Abby Lee Tee presents ‘young frogs & golden lakes’ [mix]

Abby Lee Tee (Fabian Holzinger, b. 1987) is an Austrian producer and DJ whom we once described as being more playful than an otter. His ever-evolving solo material has drawn on a wide range of influences from beat tapes to ambient, utilizing field recordings and unusual instruments. Abby Lee Tee’s work has shown up recently in Giovanni Lami‘s Tapeocracy mix as well as the Dinzu episode of the Sound Propositions podcast. He has produced a bunch of Guest mixes over the years, including Cold Spell Days & Hesitant Yearlings around this time two years ago.  We’re very pleased to share his second mix for ACL, young frogs & golden lakes. His first mix was “a laid back mix of beats and ambient sound composed while overcoming a cold during the recent transition to Spring,” so this is the perfect moment for a sequel. Enjoy! (Joseph Sannicandro)




Hi Fabian, nice to hear from you again. What’s new with you? How’ve you been dealing with quarantine? 

Despite the current handling of the pandemic in Austria is quite disastrous (and I’m always wondering how this reactionary country full of inefficiency and corruption still can be that rich), experiencing this in (middle) europe makes one aware of the privilege of being born here once again, and in my case, being healthy and not having that much financial troubles too right now (getting funding for projects for example). So luckily I also had a few releases ready (-> acl reviews), managed to finish a few side projects coming the next months now, and some still managable outdoor-projects took place, like this 100-minute-soundwalk “über.morgen” I did with theaternyx last year in vienna. Basically, going for walks a lot is not that annoying for a field recording enthusiast and while being part of this residency program in december i’ve spent a lot of time along the danube here and getting obsessed with the beavers living in and around the city – a 40-minute-long composition is now available on their website (-> here). Or listen to a short soundwalk about linz and the danube, including beavers breakfasting and chatting (->here).

What work do you have coming up we should know about?

The mix includes a bit of my upcoming tape on Never Anything Records, called “Hausberg IV-V” – a piece being a bit unusual for me as it was done within a week and circles around (mostly improvised) recordings of one instrument only (an autoharp), accompanied just by a few field recordings from the “Hausberg”, the mountain or hill near your home you usually go to for a walk. Afterwards, a tape called “Hornstrandir” will be released on (Ludwig Bergers) Vertical Music. This one’s some kind of field recording diary of a trip to Hornstrandir (Iceland) in 2019, starring meadow pipits, black-legged kittiwakes, thick-billed murres, common murres, razorbills, common redshanks, artic foxes, arctic terns, european golden plovers, northern fulmars, redwings, boats, planes, warm springs, creeks and a lot of rain. Also, there’s a collabo with mighty Claire Rousay for tsss tapes coming later this year. And beside having another little solo release finished (and thinking about the right label for it now), I’m working on a turntablism side project at the moment (this was my first occupation with music as a teenager – the mix features a little scratch break too btw.), and my recent obsession with beaver vocalizations probably will lead to a short release too.

Anything else to add?

Thank you for your continuous work – your extensive reviews and podcasts are an all-time-favorite way to discover new music. And everyone (a reminder for myself too): Mind your privilege and bias and listen to / support more artists from non-western and marginalized backgrounds – it’s way more interesting than most of this same old western music industry crap too. Or just go out and listen to some original animal music instead of a lousy human imitation.

Much appreciated, and we concur, we can all do better in that regard. There’s always so much out there to hear. Thank you again!



01 bolet blafard – audio 1-4 B
02 alena koroleva – lisi lake
03 francesco covarino – luce I
04 mariam gviniashvili – allotropy
05 pauline oliveros – time perspectives
06 hideki umezawa & andrew pekler – dokkyaku
07 unwavemenot – train to go, train to stay
08 the matthew herbert big band – fish and chips (brexit edition)
09 dim grimm – ronrol III
10 philip sulidae – figure by stairwell
11 kirk barley – cradle
12 manja ristic – 0217
13 jez riley french – deer, nara
14 pantea – jar & nuPg
15 bruno duplant – la nuit inquiète (part 1)
16 melissa pons – geres
17 abby lee tee – hausberg IV
18 hideki umezawa & andrew pekler – anami remote extension
19 izabela dluzyk – golden melodies
20 meitei – oiran II
21 red astaire – ghetto hell instrumental (abby’s scratch break)
22 artifacts – wrong side of da tracks (instrumental)
23 lootpack – whenimondamic (instrumental)
24 fred jüssi – metsis
25 blacklight chameleon – young summer
26 square one – state of the art (instrumental)
27 the beatnuts – originate (instrumental)
28 quasimoto – busride (instrumental)
29 yaffle – each other
30 christina vantzou – wild beast research
31 chemiefaserwerk – detuned strings & dictaphones
32 claire rousay – both
33 kirk barley – lake of gold
34 digable planets – it’s good to be here (intro)
35 dntel – kelp & current
36 manja ristic – 1113
37 jonas gruska – brusky
38 mytrip – 16 hours in between (live)
39 meitei – otojiro
40 daphne x – first the mouth
41 julius ménard – V
42 dntel – restart
43 jez riley french – village frogs, matsudai
44 patricia wolf – position from the sun
45 mieux – params
46 olli aarni – solulima
47 mariam gviniashvili – flux
48 julian sartorius – beat #6
49 cait foran – 3
50 ludwig berger – kin
51 francesco covarino –mantello I
52 teebs – atom song

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