LCNL 072: Off Land presents Astral Drive

Our latest mix comes from Off Land, a soothing journey through electronic ambience.  We hope to keep this mix series coming more regularly, and have some great mixes ready to come out over the next few months.   You can stream our mixes at Mixcloud while more recent mixes are also available for download at Soundcloud (with the back archive slowly being added).  Please share our mixes with friends, and feel free to submit your own. Email me at for more details.  Enjoy.
(Joseph Sannicandro)



Please introduce yourself.
I’m Tim Dwyer, and I make music as Off Land. I am based in Boston, Massachusetts. I’ve been creating ambient electronic music for the last ten years as Off Land. It has been an incredible journey so far. I just started playing live shows as Off Land, last year. It’s not only opened up new creative paths for my music to take but has been a great experience meeting many like-minded local musicians and music lovers. Aside from music, I enjoy riding my bicycle around and work a day job as a video game designer.

In 1996 I discovered electronic music. A couple years later I got my hands on some basic MIDI and audio editing tools. I completely fell in love with the concept of using technology to create emotive music. It took almost ten years of experimentation before I came up with Off Land though. I tend to gestate songs and albums for years before I’m ready.

Tell us a bit about the mix.

Astral Drive is a mix to reflect some of the music I was listening to and making during the creation and release of my album Afterglow which came out on Carpe Sonum this year. If you’re going on a drive, it’s always best to take some friends along. I made sure to include some of my musical friends on this mix, such as Intl. Debris (who I have collaborated with), Segue (who has remixed me), and Louis Haiman (label mate on Stasis Recordings), etc. All tracks were edited and mixed in Reaper. I make all my mix sets using this DAW. Afterglow  is about how light, in all it’s forms, travels through space and time. This mix carries that theme in the sense that it is more of a transit along a single beam of light, traveling as you take in the surroundings. An ‘ambient road trip’ if you will.

What’s coming up on the horizon for Off Land?

I have my first cassette release, which is out July 19th on No Problema Tapes. It is an album of long electronic drones mixed with field recordings, and manipulated piano textures. Also I should note that 2016 is my tenth anniversary as Off Land. To mark the occasion, I’ve been re-releasing remastered versions of many of my older albums on my Bandcamp site.




0:00:00 – 01 Gang Violins – Deep State
0:03:12 – 02 Nacht Plank – Information
0:09:18 – 03 Jacob Newman – One Summer
0:19:11 – 04 Off Land – Blueshift
0:22:32 – 05 Off Land – Redshift
0:29:16 – 06 Dissa – Tomb (Off Land variation)
0:34:10 – 07 36 – Sun Riders Part II
0:38:37 – 08 onewayness + modular_esp – bridge_1
0:41:48 – 09 Off Land – Continuum
0:46:49 – 10 Intl. Debris – Very Small Rocks
0:49:02 – 11 Segue – House of Cards
0:55:04 – 12 Olan Mill – Tallole
0:58:37 – 13 Legowelt – Wild at Heart
1:02:13 – 14 Louis Haiman – Circular Speak (Off Land drone variation)
1:08:17 – 15 Off Land – Bell Mountain (drone variation)

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writer | traveler | sound organizer | contrarian | concerned citizen

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