Polynation ~ Wildeburg / Coral

If there are no festivals, why not record a tribute to a festival?  That’s what Polynation was thinking when they penned Side A’s “Wildeburg,” a shout of thanks to the “crew, founders, and everyone else involved” in last year’s Dutch event.  And wow, what a great track, lining up with “Toba” from last year’s site favorite Igneous.  This eight-minute piece yields an indelible feeling of melodic flow, the type that makes dancers move their arms like waves.  One can imagine the glow sticks, the flashing lights, the sense of being one with other dancers and the universe.  Man, do we miss those festivals.  The bright side is that Polynation now has another closer to choose from; the organizers of Wildeburg might even consider using this as an advertising theme.  It’s one of the best pure dance /trance tracks of the year, joining Rival Consoles’ “Articulation” ~ a natural expulsion of energy with a brief breakdown in the fifth minute and a sweet comedown at the end.

The flip side of the transparent record contains two distinct versions of “Coral.”  Another gentle stormer, “Coral” rolls along at approximately 122 BPM, inviting inclusion in a Global Underground mix.  We’d call it an invitation to snorkeling, but few of us own waterproof headphones ~ and why scare the fish?  The title conjures images of dappled water, bright color and constant movement.  The drum-free breakdown is a perfect DJ tool, with ample space for mixing; or one can wait for the breakbeats to return.  The single-length “Pt. II” is a more ambient take, akin to the Euphoria collections.  The pace is slower, the timbre more thoughtful, approaching shoegaze in the center.

All in all, this is an excellent 12″, for a limited time available with an art print and/or t-shirt for the full, stay-at-home festival experience.  While we await a new album from the duo, this will tide us over just fine.  (Richard Allen)

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