LCNL 088: Front & Follow presents The Days Passed

Manchester label Front & Follow celebrates their 10th anniversary with a mix looking back on different corners of their catalog, with a few inspirational classics thrown in for good measure. You can check out their back-catalog over at Bandcamp. Enjoy!

We’ll be beginning our traditional End of Year festivities shortly, so this will likely be the last mix of 2017.  That makes 11 new mixes this year for ACL. We’ll back strong in January, trying to get back to 2 mixes each month.  And I’ve got a new series in the works as well, but more of that in 2018.  Until then, get lost in “The Days Passed” and take a look through our archives.
(Joseph Sannicandro)

Download/stream at Soundcloud


Please tell us about yourself.

I’m Justin, one half of Front & Follow – a record label based in Manchester, UK, which has been running now for 10 years.

We’ve been celebrating with a new compilation – LESSONS – a 10″ single from Kemper Norton and a new film from Scott Byrne.

Front & Follow was started in 2007, inspired by a demo I received from Roman Bezdyk aka Sone Institute (which was too good not to do anything with), and being involved in music through making music videos (for bands like Fuzzy Lights, Yellow6, Dollboy, BLK w/BEAR) and live visuals for bands and club nights (including the early days of Rocketnumbernine).

Tell us about the mix.

The mix trawls through the 10 years of F&F and picks out some of the instrumental and ambient classics, starting with our very first release by Elite Barbarian. It also features of the collaboration projects we’ve done over the years – Collision/Detection, The Outer Church, The Blow – and some of my favourite remixes.  It’s been fun to go through the last 10 years and pick out some tracks that I think the A Closer Listen audience will enjoy, fingers crossed it’s worked out.

Front & Follow has always covered a lot of ground, by accident rather than design – we are all over the place, hopefully mostly in a good way.

Anything coming up on the horizon for you that you want to plug? New music, shows, etc?

Beyond Lessons, we’ve got a packed 2018 ahead, with more releases in our Blow series (which pits two artists together to create a new release on tape), and new albums from Psychological Strategy Board (the soundtrack to a wonderful documentary about Penny Slinger ) and Sone Institute.  More in the works too!


  1. Leyland Kirby – 3 (Version 4) (from 14 Versions of the Same EP)
  2. The Doomed Bird of Providence – Fedicia Exine (Position Normal mix) (from Fedicia Exine Remixes)
  3. Shape Worship – Necropolis (So Many) (Offshore Level by Kemper Norton) (from A City Rewritten)
  4. Pye Corner Audio – Blac Mist (Old Apparatus mix) (from The Black Mist EP)
  5. Laura Cannell – Deers Bark (Oliver Coates remix) (from Swooping Talons Remixes)
  6. Andy Nice – Ballax (from The Secrets of Me)
  7. Elite Barbarian – Soft Remind (from It’s Only When You Get To The End That It All Makes Sense)
  8. Kemper Norton – Seven Stones 3 (from Toll)
  9. BL w/BEAR – Casey Jr (from Sorry About Your Remixes)
  10. Sone Institute – French Woods (from Curious Memories)
  11. Ekoplekz – outercountry (from The Outer Church)
  12. Hoofus & IX Tab – The Ministry of Ontological Insecurity (from The Blow Volume 1)
  13. Robin the Fog – Unnatural History (from The Outer Church)
  14. Laura Cannell – For Sorrow Salt Tears (from Beneath Swooping Talons)
  15. Kemper Norton – Helstone 91 (Embla Quickbeam mix)(from Spingoed: Helstone 91 Remixes)
  16. Psychological Strategy Board – The Synthetic Profile (from Collision/Detection, and forthcoming LP)
  17. Sone Institute – Tradition and Dream (from A Model Life)
  18. Dollboy Meets Sone Institute – The Days Passed (from The Sum and The Difference)

About Joseph Sannicandro

writer | traveler | sound organizer | contrarian | concerned citizen


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