Upcoming Releases

When will it be over?  We have no idea.  But we do know that the pandemic has produced an incredible rainbow of music.  Our submissions have doubled since the crisis began (in some weeks, tripled!).  Musicians have had more time on their hands to complete projects, while artists and labels have responded with benefit releases.  These are heartwarming signs of a healthy industry, and as long as the internet exists, these supply chains are not going to break down!  Unfortunately, this also means that many musicians are out of work, furloughed from day and night jobs ~ so please support them however you can.

If you’re looking for new music, there’s never been a better time to find it.  Not only is there more on the market than ever before, we have more time to appreciate it, as many of us are sheltering inside save for a daily walk.  We need this music to see us through: to encourage, inspire, and calm.  Thank you to everyone who makes and promotes music, and thank you for being our readers.  We hope that you’ll find your next favorite album right here!

Attilio Novellino ~ Strängar (Forwind, 4 June)

Danny Clay ~ Ocean Park (laaps, 4 June)

Madre Vaca ~ Winterreise (4 June)

Aki Onda ~ Nam June’s Spirit Was Speaking to Me (Recital, 5 June)

Alex White ~ Transductions (Room40, 5 June)

Anla Courtis & Daniel Menche ~ Cuspa Llullu (Moving Furniture, 5 June)

Bruce Brubaker & Max Cooper ~ Glassforms (InFine, 5 June)

Caleb Dolister ~ Daily Thumbprint Collection 3, The Wandering (Orenda, 5 June)

C. Diab ~ White Whale (Injazero, 5 June)

Coen Oscar Polack ~ Haarlemmerhout (Moving Furniture, 5 June)

Evan Wise ~ Beautifully Serious (5 June)

The First Minute of a New Day ~ S/T (Seance Centre, 5 June)

Frédéric D. Oberland and Irena Z. Tomažin – ARBA, DÂK ARBA (Hallow Ground, 5 June)

Greg Nieuwsma ~ Travel Log Radio (TQN-aut, 5 June)

Hadi Bastani ~ Emergence (Flaming Pines, 5 June)

Machinefabriek with Anne Bakker ~ Oehoe (Where to Now?, 5 June)

Nat Harvie & Brent Penny ~ 4 embraces (5 June)

Phil Struck ~ Schleswig-Holstein Aufnahmen (Seance Centre, 5 June)

Sarah Davachi ~ Papers (Book) (Recital, 5 June)

Sean McCann, Matthew Sullivan, Alex Twomey ~ Saturday Night (Recital, 5 June)

Shaw & Grossfeldt ~ Klavier (Drone, 5 June)

Swartz et ~ Light Leaks (Utter East, 5 June)

Transient & Darren Johnson ~ It Was Always Here (5 June)

V/A ~ Profile of the Lines (Concentric, 5 June)

Wendell Roth ~ Befallen (5 June)

Yannick Cheyer ~ GEBILDE (Small Scale Music, 5 June)

Yves Charuest ~ Le Territoire de l’anche (Small Scale Music, 5 June)

Baldruin ~ Die halluzinierte Welt (Lullabies for Insomniacs, 6 June)

Gaston Arevalo ~ Terrain (A Strangely Isolated Place, 8 June)

This Will Destroy You ~ Vespertine (9 June)

C Blumberg ~ South from the Future (Edicoes CN, 10 June)

Lieven Martens ~ Insular monographs (Edicoes CN, 10 June)

Simon Van Honacker ~ Italian Airs (Edicoes CN, 10 June)

Aidan Baker ~ Soil (Utility Tapes, 12 June)

Brigitte Barbu ~ Muzak pour ascenseurs en panne (Circus Company, 12 June)

Daniel Hersog ~ Night Devoid of Stars (Cellar Music, 12 June)

Gia Margaret ~ Margaret Gia (Orindal, 12 June)

Kate NV ~ Room for the Moon (RVNG Intl., 12 June)

Koji Itoyama ~ I Know (Hidden Vibes, 12 June)

Nightports w/Betamax ~ S/T (Leaf, 12 June)

n-So ~ Out of the Valley (Moderna, 12 June)

