Brandon Locher ~ EP1

Many of our readers are familiar with Brandon Locher, but until now they may not have known his name.  The artist has released LPs as The Meets and Stage Hands, and is now finally appearing as himself.  His template continues to be a mix of live music and sample, with a wide base of instruments; as a result, his tracks snuggle up against the genres of ambient and post-rock.

Each of these pieces is short enough to be a single, and serves as a great appetizer for an upcoming album.  The combination of strings and percussion continues to be a huge draw, while the turnover of timbres adds a further appeal.  This is most apparent on “Slow Steps”, which unfolds like its title, developing in increments.  The track peaks in the middle with Jilk-like rhythms, then takes its slow steps back, forming an arc.  “Air Notes” makes great use of stereo effects and bells, allowing for great field of depth.  The mixing of certain elements up front (perhaps including sitar and cornet) makes the track the aural equivalent of 3D.  There’s even some popcorn synth that one may enjoy as a snack.

Apparent throughout the production is the fact that the artist is having fun.  Let’s call it a positivity break.  If you’re at work and need a quick boost, or only have time to listen to music between classes, this EP may be just what you need.  We’re very happy with EP1; now bring on EP2!  (Richard Allen)

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