Moshe (NYC) / Stefan Christoff (duet)
Ras Moshe / Sam Shalabi / Jonah Fortune / Martin Heslop (quartet)
Casa del Popolo
4873 St. Laurent (facebook event)
$10 (no one turned away)


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