Southern Shores ~ Siena Pt. 1 (Cascine, 12 June)

Tia Carrera ~ Tried and True (Small Stone Recordings, 12 June)

Unwed Sailor ~ Look Alive (Steadfast, 12 June)

Ytamo ~ Vacant (Room40, 12 June)

bvdub ~ Burn Back Time (Silent Reign, 15 June)

Moshi Moshi ~ Firmament (Mikroclimat, 15 June)

Vlad Dobrovlski ~ Naturesymphony No. 3 – Vibrant Matters (Klammklang, 16 June)

Frank Rabeyrolles ~ Materia Prima (Wool Recordings, 17 June)

Inigo Vontier ~ SIENA (Calypso, 18 June)

Ben Crosland ~ The Turn (Bigo & Twigetti, 19 June)

Cloudsound ~ Tempus of Diminution (Geology, 19 June)

Croatian Amor ~ All in the Same Breath (Posh Isolation, 19 June)

Helena Hauff ~ Kern Vol. 5 (Tresor, 19 June)

Justin Depth ~ Masquerade (19 June)

Lunaria ~ Asphodel Meadows (Geology, 19 June)

Quest Ensemble ~ The Other Side (19 June)

Roman Rofalski ~ Loophole (Nonclassical, 19 June)

SPIME.IM ~ ZERO (~OUS, 19 June)

Vance Provey, Bob Gorry, Paul Gunsberg ~ Collective Expression (NHIC, 19 June)

Qasim Naqvi ~ Beta EP (Erased Tapes, 20 June)

Umlaut ~ Insight (Audiobulb, 24 June)

Baal & Mortimer ~ Deixis (Bureau B, 26 June)

Berangere Maximin ~ Land of Waves (Karlrecords, 26 June)

Charles Hayward Vs Harmergeddon ~ S/T (God Unknown, 26 June)

evicshen ~ Hair Birth (American Dreams, 26 June)

Gábor Lázár ~ Source (Planet Mu, 26 June)

Gabriel Olafs ~ Piano Works (One Little Indian, 26 June)

Josh Semans ~ … And the Birds Will Sing at Sunrise (26 June)

PC Nackt ~ Plunderphonia (7K!, 26 June)

Pye Corner Audio ~ Where Things Are Hollow 2 (26 June)

Roberta Fidora ~ Black Arrow (27 June)

Jørgen Teller ~ Six Scores (Leaky Mansion, 29 June)

TMPLT ~ The Verge (30 June)

Jordan Nobles ~ Chiaroscuro (Redshift Music, 1 July)

Greg Foat ~ Symphonie Pacifique (Strut, 3 July)

Icepick ~ Hellraiser (Astral Spirits, 3 July)

Phill Niblock ~ G2, 44+/x2 (Room40 reissue, 3 July)

Stacey Juritz Ravens Keller ~ Like the Grass (Kit Records, 3 July)

Yair Etziony ~ We Were Here Before, We Will Be Here After (Seasides on Postcards, 3 July)

Asher Gamedze ~ Dialectic Soul (On the Corner, 10 July)

Juliana Barwick ~ Healing is a Miracle (Ninja Tune, 10 July)

Sam Prekop ~ Comma (Thrill Jockey, 10 July)

Mick Sussman ~ The Kressel Studies, Vol. 2 (15 July)

Silvia Tarozzi ~ Mi specchio e rifletto (Unseen Worlds, 15 July)

G.S. Sultan ~ music for a living water (Orange Milk, 17 July)

Laraaji ~ Sun Piano (All Saints, 17 July)

sleepmakeswaves ~ these are not your dreams (17 July)

Quicksails ~ Blue Rise (Hausu Mountain, 24 July)

Rival Consoles ~ Articulation (Erased Tapes, 31 July)

Manuka ~ Palisades (Mystic Timbre, 3 August)

Selvedge ~ Warm Enough (Mystic Timbre, 3 August)

Ellen Fullman & Theresa Wong ~ Harbors (Room40, 14 August)

Joshua Van Tassel ~ Dance Music volume Two: More Songs for Slow Motion (Backward Music, 11 September)

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