fogWe’ve turned a corner, but we’re not there yet.  The days are growing visibly longer, and a little bit warmer.  Yet there’s still so much cold.  The radiators are working overtime, and the scarves are still lying about in case they are needed.  But the buds are appearing on the trees, and we’re starting to cast wishful eyes on the spring closet.  Soon there will be no stopping it: the warmer weather will arrive, the cherry trees will blossom, and we’ll sigh in relief.

In the meantime, we’ve published our largest Spring Music Preview yet, with over 240 new announcements.  But it doesn’t end there ~ new sounds are being added to this page nearly every day.  As we play these preview tracks, we feel a sense of anticipation ~ there’s always something good coming our way.  Whether you’re a fan of winter or of spring, we hope that you find your next favorite album right here!

Anne Guthrie ~ Brass Orchids (Students of Decay, 23 March)

Ben Frost ~ All That You Love Will Be Eviscerated (Mute, 23 March)

Bruce Gilbert ~ Ex Nihilo (Editions Mego, 23 March)

Cavern of Anti-Matter ~ Hormone Lemonade (Duophonic, 23 March)

Charlie Morrow ~ Toot! Too (Recital, 23 March)

Chevel ~ Always Yours (Different Circles, 23 March)

Colin Fisher ~ Vive Le Pape (Geej, 23 March)

Dave Phillips ~ Ritual Protest Music (23 March)

DDENT ~ Toro (23 March)

Egyptology ~ Sur Les Autres Mondes (Hands in the Dark, 23 March)

Erik K. Skodvin & Rauelsson ~ A Score for Darling (Sonic Pieces, 23 March)

Felix Blume ~ Death in Haiti: Funeral Brass Bands in Port Au Price (Discrepant, 23 March)

GreyWing Ensemble ~ Lines of Flight/nature forms I (Tone List, 23 March)

Hatis Noit ~ Illogical Lullaby (Erased Tapes, 23 March)

Havnes. Järmyr. Serries ~ Distant Curving Horizon. The Primal Passage. Beneath the Scorching Sun (Midira, 23 March)

Kink Gong ~ Dian Long (Discrepant, 23 March)

Liziuz ~ Geschichten des Lebens (Hospital, 23 March)

Lucy Railton ~ Paradise 94 (Modern Love, 23 March)

~raw ~ Hyperlucid Gaze (Portals Editions, 23 March)

Retep Folo ~ Galactic Sounds (Clay Pipe Music, 23 March)

Rui Ho ~ Becoming is an Eventful Situation (Objects Unlimited, 23 March)

select * from my heart ~ TRUNCATED (23 March)

Seth Graham ~ Gasp (Orange Milk, 23 March)

Shuta Hasunama & U-zhaan ~ 2 Tone (23 March)

Todd Tobias ~ Massabu Evening Entertainments (Hidden Shoal, 23 March)

Wooly Mammoth ~ Filling Spots (Alpha Pup, 23 March)

Mukunda’s Friends ~ Pastimes of Creation (Kalinda Music, 24 March)

Paper Relics ~ The Road Home (Whitelabrecs, 24 March)

Rex Kyed ~ S/T (Infinite Waves, 24 March)

Baldruin ~ Vergessene Träume (IKUISUUS, 26 March)

Fabel ~ The Wick (Haunt Music, 27 March)

Umwelt ~ Abandon in Place (New Flesh/Rave or Die, 28 March)

Fleau ~ II (Anywave, 29 March)

Glowing Swords ~ The Autumn Elegy (Wist Records, 29 March)

John 3:16 ~ עשר (Alrealon Musique, 29 March)

ranter’s groove ~ musica per camaleonti (Kaczynski Editions, 29 March)

Zivovia Arvanitidi ~ Ivory (Kitchen, 29 March)

bvdub ~ A Different Kind of Love (Dronarivm, 30 March)

C. Diab ~ Exit Rumination (Injazero, 30 March)

Daniel Ruane ~ Twitch (Infinite Machine, 30 March)

Echo Collective ~ Echo Collective Plays Amnesiac (7K!, 30 March)

4A Stables ~ Bugboy (BNS Sessions, 30 March)

Invisible Anatomy ~ Dissections (New Amsterdam, 30 March)

Jesse ~ Fluids (Hoga Nord, 30 March)

Laurence Pike ~ Distant Early Warning (Leaf, 30 March)

Owain Gwilym ~ Terminal Flow (30 March)

Tim Linghaus ~ memory sketches (Schole Records/1631 Recordings, 30 March)

Will Saul ~ Inside Out (Aus Music, 30 March)

aidan ~ catharsis (31 March)

Nordvargr ~ Metempsychosis (Cyclic Law, 31 March)

Ragnar Johnson ~ Crying Bamboos: Ceremonial Flute Music from New Guinea: Madang (Editions Mego, 31 March)

Shall Remain Nameless ~ Untitled (31 March)

Larry Wish ~ How More Do You Need? (Field Hymns, 1 April)

Lips and Ribs ~ Battle in Nagoya (Field Hymns, 1 April)

Oxykitten ~ Gleeking the Cube (Field Hymns, 1 April)

Steven Rutter ~ Brain Fog (FireScope, 2 April)

Tom Trago ~ Bergen (Dekmantel, 2 April)

Aesthesys ~ Achromata (3 April)

Erik Nilsson ~ The Imperfect Tense (Hidden Shoal, 3 April)

Gel ~ Drama Tools (NESM, 4 April)

Amandus Schaap & Evert Kramer ~ Done (Midira, 6 April)

Birds of Passage ~ The Death of Our Invention (Denovali, 6 April)

bvdub ~ Obelisk (Polar Seas, 6 April)

Christina Vantzou ~ No.4 (Kranky, 6 April)

