Charley HarperThe May flowers have finally arrived, along with a colorful bouquet of May music.  We’ve all been bursting with desire to return to color and light, and that time is now!  Soon the school doors will swing wide as students enter wide-eyed into a sunny and delightful world.  But what will we be listening to as we race to the parks and playgrounds?

On this page, we gather all the upcoming music we can find, like wildflowers for a loved one. New sounds are being added to this page nearly every day.  The spring has finally sprung ~ we hope that you’ll find your next favorite album right here!

Our cover image is a National Parks Service poster by the amazing Charley Harper!  Prints are available at the artist’s website here!

NYZ ~ RLD GLD ET AL (Fractal Meat Cuts, 24 May)

Alexander Kowalsky ~ Cycles (Mord, 25 May)

Areon Flutes ~ No Era (Innova, 25 May)

Datashock ~ Kräuter der Provinz (Bureau B, 25 May)

Fogh Depot ~ Turmalinturm [Remixes] (Denovali, 25 May)

Gao Hong & Issam Rafea ~ Life As Is (Innova, 25 May)

The Hands Free ~ S/T (New Amsterdam, 25 May)

In Sonitus Lux ~ Of Zen and Texas (Stickfigure Recordings, 25 May)

John Tilbury Keith Rowe Kjell Bjørgeengen ~ Sissel (Sofa, 25 May)

Kaada ~ Closing Statements (Mirakel, 25 May)

Kamall Williams ~ The Return (Black Focus, 25 May)

Long Distance Poison ~ Knock Magh (Hausu Mountain, 25 May)

Michael Vallera ~ All Perfect Days (Denovali, 25 May)

N ~ Vreden (Denovali, 25 May)

N + Dirk Serries ~ Scatterwound o.o (Denovali, 25 May)

Quicksails ~ The Bright (Hausu Mountain, 25 May)

Sankt Otten ~ Zwischen Demut und Disco (Denovali, 25 May)

Siete Catorce ~ Agnosia (Hypermedium, 25 May)

Surgeon ~ Luminosity Device (Dynamic Tension, 25 May)

V/A ~ Box Set (1631 Recordings, 25 May)

Musical Mandalas ~ Gravity Resting Plan (26 May)

SSTROM ~ Otider (Rosten, 28 May)

Various Artists ~ Rush Hour Music (Rush Hour Music, 29 May)

Spurv ~ Myra (Fysisk Format, 31 May)

Ant’lrd and Benoît Pioulard ~ Deck Amber (Sounds et al, 1 June)

Cool Maritime ~ Sharing Waves (Leaving, 1 June)

Marcus Fischer & Simon Scott ~ Shape Memory (12k, 1 June)

Reuben J Falle ~ State of Glow (1 June)

John Hassel ~ Listening to Pictures (Pentimento Volume One) (Ndeya, 8 June)

Various Artists ~ Karl Marx’ 200th (Bureau B, 8 June)

Liminal Drifter ~ Beach Fair (Hidden Shoal, 12 June)

Gu Dearbh ~ No-ise (15 June)

Hoshiko Yamane ~ Threads (1631 Recordings, 15 June)

Manni Dee ~ The Residue (Tresor, 15 June)

Snorri Hallgrímsson ~ Orbit (Moderna, 15 June)

Mark Templeton ~ Distorted Tourist (Graphical, 20 June)

Polyorchard ~ sextet | quintet (21 June)

Varg ~ Nordic Flora Series Pt. 5: Crush (Posh Isolation, 22 June)

Diamont Dancer ~ Shapes (Canoa Snake, 25 June)

AGF & Various ~ Dissidentova (29 June)

Container ~ LP (Spectrum Spools, 29 June)

Thousand Foot Whale Claw ~ Black Hole Party (Holodeck, 29 June)

Resina ~ Traces (FatCat/130701, 6 July)

Walton ~ Black Lotus (Tectonic, 6 July)

Laura Cannell & André Bosman ~ Reckonings (Brawl, 13 July)

New Tendencies ~ L5 (Forking Paths, 13 July)

LWW ~ 3PE (Leaf, 20 July)

Joyfultalk ~ Plurality Trip (Constellation, 24 August)

Szun Waves ~ New Hymn to Freedom (Leaf, 31 August)

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