ice-stormThe Land of Ice and Snow
Yes, it’s cold outside, which makes this the perfect time to stock up on indoor music.  Fortunately, we’ve got a great batch of sounds upcoming in 2017, samples of which are included below.  In fact, there’s so much good music coming that this is the only way we know to keep track of it all!  We update this page nearly every day with new and exciting announcements.  So put the log on the fire and the brandy in the decanter, and settle in: these are the sounds that will keep you warm.

We’re only able to review a fraction of what we receive, so this page is our way to help our readers to preview as much upcoming music as possible, all in one place.  Happy 2017, everyone ~ may your next favorite album be found right here!

Avec le Soleil Sortant de sa Bouche ~ Pas pire pop, I Love You So Much (Constellation, 20 January)

Colin Andrew Sheffield & James Eck Ripple ~ essential anatomies (Elevator Bath, 20 January)

Drunken Sufis ~ Pala Pala (20 January)

Gentoo ~ Structures (20 January)

Glories ~ There Is No Stillness (20 January)

Naaahhh ~ Neck Devour (Blackest Ever Black, 20 January)

Quarta330 ~ Pixelated EP (20 January)

Rainbow Lorikeet ~ False Awakening (Fratto9, 20 January)

This Makes Us Human ~ S/T (Fluttery, 20 January)

Tycho ~ Epoch (20 January)

Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk ~ Passage (Azure Vista, 20 January)

The Empire Line ~ Syndicat de la Couture (Avian, 23 January)

Alan Courtis ~ Los Galpones (Fabrica, 27 January)

Alex Kozobolis ~ Weightless (1631 Recordings, 27 January)

Andi Otto ~ VIA (Pingipung, 27 January)

Arms and Sleepers ~ Life Is Everywhere (27 January)

Blue Fields ~ Swimming in the Shadows (Haunt Music, 27 January)

Celldweller:  Transmissions: Vol. 04 (27 January)

Driftmachine ~ Radiations (Umor Rex, 27 January)

Eric Arn ~ Orphic Resonance (Feeding Tube, 27 January)

Gypsy Mamba ~ Magnetic Syndrome (Alpha Pup, 27 January)

Howlround ~ A Creak in Time (Psyche Tropes, 27 January)

Metalized Man ~ Losing Your Virginity: Metalized Boy’s First Adventures in Manhood (Foul-Up, 27 January)

Michael Vallera ~ Vivid Flu (Denovali, 27 January)

Molly Joyce ~ Lean Back and Release EP (New Amsterdam, 27 January)

Multicast Dynamics ~ Continental Ruins (Denovali, 27 January)

Otto Hiax ~ S/T (Editions Mego, 27 January)

Richard Pinhas ~ Reverse (Bureau B, 27 January)

Rob Shields ~ Green (YEN, 27 January)

Sky Flying By ~ Miscellany (Fluttery, 27 January)

Various Artists ~ Anthology of Atypical Portuguese Music (Discrepant, 27 January)

NohOi ~ MaelstrOm (28 January)

36 ~ Tomorrow’s Explorers (3six, 30 January)

Han-earl Park, Dominic Lash, Mark Sanders and Caroline Pugh ~ Sirene 1009 (31 January)

Michel Banabila ~ Close to the Moon (Tapu, 31 January)

Tobias Hellkvist ~ Kaskelot: Reissue + Remixes (Home Normal, 31 January)

Tobias Hellkvist ~ Vesterhavet (Extended) (Home Normal, 31 January)

Various Artists ~ The Analemma Fault 1992 (Wist Records, 31 January)

Köhnen Pandí Duo ~ Darkness Comes in Two’s (Svart Lava, 1 February)

Egyptrixx ~ Pure, Beyond Reproach (Halocline Trance, 3 February)

Joel St. Julien ~ Through My Fingers to the Deep (3 February)

Taylor Deupree ~ SOMI (12k, 3 February)

August Traeger ~ dead wisconsin (Bicephalic, 5 February)

Limited Liability Sounds ~ An Homage to Luciano Berio (Cromlech, 6 February)

Skullflower ~ The Spirals of Great Harm (Cold Spring, 6 February)

Gintas K ~ Under My Skin (Cronica, 7 February)

Heinali ~ Anthem (Injazero, 10 February)

Microtub ~ Bite of the Orange (SOFA, 10 February)

The Necks ~ Unfold (Editions Mego, 10 February)

Noveller ~ Trails and Trials (Fire Records, 10 February)

Simon Turner Fischer ~ Giraffe (Editions Mego, 10 February)

Vermont ~ II (Kompakt, 10 February)

Andreas O. Hirsch ~ ROW (Makiphon, 17 February)

Clap! Clap! ~ A Thousand Skies (17 February)

Earthen Sea ~ An Act of Love (Kranky, 17 February)

FOUDRE! ~ EARTH OST (Gizeh Records, 17 February)

Grails ~ Chalice Hymnal (Temporary Residence, 17 February)

Kleefsra | Bakker | Kleefstra ~ Dize (Midira, 17 February)

Lawrence English ~ Cruel Optimism (Room40, 17 February)

Mind Over Mirrors ~ Undying Color (Paradise of Bachelors, 17 February)

Olivier Alary ~ Fiction/Non-Fiction (Fatcat/130701, 17 February)

Typhonian Highlife ~ The World of Shells (End of the Alphabet, 17 February)

Visible Cloaks ~ Reassemblage (17 February)

Grebenstein ~ Gloss EP (Horo, 24 February)

Herva ~ Hyper Flux (Planet Mu, 24 February)

Janek Sprachta ~ Grow (Midira, 24 February)

Kangding Ray ~ Hyper Opal Mantis (Stroboscopic Artefacts, 24 February)

James Murray ~ Killing Ghosts (Home Normal, 28 February)

Wealth ~ Primer (Ventil, 1 March)

Pick a Piper ~ Distance (Tin Angel, 3 March)

Frequency Vs. Atkins ~ Mind Merge (Out Electronic Recordings, 6 March)

Kassel Jaeger & Jim O’Rourke ~ Wakes on Cerulean (Editions Mego, 10 March)

Ezekiel Honig ~ A Passage of Concrete (Anticipate, 17 March)

Mario Batkovic ~ S/T (Invada, 17 March)

Those Who Walk Away ~ The Infected Mass (Constellation, 17 March)

David Douglas ~ Spectators of the Universe (Atomnation, 24 March)

Hauschka ~ What If (Temporary Residence, 24 March)

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