Upcoming Releases

New year, new hope!  2021 may be the year we’ve looked forward to the most.  It’s going to be a long, difficult winter, but by spring we should be seeing a lot of progress politically and medically.  Through it all, we’ve have new music to sustain us, with over 200 instrumental albums announced before the last year was even over.  As we turn the page of the new year, we’re excited to start filling in our blank pages again.

Those in the Northern Hemisphere may be looking for music to accompany lockdown and assuage feelings of isolation.  Fortunately, we have a wide array of new, empathetic music below.  As a counter-balance, many winter albums continue to underline feelings of hope, confident that the storm will pass.  We hope you find your next favorite album right here!

Senyawa ~ Alkisah (Phantom Limb, 19 January)

Bunny & the Invalid Singers ~  The Flight of the Certainty Kids (Bearsuit, 21 January)

ACT! ~ Grey Matter AR Snapchat Compositions (Halocline Trance, 22 January)

Alina Kalancea ~ Impedance (Important Records, 22 January)

Animated Matter ~ Selkie (22 January)

Azmari ~ Samā’ī (Sdban Records, 22 January)

The Begotten ~ Temidden Laaghangende Wolken (Aguirre, 22 January)

Bicep ~ Isles (Ninja Tune, 22 January)

Biosphere ~ Angel’s Flight (AD 93, 22 January)

BISBÂYÉ ~ The Sense of an Ending (Cuneiform, 22 January)

Crazy Doberman ~ Two Tales of Lost Witness Marks (Aguirre, 22 January)

Elori Saxl ~ The Blue of Distance (Western Vinyl, 22 January)

Emika & Paul Frick ~ In Parallel (Improvisations x Inspirations, 22 January)

Gacha Bakradze ~ Obscure Languages (Lapsus, 22 January)

The Gibraltarians ~ Empathy Machine Recovery (Disintegration State, 22 January)

Hellvete ~ Voor Harmonium (Aguirre, 22 January)

Jon Mueller ~ Family Secret (Rhythmplex, 22 January)

Kosei Fukada ~ 流転 陽 ・ RUTEN + (REITEN, 22 January)

Lina Tullgren ~ Visiting (Ba Da Bing, 22 January)

Linus Hillborg ~ Magelungsverket (Moloton, 22 January)

Of Thread & Mist ~ Static Hymns to No One (Gizeh, 22 January)

Spyros Polychronopoulos / Thanos Polymeneas-Liontiris / Iakovos Pavlopoulos ~ Widdershins (Room40, 22 January)

Timelash ~ A Morphology of Wonders (Aguirre, 22 January)

V/A ~ 10 Waltzes (Bigo & Twigetti, 22 January)

Yu Su ~ Yellow River Blue (ble, 22 January)

Massimo Magee ~ Live in the Metaverse (to Evan Parker and John Coltrane) (Orbit577, 23 January)

Illuvia ~ Iridescence of Clouds (A Strangely Isolated Place, 25 January)

Refectori ~ Tundra (Hedonic Reversal, 28 January)

Aaron Cupples ~ Island of the Hungry Ghosts OST (PAN, 29 January)

Ai Yamamoto ~ Pan De Sonic – Iso (Room40, 29 January)

Beatchild ~ Nostalgia: Beats of 2008-2020 (BBE Music, 29 January)

The Body ~ I’ve Seen All I Need to See (Thrill Jockey, 29 January)

Disquiet ~ S/T (Trost, 29 January)

Hali Palombo ~ Cylinder Loops (Astral Editions, 29 January)

Inkasso ~ Zeichen im Schacht der verschleierten Tatsachen (Osàre! Editions, 29 January)

Karl Hohn ~ dirby dreams ep (29 January)

Martina Bertoni ~ Music for Empty Flats (Karlrecords, 29 January)

Martin Gore ~ The Third Chimpanzee (Mute, 29 January)

Richard von der Schulenberg ~ Moods and Dances 2021 (Bureau B, 29 January)

The Underflow ~ Instant Opaque Evening (Drag City, 29 January)

Venus Lux Machina ~ Lux (AD 93, 29 January)

Yvette Jackson ~ Freedom (Fridman Gallery, 29 January)

Mushroom Project ~ Lalo Elijah (Tonefloat, 30 January)

Lagas Turmales ~ § (Transitory Tapes, 31 January)

Pauline Anna Strom ~ Angel Tears in Sunlight (RVNG Intl., 1 February)

Florian T M Zeisig ~ Music for Parents (Metron, 2 February)

Benjamin Louis Brody ~ Floating Into Infinity (New Amsterdam, 3 February)

Adam Holmes & Desdemona ~ Music for a Small Shelter (slashsounds, 5 February)

Byron Westbrook ~ Distortion Hue (Hands in the Dark, 5 February)

Harry Bertoia ~ Glowing Sounds (Important Records, 5 February)

Harry Bertoia ~ No Date Tapes (Important Records, 5 February)

Hexcrusher ~ Slime’s Detective (Stick Figure, 5 February)

Jeremiah Cymerman / Charlie Looker ~ A Horizon Made of Canvas (Astral Spirits, 5 February)

Lutto Lento ~ LEGENDO (Haunter, 5 February)

Muqata’a ~ Kamil Manqus (5 February)

Nick Schofield ~ Glass Gallery (Backward Music, 5 February)

Overtone Ensemble ~ (Important Records, 5 February)

Panoram ~ Pianosequenza Vol. 1 (Union Editions, 5 February)

PHILMS ~ The Surface of Anger (5 February)

Steve Hadfield ~ The Silly Baby LP (Disintegration State, 5 February)

Wobbly ~ Popular Monitress (Hausu Mountain, 5 February)

V/A ~ Walk My Way – Volume Two (Orbit577, 6 February)

David Ciampalini ~ Sorgente (Canti Magnetici, 9 February)

Sammartano ~ Waterfront (Canti Magnetici, 9 February)

Benjamin Louis Brody ~ Floating Into Infinity (New Amsterdam, 12 February)

Milteto ~ In Trux We Pux 03 (Favela Discos, 12 February)

V/A ~ Apocope (C.A.N.V.A.S., 12 February)

Pierce With Arrow ~ Shatter (Dais, 14 February)

V/A ~ In Trux We Pux 04 (Favela Discos, 16 February)

Andrew Tasselmyer ~ Impulses (Home Normal, 18 February)

Camera ~ Prosthuman (Bureau B, 19 February)

Giant Swan ~ Do Not Be Afraid of Tenderness (KECK, 19 February)

Mogwai ~ As the Love Continues (Temporary Residence Ltd., 19 February)

Roscoe Mitchell & Mike Reed ~ the Ritual and the Dance (Astral Spirits, 19 February)

Samuel Sharp ~ Patterns Various (Boot Cycle Audio, 19 February)

Senyawa ~ Alkisah (Phantom Limb / Artetetra, 19 February)

A Winged Victory for the Sullen ~ Invisible Cities (Artificial Pinearch, 26 February)

Mouse On Mars ~ AAI (Thrill Jockey, 26 February)

Vapour Theories ~ Celestial Scuzz (Fire, 26 February)

Ghost Halo ~ cielo 1. (Disintegration State, 5 March)

Neil Cowley ~ Hall of Mirrors (Mote, 5 March)

Roger Hoedemaekers ~ The Age of Oddities (FatCat/130701, 5 March)

Stearica ~ Golem 202020 (Monotreme, 19 March)

Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt ~ Made Out of Sound (Palilalia, 26 March)

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