Dmitry Evgrafov presents “The Comforting One” [mix]

And we’re back with a mix from Dmitry Evgrafov, a self-taught pianist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. Based in Moscow, where Evgrafov studied Sound Design, his work deploys electronic means to augment his intimate piano playing  with lush string arrangements, drawing comparisons to the work of contemporaries such as Ólafur ArnaldsKeith Kenniff, and Nils Frahm, with whom he has performed live. His compositions draw on the legacies of minimalism and classical orchestration, without sounding derivative. This sound is beautifully encapsulated in 2017’s Comprehension Of Light, while his excellent new digital-only EP, Return (on FatCat), features some compositions from those sessions as well as some that place more emphasis on his lyrical piano playing. “The Comforting One” presents a tranquil meditation through placid sonic waters, from the cellist Resina to the ambient haze of Huerco S, each track perfectly layered and seamlessly blended into the next. As the name indicates, this mix is a restful break from the more grueling rhythms of daily life. We’re honored to share “The Comforting One” and encourage you to explore more of Dmitry Evgrafov’s enchanting music. (Joseph Sannicandro)


Listen/download at SoundCloud


Please introduce yourself. 

My name is Dmitry Evgrafov and I am a composer/sound designer based in Moscow.

Tell me about your local scene.  What’s exciting you about in terms of artists, labels, nights, venues etc ?

It’s a tough question. I always been on the sidelines of Russian musical ecosystem, don’t really know why. Up to this moment my music was not very much known there and to be frank I had little interest in this scene either. However there are few academical and near academical phenomena happening now, for example Teodor Currentzis and Fancy Music label are both worth checking out.

Tell us about the mix. How was it made, what’s the theme.

I decided to make this mix right after I finished a 7-day meditation retreat near a breathtakingly beautiful Ladoga lake in the northern part of Russia. I was in the state when I did not want to add some sophisticated obscure music, instead I picked very calm and enjoyable tracks from contemporary artists, some of them will be familiar to the listener. The main purpose of this playlist is just to enjoy a good time listening to it on the background in the evening while unwinding after a long day.

What have you go coming up on the horizon?

Apart from EP that was recently released on 130701 I have some new projects planned. The thing that currently consumes my time most is of course my involvement as composer and co-founder in startup called Endel (, it’s a generative sound environment technology that is aimed at enhancing focus, sleep and relaxation.

Anything else you want to add?

Hello from Japan!

Thank you, Dmitry!



0:00-2:40 — Arve Henriksen – Opening Image
2:20-3:10 — Nesta Kerin Crain – Gongs in the Rain
2:40-5:30 — John Cage – In A Landscape (Harp by Amy Schulman)
4:25-8:00 — Ben Lukas Boysen & Sebastian Plano – Winding and Unwinding
7:50-10:40 — Bersarin Quartett – Verflossen ist das Gold der tage
10:20-11:20 — Kara-Lis Coverdale – Grafts
11:11-15:05 — Susumu Yokota – Tobiume
15:05-18:03 — Roberto Musci – Claudia, Wilhelm R and Me
17:58-21:17 — Kuniyuki Takahashi – Asia
20:10-21:35 — Helios – Samsara
21:35-24:00 — Helios – Light House
23:36-24:03 — Broadcast – Innocence In Orbit
24:03-26:40 — Michael Price – Ink On Paper (Dmitry Evgrafov Rework)
26:40-30:10 — Keaton Henson – Elevator Song
30:10-31:47 — Disasterpeace – Vignette: The Lamb
31:47-33:32 — Nils Frahm – The Dane
33:32-38:43 — Simeon ten Holt – Canto Ostinato (Edited)
38:43-43:48 — Wouter Dewit – Winter Sleeps
40:54-44:54 — Chuck Johnson- Calamus
44:54-48:10 — Dmitry Evgrafov – Znanie (Alternative Version)
48:10-54:48 — Huerco S. – A Sea Of Love
54:48-59:55 — Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – Life Story
59:00-61:19 — Resina – Lethe



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