EUS ~ Devenir

In the late 6th century BCE, the Greek philosopher Heraclitus asserted that change is the only constant in life. Nevertheless, humanity has continued to struggle with the idea that nothing is permanent. Centuries later, EUS (Costa Rican droner extraordinaire Jose Acuña) probes the depths of this great reality, using it as fodder for fine-honed works of art. 

Devenir is branded by constant transformation. This epic symphony allies itself with metamorphosis and eschews any typical flow as a nuisance, resulting in resilience and fierce unpredictability.  The untamed waves of change run parallel to existence itself. 

The opening segment of Devenir (Spanish for “to become” or “becoming”) is punctuated by ominous undertones. Heavy rainfall is replaced by a levitating drone that balloons into a thick and pulsating mass. The scene is swamped by saturated darkness, yet feels safe and comfortable, akin to a mother’s womb. While the murk mounts to a rounded peak, it quickly spills over into the joyful innocence of childhood. The storm of yesterday ushers in the dawn of today, marking the first encounter with Devenir’s glaringly rapid shifts of texture.

Each of the nine tracks is distinguished by a unique set of moods and signature sounds, including warm chimes (“Clausura”), Gregorian chants (“Unidad”), kraut references (“Muerte”), minimalistic beats (“Devenir”) and oceanic hues (“Vestigio”).  The consistent variety creates a profound, thought-provoking experience. The underlying thread of powerful drones, distant echoes and crisp industrial sounds manifests in cinematic arrangements fit for the likes of a Tarkovsky film.

EUS has embraced hurdles of change as opportunities for renewal and growth, shedding light on that which exists beneath the surface. The listener gains deeper awareness as the album progresses, including the belief that transformation is ultimately a renewal of perspective. Devenir is a lifetime in and of itself, a journey of discovery down the winding road to self-acceptance.  (Roma Fluxe)

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