snowSnow!  Ice!  Wind!  Cold!  These things are in the forecast for most of us.  Once the scraping and shoveling are done, we’re likely to have some time on our hands.  Those with foresight will have emergency generators, fire logs, food, water and a healthy stock of new music. (Hint: be sure to have a boom box with batteries in case the power goes out.)

Our Winter Music Preview introduced over 140 albums, but new music continues to pour in.  There’s a lot to look forward to, from Machinefabriek to Matmos to Mono to other releases that may or may not begin with the letter M.  New tracks are added to this page on a regular basis.  Whether snowed in or on the road, we hope that you’ll find your next favorite album right here!

Barnett & Coloccia ~ VLF (SIGE, 22 January)

Garret Harkawik ~ On This Rock (22 January)

Red Stars CPR ~ Earth Is Heaven/Heaven Is Hell (Testoon, 22 January)

Altars Altars ~ Fragments (Home Normal, 24 January)

Adrian Lane ~ I Have Promises to Keep (Preserved Sound, 25 January)

Black to Comm ~ Seven Horses for Seven Kings (Thrill Jockey, 25 January)

Croatian Amor ~ Isa (Posh Isolation, 25 January)

DUENN ~ bgm (LINE, 25 January)

Jeffrey Silverstein ~ How On Earth (Driftless, 25 January)

Julia Kent ~ Temporal (Leaf, 25 January)

Kryshe ~ Hauch (Serein, 25 January)

London Experimental Ensemble ~ Child Ballads (25 January)

MONO ~ Nowhere Now Here (Temporary Residence, 25 January)

MYMK ~ Garlands (Sounds et al, 25 January)

New Tendencies ~ Batch 0008 (SM-LL, 25 January)

Nikola Cruz ~ Siku (ZZK, 25 January)

Orphan Ann ~ The Practice of Surrender (Moloton, 25 January)

Paul Elwood ~ Emissions Transparents (Innova, 25 January)

Steve Hadfield ~ We Are All Human (Disintegration State, 25 January)

Substance ~ Rise and Shine (Ostgut Ton, 25 January)

Surachai ~ Come, Deathless (BL_K Noise, 25 January)

Tomas Nordmark ~ Eternal Words (The Control Group/Valley of Search, 25 January)

V/A ~ Sleeplaboratory1.0 (Whitelabrecs, 26 January)

36 ~ Fade to Grey (A Strangely Isolated Place, 28 January)

Left Hand Cuts Off the Right ~ Purge (Fractal Meat Cuts, 28 January)

Original Past Life ~ Inference/Interference (Tone List, 29 January)

Shoshana Rosenberg ~ Overlapping Magisteria (Tone List, 29 January)

V/A ~ Special Species Vol. Two (Special Species, 29 January)

FRAME ~ The Journey (Glacial Movements, 30 January)

Gideon Wolf ~ Replicas (Fluid Audio, 31 January)

achim zepezauer ~ Slotmachine (Gruenrekorder, 1 February)

Black Eagle Child ~ Six Lugubrious Airs (Geology Records, 1 February)

Black Swan ~ The Sentimental Drift (1 February)

Chris Child ~ Pieces for Piano Vol. I (Foil, 1 February)

Dave Harrington Group ~ Pure Imagination, No Country (Yeggs, 1 February)

Gabriel Costello’s STRATA ~ Obelisk (1 February)

Lee Gamble ~ In a Paravental State (Hyperdub, 1 February)

Maurice Louca ~ Elephantine (Northern Spy, 1 February)

Ô Lake ~ Refuge (Patchrock / Night-Night Records, 1 February)

Sharkula & Mukqs ~ Prune City (Hausu Mountain, 1 February)

Strange Mountain II ~ Please Wait for Me, Wait Forever (Polar Seas, 1 February)

Aleksandr Tresorg ~ Music Needs No Heroes (TruthTable, 5 February)

anthene ~ weightless (Home Normal, 8 February)

BELP ~ Crocodile (SVS, 8 February)

Chris Mitchell ~ Shadow Wands (XCPT, 8 February)

The Cosmic Range ~ The Gratitude Principle (Idee Fixe Records, 8 February)

Daniel Carter, Tobias Wilner, Djibril Toure, Federico Ughi ~ New York United (577, 8 February)

Franck Vigroux ~ Théorème (DAC, 8 February)

James Place ~ Still Waves to a Whisper (Umor Rex, 8 February)

Josef van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch ~ An Attempt to Draw Aside the Veil (Sacred Bones, 8 February)

MZ.412 ~ Svartmrykr (Cold Spring, 8 February)

Nate Young ~ Volume One: Dilemmas of Identity (Lower Floor Music, 8 February)

Silk Road Assassins ~ State of Ruin (Planet Mu, 8 February)

Ulrich Troyes ~ Dolomite Dub (4bit Recordings, 8 February)

Jilhani Silvoha ~ Post-Biological Wildlife (Eighth Nerve, 11 February)

Myriam Bleau ~ Lumens & Profits (Where to Now?, 11 February)

Sarah-Jane Summers ~ Kalopsia (Eighth Nerve, 11 February)

Lorem ~ Adversarial Feelings (AI/AV, 13 February)

Bjarki ~ Happy Earthday (!K7, 15 February)

Black Taffy ~ Elder (Leaving, 15 February)

ELEH ~ Home Age 2 (Important, 15 February)

Euglossine ~ Coriolis (Hausu Mountain, 15 February)

Hugh Marsh ~ Violinvocations (Western Vinyl, 15 February)

Klangwart ~ Bogota (Staubgold, 15 February)

Post-Haste Reed Duo ~ Donut Robot! (Aerocade, 15 February)

Pye Corner Audio ~ Hollow Earth (Ghost Box, 15 February)

Santiago Cordoba ~ En Otros Lugares (Sounds and Colours, 15 February)

Srivastava & Feist ~ 7th Life (15 February)

Standing Waves ~ The Wave (15 February)

Tom Blankenberg ~ Atermus (15 February)

Tom Holkenborg ~ Alita: Battle Angel OST (Milan Records, 15 February)

log(m) & Laraaji ~ The Onrush of Eternity (Invisible, Inc., 18 February)

Markers ~ Heaven in the Dark Earth (18 February)

Altars Altars ~ Fragments (Home Normal, 22 February)

Aubrey ~ Gravitational Lensing (Out-ER, 22 February)

bvdub ~ Explosions in Slow Motion (n5MD, 22 February)

Dylan Henner ~ A Reason for Living (Phantom Limb, 22 February)

Florian Meindl ~ Nonlinear Times (22 February)

Last Days ~ Fragments (22 February)

Nate Wooley ~ Columbia Icefield (Northern Spy, 22 February)

Teeth of the Sea ~ Wraith (Rocket Recordings, 22 February)

Ensemble KLEM // Jaime Oliver La Rosa ~ Anexo3 (buh records, 25 February)

VC118A ~ Inside (Delsin, 25 February)

Broads ~ A Small Box Over a Global Goal (Humm Recordings, 1 March)

Max Jaffe ~ Giant Beat (Ramp Local, 1 March)

Planetary Assault Systems ~ Straight Shooting (Mote-Evolver, 1 March)

Daniel Thorne ~ Lines of Sight (Erased Tapes, 15 March)

Rian Treanor ~ AXATIA (Planet Mu, 15 March)

Snowdrops ~ Manta Ray OST (Gizeh Records, 15 March)

Tomoyoshi Date & Stijn Huwels ~ hochu-ekki-tou (Home Normal, 15 March)

Town Portal ~ Of Violence (Small Pond, 5 April)

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