Philippe Requena presents ‘Water Be My Road Now’ [mix]

When ACL first started producing mixes, I knew that I didn’t just want to invite artists and labels. We’ve always imagined ACL as a part of a broader community. As such I’ve often invited mixes from amateurs, from listeners and fellow critics. This mix is one of those.

Philippe Requena is a music lover who lives near Paris, and has been producing mixes casually for some time now, just putting them out once he’s gathered enough tracks and samples. We featured his Venant le jour mix not too long ago, and will surely share more of his mixes in the future.

I’m particularly enchanted by the way Requena moves between genres, often weaving elements of pop and rock into the mixes in ways not often seen on these pages, but that nonetheless draw lines of connection with the artists and genres you might be more inclined to expect from us.

You can follow Phillipe Requena on his Bandcamp here.



00:00 Fean – Ketlik I
02:13 Lucrecia Dalt – Tar (Jan Jelinek Remix)
08:03 O Yuki Conjugate – In Flux
14:38 The Dwindlers – Water Be My Road Now
19:52 Dean Hurley – Night Electricity Theme
23:08 Ka Baird – Pulse
25:18 Patrick Cowley – Shrouds
31:16 Ana Roxanne – Immortality
35:16 Earthen Sea – A Blank Slate
40:35 Rafael Anton Irisarri – Persistence
46:50 Bowery Electric – Fear Of Flying
52:12 Christoph Berg – Happy, In Human Terms
56:10 Arve Henriksen – Blue Silk
01:03:07 Anne Müller – Drifting Circles
01:09:53 Umchunga – Turbulence I
01:17:33 Function – The Approach
01:20:55 Farah – Law Of Life (Main Version)
01:28:52 Donnacha Costello – In Spite Of Everything

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