autumn-musicAutumn is here, and the fall music slate is the biggest and best we’ve ever heard.  There’s so much good music on the table, we feel like the annual harvest has come early.

Fall is a time for pumpkin picking, corn mazes, harvest festivals and football games under the lights.  The air grows cooler, but the outdoors still beckons, with golden days and crisp evenings.  And all the while, we’ll be gathering new music like squirrels seeking nuts.

What great music will we remember from this season?  The answer likely lies below.  New tracks are added to this page on a regular basis; we hope that you’ll find your next favorite album right here!  A happy autumn to all of our readers.

INRA ~ The Content Consuming Its Form (15 November)

Antigone ~ Rising (Token, 16 November)

Bluetech ~ Liquid Geometries (DiN, 16 November)

Bonnie Baxter ~ Ask Me How Satan Started (Hausu Mountain, 16 November)

Camera ~ Emotional Detox (Bureau B, 16 November)

Hannu Karjalainen ~ Drift (Kingdoms, 16 November)

ICE/Anna Thorvaldsdottir ~ AEQUA (Sono Luminus, 16 November)

Joseph Shabason ~ Anne (Western Vinyl, 16 November)

K Conjog ~ Magic Spooky Ears (Schole, 16 November)

Killbody Tuning ~ Pictoral (Hummus, 16 November)

Muqata’a ~ Inkanakuntu (Souk, 16 November)

Nazar ~ Enclave (Hyperdub, 16 November)

Richard Neale ~ Growth/Decay (Rain Bear, 16 November)

Romperayo ~ Que Jue? (Discrepant, 16 November)

Tomas Bednarczyk ~ Illustrations for Those Who (Room40, 16 November)

Tresque ~ Aindanao EP (~OUS, 16 November)

We Will Fail ~ Dancing (Refined, 16 November)

FOUDRE! ~ Kami (Gizeh, 18 November)

Ben Crosland ~ Songs from Rainbow Hill (Bigo & Twigetti, 19 November)

Tom White & Stuart Chalmers ~ Awkward Objects (Fractal Meat, 19 November)

GHST MDRN ~ The Empty Space Between Dark Places (20 November)

Isobel Latorre & Edu Comelles ~ For Pauline (Cronica, 20 November)

Cedric D. Lavoie ~ 88 (Preserved Sound, 23 November)

Dire Wolves / Headroom ~ Split (Centripetal Force, 23 November)

Erik Griswold ~ Yokohama Flowers (Room40, 23 November)

FEAN ~ S/T (Moving Furniture, 23 November)

Laura León ~ Percepciones de un Silencio (Phantom Limb, 23 November)

Michael Hoppe ~ Put a Filter to Your Ears and Just Smile Through It (Get On!, 23 November)

SPILL ~ STEREO (Corvo, 23 November)

Bjarni Gunnarsson ~ Lueur (Tartaruga, 26 November)

zero23 ~ Songs from the eternal dump (Kaczynski Editions, 27 November)

Eraldo Bernocchi ~ Like a Fire That Consumes All Before It (RareNoise, 30 November)

Grant the Sun ~ Simmar Ur Bild (Mas-Kina, 30 November)

New Dreams Ltd. ~ Sleepline (Aguirre, 30 November)

Ricardo Donoso ~ Calibrate (Denovali, 30 November)

Sacred Tapestry ~ Shader Complete (Aguirre, 30 November)

SPECIMENS ~ In the Dust of Idols (SVS/First Terrace Recordings, 30 November)

Andreas O. Hirsch ~ Early Carbophonics (7 December)

Epi Centrum ~ excrescence (Synewave NY, 7 December)

Hammock ~ Universalis (Hammock Music, 7 December)

Lubomyr Melnyk ~ Fallen Trees (Erased Tapes, 7 December)

Sicker Man ~ off the trail (7 December)

The 7th Plain ~ Chronicles (Ostgut Ton, 14 December)

Massimo Discepoli ~ The right place on the wrong map (DOF, 8 January)

Angelo Bello ~ GENDYN Suite (Elli, 15 January)

Dolphin Midwives ~ Liminal Garden (Beacon Sound/Sounds et al, 18 January)

Nkisi ~ 7 Directions (UIQ, 18 January)

Julia Kent ~ Temporal (Leaf, 25 January)

MONO ~ Nowhere Now Here (Temporary Residence, 25 January)

Adderall Canyonly ~ Museum of Fire (Polytechnic Youth, 1 March)

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