summerSunshine, sunflowers, & Sundays by the sea ~ summer is in full bloom!  And wow is it hot. But let’s not forget how we yearned for summer when we were being drenched by the spring rains.  We’ve been cooped up far too long, arguing about politics and wondering where our tranquility has gone.  Now we have the chance to enjoy a season of rest and replenishment. Sure, we still have to work ~ but the breadth of our potential pleasures has increased.  The beach beckons, as does the open road ~ even the backyard, the porch, the front stoop.

On this page, we list all of the upcoming instrumental previews we receive.  There’s always something special on the way.  We wish you joy during his season of color and light, and hope you’ll find your next favorite album right here!

Olivia Belli ~ Four Moons (20 July)

Pat Keista ~ E11EVEN (20 July)

Toshimaru Nakamura et al ~ Exemption from Meaning (Listen to the Voice of Fire, 21 July)

Jumpel ~ Cabogato (Hidden Shoal, 22 July)

Adderall Canyonly ~ Influenza 10 (Personal Archives, 23 July)

Alex Haas/Bill Laswell ~ Smoke + Glass (23 July)

Dentistry ~ The Temporal Glaze (Wist Recs., 24 July)

Flos ~ Songs/Signs (Audiobulb, 24 July)

Albrecht La’Brooy ~ Healsville (Apollo Records, 26 July)

Daniel J. Mackenzie & Richard Ingram ~ Half Death (Midira, 26 July)

Datach’i ~ Bones (Timesig, 26 July)

Interstitia ~ Ever Onward Ever Inward (Dark Operative, 26 July)

Max de Wardener ~ Kolmar (Village Green, 26 July)

Modwump ~ Animal Bitrate (Submarine Broadcasting Co., 26 July)

Papivores ~ Death and Spring (Hands in the Dark, 26 July)

Satoko Fujii & Ramon Lopez ~ Confluence (Libra, 26 July)

Several Wives ~ Goldi fell (Gizeh, 26 July)

Spheruleus ~ Light Through Open Blinds (Lost Tribe Sound, 26 July)

MUUR ~ Bod (Cyclic Law, 30 July)

OVOD ~ Forest Thoughts (1 August)

V/A ~ Swallowed by the Sky (Textura, 1 August)

Ami Dang ~ Parted Plains (Leaving, 2 August)

The Cray Twins ~ In the Company of Architects (Fang Bomb, 2 August)

Daniel Meron ~ Chasing Wild (Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit, 2 August)

Deaf Joe ~ Love Stories (2 August)

Derek Hunter Wilson ~ Steel, Wood & Air (Beacon Sound, 2 August)

E-Saggila ~ My World My Way (Northern Electronics, 2 August)

Michael Donnelly ~ Why So Mute, Fond Lover? (Front & Follow, 2 August)

Russian Circles ~ Blood Year (Sargent House, 2 August)

Stephan Mathieu ~ Radioland (Schwebung, 8 August)

Rich Hailey ~ Terra Incognita (Pine Eagle, 9 August)

Loscil ~ Equivalents (Kranky, 16 August)

Neuro … No Neuro ~ The edges are all wrong.  (Audiobulb, 21 August)

Skyphone ~ Hildur (Lost Tribe Sound, 22 August)

Kepler Gods ~ S/T (23 August)

Skyphone ~ Marsh Drones (Lost Tribe Sound, 23 August)

Boya ~ Noyee (First Terrace, 30 August)

Maya Beiser ~ delugEON (30 August)

Shards ~ Find Sound (Erased Tapes, 30 August)

Odd Nosdam ~ Flippies Best Tape (Home Assembly, 6 September)

Sandro Perri ~ Soft Landing (Constellation, 6 September)

Trepaneringsritualen ~ ᛉᛦ — Algir; eller Algir i Merkstave (Cold Spring, 9 September)

A-Sun Amissa ~ For Burdened and Bright Light (Gizeh, 13 September)

Amotik ~ Vistār (20 September)

Fly Pan Am ~ C’est ca (Constellation, 20 September)

Manu Delago ~ Circadian (20 September)

Ed Carlsen ~ Morning Hour (Moderna, 27 September)

V/A ~ forever (Haunter Records, 4 October)

Tom of England ~ Song of the Sex Monk (L.I.E.S., 7 October)

Pyur ~ Oratorio for the Underworld (Subtext, 10 October)

Emptyset ~ Blossoms (Thrill Jockey, 11 October)

Matana Roberts ~ COIN COIN Volume Four: Memphis (Constellation, 18 October)

Oiseaux-Tempête ~ From Somewhere Invisible (Sub Rosa, 18 October)

Laszlo Gardony ~ La Marseillaise (Sunnyside, 25 October)

Land of Kush ~ Sand Enigma (Constellation, 8 November)

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