winter talesWinter White and Baltic Blue
There’s no denying it, winter is here.  The streets have been blanketed and are at times impassable. The boots and jackets are out of the closet, strewn about.  We’ve packed our larders and we’re in for the long haul.  And yet, winter holds its own form of beauty.  For the introvert, it’s a season of lovely introspection; for the extrovert, an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors while everyone else is in.  This is the season of sledding and skiing, reading and cooking.  But what will we be listening to as we wait for the Northern Lights to appear? We’ve ventured out to gather new music like firewood: sounds as cold as the midnight frost or as warm as the noontime hearth.  New sounds are being added every day.  May your next favorite album be found right here!

Sharon Gal ~ Delicious Fish (Fractal Meat, 21 January)

Atrium Carceri & Herbst9 ~ Ur Djupan Dal (Cryo Chamber, 23 January)

Matteo Uggeri & Luca Bergero ~ Words Delicate Flight (Grain of Sound/Many Feet Under, 23 January)

Mildlife ~ Phase (Research, 23 January)

Reese Williams ~ Chajnantor (23 January)

Schlammpeitziger ~ Damenbartblick auf Pregnant Hill (Bureau B, 25 January)

Alex Augier ~ Germination (DAC, 26 January)

Bruce Brubaker ~ Codex (InFine, 26 January)

Cedie Janson ~ Stillness (26 January)

Cucina Povera ~ Hilja (Night School, 26 January)

Elskavon ~ Skylight (26 January)

Erik Levander ~ Cousenon (Katuktu Collective, 26 January)

The Exorcist GBG ~ II (Hoga Nord, 26 January)

Francis MacDonald ~ Hamilton Mausoleum Suite (TR7/Shoeshine Records, 26 January)

Hakobune ~ Betelgeuse (Hidden Vibes, 26 January)

Lantz & Giocomelli ~ The Crystal Fortress (Hohm Recordings, 26 January)

Nick Klein ~ Lowered Flaming Coffin (Alter, 26 January)

1954 ~ A Part of Me (Project: Mooncircle, 26 January)

Orson Hentschel ~ Facades (Denovali, 26 January)

Simon Haydo ~ The Illusion of an Alternative Choice (Peder Mannerfelt Production, 26 January)

Tapes and Topographies ~ Fathom (Simulacra, 26 January)

Waelder ~ Non Places (Denovali, 26 January)

Aaron Martin ~ A Room Now Empty (Preserved Sound, 29 January)

Lunar Grave ~ The Sunstruck Forest (Cardinal Fuzz, 29 January)

Mukqs 起き上がり (Doom Trip, 29 January)

Ian Hawgood & Giulio Aldinucci ~ Consequence Shadows (Home Normal, 30 January)

Sea Island & Ferry ~ Crossings (31 January)

Sam Price ~ Rubicon (Ventor, 1 February)

Efrim Manuel Menuck ~ Pissing Stars (Constellation, 2 February)

Future Museums ~ Rosewater Ceremony (Holodeck, 2 February)

Poppy Ackroyd ~ Resolve (One Little Indian, 2 February)

Strië ~ Perpetual Journey (Serein, 2 February)

Shuttle358 ~ Field (12k, 2 February)

Mathias Delplanque ~ Témoins (Cronica, 6 February)

Anenon ~ Tongue (Friends of Friends, 9 February)

Anthemusa ~ Ghost Companion (9 February)

Brandon Locher ~ EP1 (Hush Hush, 9 February)

James Zabiela ~ Balance 029 (Balance, 9 February)

Niklas Paschburg ~ Oceanic (7K!, 9 February)

The Band Whose Name Is a Symbol ~ Gaussian Blur & Beach Debris (Cardinal Fuzz, 12 February)

Dead Sea Apes ~ Recondite (Cardinal Fuzz, 12 February)

Nocow ~ Libbi (Figure, 12 February)

HEAL ~ Espace d’Incertitude (15 February)

Abyss X ~ Pleasures of the Bull (Danse Noir, 16 February)

Jarvis Probes ~ Something About Hands (Wolves, 16 February)

Ryuichi Sakamoto ~ Async Remodels (Milan, 16 February)

V/A ~ Waves of the Future: A Mannequin Records Compilation (Mannequin, 16 February)

Dedekind Cut ~ Tahoe (Kranky, 22 February)

ADT ~ Insecurities (Hausu Mountain, 23 February)

Capac ~ Through the Dread Waste (This Is It Forever, 23 February)

Carlo Domenico Valyum ~ Cronovisione Italiana (Undogmatisch, 23 February)

Fossil Aerosol Mining Project ~ August 53rd (Helen Scarsdale Agency, 23 February)

High Collective ~ Solitude (Tangram, 23 February)

Jason Sharp ~ Stand Above the Streams (Constellation, 23 February)

Jung An Tagen ~ Agent Im Objekt (Editions Mego, 23 February)

Nanook of the North ~ S/T (Denovali, 23 February)

Richard Luke ~ Voz (1631 Recordings, 23 February)

Subviola ~ Dustmites Depend On Us (Flat Field, 23 February)

Creta ~ S/T (Karlrecords, 2 March)

Edit Select ~ Undulations (Soma, 2 March)

Iannis Xenakis ~ Persepolis (Karlrecords, 2 March)

Hunee ~ Hunchin’ All Night (Rush Hour Music, 12 March)

Oscar Mulero ~ Ataraxia (Semantica, 16 March)

Winterlight ~ The Longest Sleep Through the Darkest Days (n5MD, 16 March)

John 3:16 ~ עשר (Alrealon Musique, 29 March)

Laurence Pike ~ Distant Early Warning (Leaf, 30 March)

Muddensten ~ Playmates (Sofa, 6 April)

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