Die Wilde Jagd ~ Uhrwald Orange (Bureau B, 6 April)

Fluxion ~ Ripple Effect (Vibrant Music, 6 April)

Joana Gama | Luis Fernandes ~ At the Still Point of the Turning World (Room40, 6 April)

Kemialliset Ystävät ~ Siipi Empii (Ikuisuus/Leaving, 13 April)

Laconic Zero ~ Sun to Death (Handmade Records, 6 April)

Matawan ~ We Lingered In The Chambers Of The Sea (Midira, 6 April)

Mind Over Mirrors ~ Bellowing Sun (Paradise of Bachelors, 6 April)

Muddensten ~ Playmates (Sofa, 6 April)

Nadia Struiwigh ~ WHRRU (Denovali, 6 April)

Okada ~ Misery (n5MD, 6 April)

Psychological Strategy Board ~ Penny Slinger: Out of the Shadows (Front & Follow, 6 April)

Saint Abdullah ~ Stars Have Eyes (PTP, 6 April)

Shall Remain Nameless ~ Untitled (6 April)

Steve Bug ~ Paradise Sold (Poker Flat, 6 April)

Terminal Sound System ~ The Endless Sea (Denovali, 6 April)

This Is Where ~ S/T (Hallow Ground, 6 April)

Earth House Hold ~ Never Forget Us (A Strangely Isolated Place, 9 April)

Static Storm ~ Burial at Sea (9 April)

Simon Cummings ~ (ma) (Cronica, 10 April)

Taphephobia ~ Ghostwood (Cyclic Law, 10 April)

Ficture ~ Filled Spaces (Audiobulb, 12 April)

August Rosenbaum ~ Rasa (Tambourhinoceros, 13 April)

Goldmund ~ Occasus (Village Green, 13 April)

Gosheven ~ Bivaq (Opal Tapes, 13 April)

Kemialliset Ystävät ~ Siipi Empii (IKUSUUS, 13 April)

mmph ~ Dear God (Tri Angle, 13 April)

Mr. Fingers ~ Cerebral Hemispheres (Alleviated, 13 April)

mu-Ziq ~ Challenge Me Foolish (13 April)

Oly Ralfe ~ Notes from Another Sea (Ghost Ship, 13 April)

Rebekah ~ My Heart Bleeds Black (MORD, 13 April)

Rival Consoles ~ Persona (Erased Tapes, 13 April)

RLYR ~ Actual Existence (The Flenser, 13 April)

Saaad ~ Presence Absente (Hands in the Dark, 13 April)

SCB ~ Caibu (Hotflush, 13 April)

Slagr ~ Dirr (Hubro, 13 April)

Sonae ~ I Started Wearing Black (Monika Enterprise, 13 April)

7FO ~ Moment (Selected Works 2012-2017) (Metron, 13 April)

V/A ~ Flowers from the Ashes: Contemporary Italian Electronic Music (Stroboscopic Artefacts, 13 April)

V/A ~ 1+1=X (Erased Tapes, 13 April)

Clothesline Revival ~ Holy Cow (Paleo Music, 20 April)

Eve Essex ~ Here Appear (Soap Library, 20 April)

Oker ~ Husene Vare er Museer (SOFA, 20 April)

Thomas Fehlmann / Terrence Dixon ~ We Take It From Here (Tresor, 20 April)

Various Artists ~ 1+1=X (Erased Tapes, 21 April)

Roman Poncet ~ Gypsophilia (Figure, 23 April)

God Is An Astronaut ~ Epitath (Napalm Records, 27 April)

Luton ~ Black Box Animals (Lost Tribe Sound, 27 April)

Lybes Dinem ~ Syncleft Cronem (SVS, 27 April)

Prairie ~ After the Flash Flood (Denovali, 27 April)

Stefano Guzzetti ~ Short Stories. Piano Book Volume Two. (Home Normal, 27 April)

Sugai Ken ~ tele-n-tech-da (Discrepant, 27 April)

Tasos Stamos ~ Musique con Crète (Discrepant, 27 April)

Theo Alexander ~ Broken Access (Luau, 27 April)

Grouper ~ Grid of Points (Kranky, 28 April)

Cara Stacey & Camilo Angeles ~ Cedar (Kit Records, 1 May)

Kyle Bobby Dunn/Wayne Robert Thomas ~ The Searchers/Voyevoda (Whited Sepulchre, 1 May)

Silent Island ~ Fall of Oceans (Casus Belli Musica, 1 May)

Louise Bock ~ Repetitives in Illocality (Feeding Tube, 4 May)

Ragnar Johnson ~ Crying Bamboos: Ceremonial Flute Music from New Guinea: Madang (Editions Mego, 4 May)

Run Logan Run ~ The Delicate Balance of Terror (4 May)

Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois ~ S/T (Planet Mu, 4 May)

Paul Mersault ~ Stridulations (Discrepant, 11 May)

Tourist Kid ~ Crude Tracer (Memory As Truth, 11 May)

Nur Jaber ~ If Only – A State of Peace (OSF, 14 May)

Nonturn ~ Territory (Audiobulb, 16 May)

Elizabeth A. Baker ~ Quadrivium (Aerocade, 18 May)

Rachel Grimes ~ The Doctor from India OST (18 May)

Mary Lattimore ~ Hundreds of Days (Ghostly International, 18 May)

Reg Bloor ~ Sensory Irritation Chamber (Systems Neutralizers, 18 May)

Datashock ~ Kräuter der Provinz (Bureau B, 25 May)

Kamall Williams ~ The Return (Black Focus, 25 May)

Surgeon ~ Luminosity Device (Dynamic Tension, 25 May)

Spurv ~ Myra (Fysisk Format, 31 May)

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