We’re in the end run now.  One by one, the last days of the decade are disappearing.  Our hearts are filled with the anticipation of snow and our minds with the approach of the holy days.  We’re making our lists and we’re checking them twice ~ no, not those lists, our music lists!  After our regular lists appear, we’ll be wrapping the decade in a tidy bow.

In December, much of the industry settles down for a long winter nap, but not everyone lies dormant.  New albums continue to debut in the waning days, hoping to be heard above the winter winds.  We post updates daily, so the page is in constant flux. When we hear about it, you’ll hear about it.  We wish you a glorious end-of-year, and hope that you’ll find your next favorite album right here!

Gamardah Fungus ~ Natural Storm (Hidden Vibes, 19 November)

Mise_En_Scene ~ -O-R-G-A-N- (Cronica, 19 November)

Reblooming ~ Echo Earth (Exosphere, 19 November)

Dans les arbres ~ Mausoleum (20 November)

OCA ~ Aging (Metron, 20 November)

Stephen Vitiello & Molly Berg ~ I Drew a Fish Hook, and It Turned Into a Flower (IIKKI Books, 21 November)

Aaron Dolman ~ Nostalgia and Other Fantasies (22 November)

Anne Muller ~ Heliopause (Erased Tapes, 22 November)

Dan Rochester ~ A Graveyard of Stars (22 November)

Dominique Charpentier ~ Leuers (22 November)

Dopolarians ~ Garden Party (Mahakala Music, 22 November)

Ekman ~ A Pastime for Semi-Gods (Bedouin, 22 November)

Fencepost ~ Automata (Mystic Timbre, 22 November)

Gaming ~ Scenes from a Deserted City (Hobbes Music, 22 November)

Jessica Ekomane ~ Multivocal (Important, 22 November)

Junius Paul ~ ISM (International Anthem, 22 November)

MME dUO ~ awholerunboom (Makiphon, 22 November)

Neuland ~ S/T (22 November)

Richard Fearless ~ Deep Rave Memory (Drone, 22 November)

Hoshiko Yamane & Mikael Lind ~ Spaces In Between (Time Released Sound, 24 November)

Henning Schmiedt ~ Klavierraum, später (flau, 27 November)

Bensarin Quartett ~ Methoden und Maschinen (Denovali, 29 November)

Croatian Amor & Varg2TM ~ Body of Carbon (Posh Isolation, 29 November)

Edouard Cheritel ~ Suite No1 (Denovali, 29 November)

Forest Management ~ After Dark (American Dreams, 29 November)

Hosoo ~ Mist (LINE, 29 November)

Kirk Barley ~ Landscapes (29 November)

Matt Barbiere ~ Platonic Solids (Carrier, 29 November)

N ~ Signals Under Tests (Denovali, 29 November)

Ondness ~ Meio Que Sumiu (Discrepant, 29 November)

Oto Hiax ~ Two (Editions Mego, 29 November)

Roman Jungblut ~ Back to Where It Started (29 November)

Metropolitan Project ~ Arpeggios (1 December)

Claro Intelecto ~ In Vitro (Delsin, 2 December)

Jonathan Higgins ~ Bootlegs (Fractal Meat Cuts, 2 December)

Ambienti Coassiali ~ Dream Rooms (99Chants, 5 December)

Akasha System ~ Echo Earth (Silk, 6 December)

Andy Dragazis ~ Afterimages (Lightwell Recordings, 6 December)

Anita ~ Trop Mures (Copypasta Editions, 6 December)

Brian Shankar Adler ~ Fourth Dimension (Chant, 6 December)

jo ~ oj ~ Oscillations/Resonances (Copypasta Editions, 6 December)

Kokhlias ~ Mixotricha Paradoxa (Copypasta Editions, 6 December)

Lucid Grain ~ Sustain & Release (Modularfield, 6 December)

Noumen ~ Obscurum (CPU, 6 December)

Yair Etziony ~ Ensemble (False Industries, 6 December)

Ian Hawgood + Stijn Huwels ~ No Voices (Home Normal, 7 December)

Benya Barshai ~ Longing in Paradise (10 December)

Local Product – Dolores del Río (13 December)

Michael Peters & Fabio Anile ~ Presence (Audiobulb, 20 December)

MYMK ~ Forays into Clamor (Beacon Sound, 20 December)

Brecht Ameel ~ Ghost Tropic OST (Hands in the Dark, 3 January)

Philip Samartzis & Eric la Casa ~ Captured Space (Cronica, 7 January)

Martina Bertoni ~ All the Ghosts Are Gone (FALK, 8 January)

Craven Faults ~ Erratics & Unconformities (Leaf, 10 January)

rýr ~ left fallow (Narshardaa, 10 January)

Arms & Sleepers ~ Safe Area Earth (Future Archive Recordings, 17 January)

Pulse Emitter ~ Swirlings (Hausu Mountain, 17 January)

Cathode Ray Tube ~ Dark Roads for the Young Magus (TruthTable, 20 January)

Asa Tone ~ Temporary Music (Leaving, 24 January)

Charles Curtis ~ Performances & Recordings 1998-2018 (Saltern, 24 January)

An On Bast ~ Coherent Expectations (Modularfield, 25 January)

Christine Abdelnour/Magda Mayas ~ The Setting Sun Is Beautiful Because Of All It Makes Us Lose (SOFA, 31 January)

Jason McMahon ~ Odd West (Shinkoyo, 31 January)

CP Unit ~ One Foot On The Ground Smoking Mirror Shakedown (Ramp Local, 1 February)

Beatrice Dillon ~ Workaround (PAN, 7 February)

Paul Haslinger ~ Exit Ghost (Artificial Instinct, 7 February)

Aquarian ~ The Snake That Eats Itself (Bedouin, 14 February)

Katie Gately ~ Loom (Houndstooth, 14 February)

Sunny Jain ~ Wilde Wilde East (Smithsonian Folkways, 21 February)

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