LCNL 096: Morgen Wurde presents Scattered to the Four Winds

Morgen Wurde returns with an expressive cinematic tale  of neo-classical, lyric jazz, and cinematic electronic styles. Scattered to the Four Winds has a filmic quality of strong imagery and emotional arcs, at times merciless and cathartic, then soothing and liberatory. It features a track from his latest album,  Als je zuvor, recently released on the Brussels-based Off Rec.


Morgen Wurde is Wolfgang Röttger’s atmospheric electro-acoustic project rooted in trumpet and electronic sounds.  Röttger has previously produced the mix Sturm for ACL two and a half years ago. It’s always a pleasure to check in with our friends, and this mix feels appropriate for the blistering hot weather we are currently experiencing here in the Northeast of the USA, and likely in many other places around the world.


In other news, for the next two months the mix series will be published every two-weeks. Until then, enjoy and listen close. (Joseph Sannicandro)


Stream/download at Soundcloud


What have you been up to since the last mix?

Still driven by emotive film-like storytelling with stirring sounds and composition here in Kiel at the Baltic Sea. After my album Letzten Endes from 2015, there have been three successors: Brach auf, setting the dark romanticism of the awe-inspiring forces of nature to sound mass compositions. “Assassinous Act”, a soundtrack for a fictional film noir. Both ones appeared on the Californian label Time Released Sound and were based on collages of processed samples.

In contrast stand “Letzten Endes” and the latest album “Als je zuvor”, both on the Belgian label Off Rec., pursuing compositionally a more classical approach: first composing on the piano, then clothing these basic versions with organic electronic sounds and the contribution of collaborative instrumentalists. On the new album, these are long-term collaborators Maria Estrella Aggabao with elysian vocals and Tetsuroh Konishi with trumpet playing of admirable versatility.

Every album is a hybrid of ambient, drone doom, ethereal, neo-classical and jazz noir elements in a cinematic fashion, with reflective, majestic as well as threatening qualities – at least that’s what I’m aiming for.

I consider myself also lucky that I got a number of great remixes by very potent producers, interpreting the material in imaginative groove-oriented ways, thus broadening the experience.

What is this mix all about?

The mix is a selection of current favourite tunes of mine, arranged in a -hopefully- captivating flow. A haunting tale of neo-classical, lyric jazz and cinematic electronic styles, striding across a film-like spectrum, merciless and cathartic, then again soothing and liberating beyond measure.

What do you have coming up on the horizon you’d like to share?

Kiel and San Francisco (respectively the Bay Area) recently have become sister cities officially. I’m about to conceive a collaborative musical project, bringing together sounds and inspirations from both cities to form a sister city soundtrack, also incorporating processed historic regional compositions.

New material exploring new shades of the Morgen Wurde cosmos is in the
making also 🙂


00:00 Ulver [Svidd Neger OST] – Wild Cat [Jester 2003]
02:32 Serafim Tsotsonis – Thunder Shower [Hush Hush 2016]
05:51 Ima Ka Te Shi Naku – Rust in E Minor [12 Recs 2017]
10:05 Tale of Us – Dilemma [Deutsche Grammophon 2017]
15:25 Steve Jansen – Sadness [Steve Jansen 2016]
18:59 Morgen Wurde feat. Maria Estrella & Tetsuroh Konishi – Beendete
es [Off 2018]
22:49 Julien Boulier – Garance Amblie [Julien Boulier 2014]
27:20 Goldmund – Too much still [Western Vinyl 2015]
29:47 Ludovico Einaudi – In Principio [Decca 2009]
32:30 Christophe Julien [Au revoir là-haut OST] – I won’t ruin Him
[Éditions Milan 2017]
35:49 Nils Petter Molvaer [Edy OST] – A Walk in the Forest [Wagram 2005]
38:21 Palle Mikkelborg – Prince of Peace [Columbia 1992]
41:44 Fallen – ást V [Time Released Sound 2018]
47:00 King Midas Sound – Funny Love [Ninja Tune 2013]
50:49 Ulver [Svidd Neger OST] – Surface [Jester 2003]
54:05 Ryuichi Sakamoto [Rage OST] – Truth [Milan 2017]
54:55 Jonas Reinhardt – Zythus [Abstrakce 2017]
59:30 36 – Eight Four [3Six 2018]
63:14 Bersarin Quartett – Sanft verblassen die Geschichten [Denovali 2015]
66:13 Francois Couturier & Tarkovsky Quartet – Nuit blanche [ECM 2017]
71:35 Giovanni Guidi Trio – The Night it rained forever [ECM 2015]

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