octoberOh No, October!
Where has the time gone?  Once again, we’ve entered the year’s final season.  Items from every holiday are in the shoppes, from costumes to candy canes.  It’s all one big blur.  But let’s not let it pass so quickly.  Enjoy these liminal days, which veer to each direction.  So light the candles; let the radiators clank at night.  Here’s your soundtrack for October.

We’re only able to review a fraction of what we receive, so this page is our way to help our readers to preview as much upcoming music as possible, all in one place.  May your next favorite album be right around the corner!

FAR ~ Flashpoint (Electric Deluxe, 27 October)

Jung An Tagen ~ Das Fest Der Reichen (Editions Mego, 27 October)

Reinier Van Houdt ~ Paths of the Errant Gaze (Hallow Ground, 27 October)

Ilia Belorukov & Taneli Viitahuhta ~ Sax Worker’s Rights (Cabin Floor Esoterica, 28 October)

IN-IS ~ Seven Days (28 October)

Mark Harris & John 3:16 ~ Victory Over the Sun (Little Crackd Rabbit, 28 October)

Michael Gordon ~ Timber Remixed (Cantaloupe, 28 October)

Moon Relay ~ Full Stop Etc. (Hubro, 28 October)

Nathan McLaughlin & Jeremy Purser ~ Levain (Cabin Floor Esoterica, 28 October)

Rivener ~ Svengali Gaze (28 October)

Shane Parish & Frank Rosaly ~ Labrys (Cabin Floor Esoteria, 28 October)

Slam ~ Machine Cut Noise (Soma, 28 October)

Steve Hauschildt ~ Strands (Kranky, 28 October)

Faxada ~ Cohost (29 October)

German Army & Old Comm ~ Disquiet (Discrepant, late October)

Council Estate Electronics ~ Arktika (Glacial Movements, 31 October)

Ten ~ Yukon Youth (Ten, 31 October)

The Green Kingdom ~ Harbor (Dronarivm, 1 November)

Subverter ~ Dark Matter Tuxedo (Psychonavigation, 1 November)

Takahiro Mukai ~ normcore (Bicephalic, 1 November)

Odd Person ~ Junk Tropics (Bicephalic, 2 November)

Andrew Pekler ~ Tristesse Tropiques (Fatiche, 4 November)

HEXA ~ Factory Photographs (Room40, 4 November)

Nadja ~ The Stone Is Not Hit By the Sun, Nor Carved With a Knife (Gizeh, 4 November)

Orphx ~ Pitch Black Mirror (Sonic Grooves/HANDS, 4 November)

Roger Goula ~ Pale Blue Dot (Cognitive Shift, 4 November)

chik white ~ malform (5 November)

Melquiades ~ Imaginary Sounds/A Map (Canigou, 5 November)

Mytrip ~ Filament (Amek Collective, 7 November)

Oren Ambarchi ~ Hubris (Editions Mego, 10 November)

Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie ~ Salero OST (Erased Tapes, 11 November)

J.G. Biberkopf ~ Ecologies II: Ecosystems of Excess (Knives, 11 November)

KURO ~ S/T (Rocket, 11 November)

Loscil ~ Monument Builders (Kranky, 11 November)

Oneida & Rhys Chatham ~ What’s Your Sign? (Northern Spy, 11 November)

Outer Space ~ Gemini Suite (Amethyst Sunset, 11 November)

Rayon ~ A Beat of Silence (Morr Music, 11 November)

Time Attendant & Howlround ~ The Blow Volume 2 (Front & Follow, 11 November)

TRIAC ~ Here (Line, 11 November)

Yann Novak ~ Ornamentation (Touch, 11 November)

Solemn Embrace ~ Arc (Cromlech, 14 November)

Endless Melancholy ~ In the Shadow of History (14 November)

Michael Begg ~ A Moon That Lights Itself (omnempathy, 14 November)

Toc & the Compulsive Brass ~ Air Bump (Circum-Disc, 14 November)

Bjørn Hatterud ~ November 20th (Line, 16 November)

John Cage ~ Complete Songbooks (Karl, 18 November)

Marco Marzuoli ~ Senza Titolo (Dragon’s Eye, 18 November)

Meta Mora ~ Arc of the Sun (Geology, 18 November)

Ringo ~ Monocarpic (Geology, 18 November)

Various Artists ~ Aqua Matrix (Dragon’s Eye, 18 November)

Spaceheads ~ Laughing Water (21 November)

Laurence Crane/asamisimasa ~ Sound of Horse (Hubro, 24 November)

Otso ~ Dendermonde (Elli, 24 November)

Edit Select & Mike Parker ~ Composites EP (TripleVision, 25 November)

Misantrop ~ Limerence EP (Foul-Up, 25 November)

William Ryan Fritch ~ Untitled Soundtrack (Lost Tribe Sound/Settled Scores, late November)

Super Heavy Metal ~ Music for Cymbals (Hubro, November/December)

Relay for Death ~ Natural Incapacity (Helen Scarsdale Agency, 2 December)

Band Ane ~ Anish Music V (Clang, 9 December)

Peter Broderick ~ Grunewald (Erased Tapes, 9 December)

Forgotten Fields ~ Airship (12 December)

Egyptrixx ~ Pure, Beyond Reproach (Halocline Trance, 13 January)

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