LCNL 073: Thomas Ragsdale’s Decaying City

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This month’s mix comes courtesy of Thomas Ragsdale.  As one-half of the duo worriedaboutsatan, Thomas has previously contributed to this series with last year’s worriedaboutdrone mix (LCNL 062).  In addition to worriedaboutsatan and his commercial work, Thomas has recently begun releasing solo recordings as well, which you can peruse at his bandcamp. Decaying City is a really lovely journey we hope you’ll join us for. (Joseph Sannicandro)

Download and stream at our soundcloud.

Please introduce yourself.Hello, I’m Thomas Ragsdale, I make haunting electronica, synth led film scores and immersive soundscapes. After years of writing music for TV commercials and TV programmes I decided to write music for myself under my own name. I like to rely on an organic approach to writing music, I love my guitars, piano and studio full of synths & drum machines, but when I play live I try to make the performances as engaging as possible for the audience. I also play in post rock electronica band worriedaboutsatan. I’m based in West Yorkshire in a very small village called Honley, which provides me with a lot of inspiration.

Tell us about the mix. 
The mix was put together over a hot evening with vinyl, CDs and digital files all loaded up into Ableton. A few of the tracks are only available on Friday, so I’ve gone for the ‘classic’ DJ mixing technique! My dad has the Chic track on vinyl, so I used that too!! The track selection portrays my thoughts and feeling that went into my new EP ‘Blüdhaven’, and it’s a run down of what I was thinking when I was writing it. It’s both tender and violent in places, but with an underlying constant intensity. I hope you like it and take away a taste of my musical brain.
1) Time To Go – Thomas Ragsdale
2) Everest – Skee Mask
3) Yulquen – Autechre
4) Progression – Ocoeur
5) Blüdhaven – Thomas Ragsdale
6) In Her Shadow – Converge
7) Across The Lake Is Where My Heart Shines – Rameses III
8) House Ceilidh – Gerry Diver’s Speech Project
9) Shouldn’t Have Done That – Depeche Mode
10) I Want Your Love – Chic
11) Fates Unknown – Tin Man & Jozef K & Winter Son
12) When We Were Queens – Kangding Ray
13) Outlaw – 2200
14) Current – Mattheis
15) Portrait Of A Man, Unravelling – Gavin Miller

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