glass beachSea Glass and Sound
Sometimes finding sea glass is like finding good music ~ one has to know where to look, and even then, an element of luck is involved.  But in a few remote locations, such as Glass Beach (pictured to the left), the glass is gathered together.  Some might say this takes the fun out of it.  Others might call it a bonanza.

Our News page is meant to be an aural reflection of Glass Beach.  On this page, we gather big handfuls of upcoming releases and put them all in one place for our readers to find.  We can’t review everything, but we can list as much as we receive.  There’s plenty to be excited about below, with more added nearly every day.  May your next favorite album be found right here ~ a happy summer to all our readers!

IURTA ~ Notes Toward a Mental Breakdown (Cyclic Law, 23 August)

Belief Defect ~ Decadent Yet Depraved (raster, 25 August)

BJ Nilsen ~ Massif Trophies (Editions Mego, 25 August)

Hammock ~ Mysterium (Hammockmusic, 25 August)

Slow Dancing Society ~ Night Takes Day (Hidden Shoal, 25 August)

Various Artists ~ Gomel 1986 (Naviar Records, 25 August)

Polaroid Notes ~ Days of Our Lives (Audio Gourmet, 30 August)

Fossil Aerosol Mining Project ~ The Unlistening Place (Helen Scarsdale, 31 August)

Rivener ~ S/T (31 August)

astrïd & Rachel Grimes ~ Through the Sparkle (Gizeh, 1 September)

The Doomed Bird of Providence ~ Burrowed Into the Soft Sky (Front & Follow, 1 September)

DMX Krew ~ Strange Directions (Hypercolour, 1 September)

Haco ~ Qoosui (Room40, 1 September)

Marcus Fischer ~ Loss (12k, 1 September)

Martina Verhoeven & Dirk Serries ~ Innocent as Virgin Wool (Next Wave of Jazz, 1 September)

Mogwai ~ Every Country’s Son (Temporary Residence, 1 September)

Opera Mort ~ Film Works (B.A.A.D.M, 1 September)

Quartet & Quintet ~ Double Vortex (Next Wave of Jazz, 1 September)

Wil Bolton ~ Night Paths (Hidden Vibes, 1 September)

A Signal in the Static ~ A Future Remembered (4 September)

Leah Kardos ~ Rococochet (Bigo & Twigetti, 5 September)

Monty Adkins ~ Shadows and Reflections (Cronica, 5 September)

Antwood ~ Sponsored Content (Planet Mu, 7 September)

CYGNI ~ Gesto (LINE, 8 September)

Greg Fox ~ The Gradual Progression (RVNG, 8 September)

Indian Wells ~ Where the World Ends (Friends of Friends, 8 September)

Kassel Jaeger ~ Aster (Editions Mego, 8 September)

Mana ~ Creature (Hyperdub, 8 September)

Martin Küchen ~ Lieber Heiland, laß uns sterben (Sofa, 8 September)

Michael Vincent Walker ~ Trajectories (Leaf, 8 September)

Nosaj Thing ~ Parallels (Innovative Leisure, 8 September)

Shit and Shine ~ Some People Really Know How to Live (Editions Mego, 8 September)

Širom ~ I Can Be a Clay Snapper (Glitterbeat/tak:til, 8 September)

Steve Roden ~ walking from savoonga to gambell (LINE, 8 September)

Tim Mislock ~ Now Is the Last Best Time (Eraclea, 8 September)

Jonáš Gruska ~ Spevy (LOM, 9 September)

SYNE ~ S/T (11 September)

A.R.C. Soundtracks ~ Dereliction/Mirror (Gizeh, 15 September)

Gilroy Mere ~ The Green Line (Clay Pipe Music, 15 September)

Jason van Wyk ~ Opacity (Home Normal, 15 September)

Lee Gamble ~ Mnestic Pressure (Hyperdub, 15 September)

Ninos du Brasil ~ Vida Eterna (Hospital/La Tempesta, 15 September)

Yeah You ~ KRUTCH (Slip, 15 September)

Cooly G ~ Magnetic (Hyperdub, 16 September)

My Home, Sinking ~ King of Corns (Infraction, 16 September)

Lieven Martens Moana ~ Three Amazonian Essays (EM, 20 September)

Ancient Ocean ~ Titan’s Island (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond, 21 September)

Aquarelle ~ Leave Corners (Debacle, 22 September)

Balmorhea ~ Clear Language (Western Vinyl, 22 September)

Behind the Shadow Drops ~ Harmonic (Temporary Residence, 22 September)

Electric Youth ~ Breathing OST (Milan, 22 September)

From the Mouth of the Sun ~ Hymn Binding (Lost Tribe Sound, 22 September)

Guy Andrews ~ Take (Houndstooth, 22 September)

low.poly.exception ~ Nodal Point Gang (22 September)

Steffi ~ World of the Waking State (Ostgut Ton, 22 September)

Autumns ~ Suffocating Brothers (Clan Destine, 23 September)

Sternlumen ~ Nørrebro Nights (Gateway, 23 September)

Ghedalia Tazartes + Maya Dunietz ~ Schulevy Maker (Holotype Editions, 25 September)

Andrew Weatherall ~ Evidence the Enemy (Hoga Nord, 29 September)

Christian Carriere ~ Field of Containment (Functionslust, 29 September)

Giulio Aldinucci ~ Borders and Ruins (Karlrecords, 29 September)

Iglooghost ~ Neō Wax Bloom (Brainfeeder, 29 September)

Mario Diaz de Leon ~ Sanctuary (Denovali, 29 September)

Memnon Sa ~ Lemurian Dawn (Aurora Borealis, 29 September)

NYOS ~ Navigator (Meta Matter, 29 September)

Philip Rumsch ~ A Forward-Facing Review (Denovali, 29 September)

Rob Mazurek ~ Chimeric Stoned Horn (29 September)

Krikor Kouchian ~ Pacific Alley (L.I.E.S., 2 October)

David Lee Myers ~ Superpositions (Cronica, 3 October)

Kiasmos ~ Blurred (Erased Tapes, 6 October)

Moebius Story Leidecker ~ Familiar (Bureau B, 6 October)

Steven Mackey with Jason Treuting ~ Orpheus Unsung (New Amsterdam, 6 October)

UUUU ~ S/T (Editions Mego, 6 October)

Ziur ~ U Feel Anything? (Planet Mu, 6 October)

FRET ~ Over Depth (Karlrecords, 13 October)

kj ~ spells (Lost Tribe Sound, 13 October)

Otto Lindholm ~ Alter (Gizeh, 13 October)

Phase Fatale ~ Redeemer (Hospital Productions, 13 October)

Valiska ~ On Pause (Trouble in Utopia, 13 October)

Polyorchard ~ Red October (Out and Gone, 15 October)

Elodie ~ Vieux Silence (Ideologic Organ, 20 October)

Hogni ~ Two Trains (Erased Tapes, 20 October)

Michael C. Sharp ~ Never Enough Time (Holodeck, 20 October)

SAICOBAB ~ SAB SE PURANI BAB (Thrill Jockey, 20 October)

William Ryan Fritch ~ Behind the Pale (Lost Tribe Sound, 20 October)

High Aura’d ~ No River Long Enough Doesn’t Include a Bend (Debacle, 27 October)

James Holden & the Animal Spirits ~ The Animal Spirits (Border Community, 3 November)

Mattie Bye ~ This Forgotten Land (Tona Serenad, 3 November)

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