names of orangeAutumn’s Final, Declarative Burst
Call them what you will: the colors are plentiful.  As the leaves go out in a blaze of glory, we think more of life than death.  The fall music palette is similar, awash in tones of melancholy and exaltation.  The moon has not yet taken its final turn around the earth.  There’s still time, marked by a new sense of urgency.  We never know when we will encounter the year’s last best day.  The warmth holds hardscrabble hands to the cliff.  And so we try to enjoy the day while it lasts, the music while it plays.  Our News page gathers handfuls of upcoming releases and puts them all in one place for our readers to find.  We can’t review everything, but we can list as much as we receive.  There’s plenty to be excited about below, with new titles added nearly every day.  May your next favorite album be found right here!

Celestial Trax ~ Nothing is Real (Purple Tape Pedigree, 27 October)

High Aura’d ~ No River Long Enough Doesn’t Include a Bend (Debacle, 27 October)

James Wolf ~ That (Verses, 27 October)

John Caroll Kirby ~ Travel (Outside Insight, 27 October)

Josiah Steinbrick ~ Meeting of Waters (Leaving, 27 October)

Pierre Bastien ~ The Mecanocentric Worlds of Pierre Bastien (Discrepant, 27 October)

Tantric Doctors ~ The House on Ensenada Drive (Focused Silence, 27 October)

Warning Light ~ At the End of the Road (Stickfigure, 27 October)

Ghost and Tape ~ Var (Home Normal, 29 October)

Alessandro Adriani ~ Enter the Fire (Stroboscopic Artefacts, 3 November)

An Gella ~ Perma (Anyines, 3 November)

Downtrend Shapes Renewal ~ Truth, Beauty & Decay (Focused Silence, 3 November)

James Holden & the Animal Spirits ~ The Animal Spirits (Border Community, 3 November)

Matti Bye ~ This Forgotten Land (Tona Serenad, 3 November)

Rabit ~ Les Fleurs du Mal (Halycon Veil, 3 November)

Serena Butler ~ Konstrukt 007 (Konstrukt, 3 November)

Sven Laux ~ Paper Streets (Dronarivm, 3 November)

CHAINES ~ Survival Horror (FRM-AT, 6 November)

Ground Patrol ~ DRIFT (Art as Catharsis, 7 November)

Aiden Baker / Simon Goff / Thor Harris ~ Noplace (Gizeh, 10 November)

Andreas Spechtl ~ Thinking About Tomorrow, and How to Build It (Bureau B, 10 November)

Danny Mulhearn ~ Reflections on a Dead Sea (1631 Recordings, 10 November)

Lemna ~ Urge Theory (Horn, 10 November)

Henning Baer ~ Shatterproof (Manhigh, 13 November)

Good Weather for an Airstrike ~ Little Steps (Sun Sea Sky, 14 November)

Brett Naucke ~ Multiple Hallucinations (Hausu Mountain, 17 November)

Coupler ~ Gifts from the Ebb Tide (yk, 17 November)

Felix Kubin ~ Takt der Arbeit (Editions Mego, 17 November)

From a Log ~ At a Festival (Hausu Mountain, 17 November)

Peter Broderick ~ All Together Again (Erased Tapes, 17 November)

Slow Meadow ~ Costero (17 November)

Ross Blake ~ Pretty en Rose (Horse Arm, 24 November)

Les Lekin ~ Died With Fear (Tonzonen, 1 December)

Simone Gatto ~ Heaven Inside Your Frequencies (Out Electronic/Pregnant Void, 15 December)

The Transcendence Orchestra ~ Modern Methods for Ancient Rituals (Editions Mego, 15 December)

Ian Hawgood + Danny Norbury ~ Faintly Recollected (Home Normal, 8 January)

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