sound-stethoscopeThose warm summer months are stretching before us, a long calendar of open days.  We’ve been yearning for the season to arrive, but now it’s finally here!  Over the next few months, our eyes will be enjoying the greens of the trees and the blues of the seas.  But what about our ears?  On this page, we gather all the upcoming music we can find, like sea glass on a sunny day.  New music is added on a regular basis.  We hope you’ll find your next favorite album right here!

The left image is Hanna Barczyk’s art for the NPR article Close Listening: Decoding Nature Through Sound.  We love that title!  Check out Hanna’s colorful portfolio here.

Marika Takeuchi ~ Melding (Bigo & Twigetti, 19 July)

Forma ~ Semblance (Kranky, 20 July)

Jana Irmert ~ Flood (Fabrique, 20 July)

LWW ~ 3PE (Leaf, 20 July)

Mondo Lava ~ Ogre Heights (Hausu Mountain, 20 July)

P J Philipson ~ Linotopia (Little Crack’d Rabbit, 20 July)

Steve Hadfield ~ Ether Awe (Disintegration State, 20 July)

XANI ~ (24 July)

Chevel ~ In a Rush and Mercurial (Enklav, 26 July)

Linear Bells ~ This Is a New World (26 July)

Goddess ~ S/T (Modular Field, 27 July)

Jochen Tiberius Koch ~ Walden (Schole, 27 July)

Masayoshi Fujita ~ Book of Life (Erased Tapes, 27 July)

Haarvol ~ Peripherad Debris (Moving Furniture, 28 July)

Ilya Belorukov ~ Nobody Ever Escaped from There (Moving Furniture, 28 July)

Preliminary Saturation ~ You Are the Universe (Moving Furniture, 28 July)

Canadensis ~ ancestors (Anima, 3 August)

The Eye of Time ~ Myth II: A Need to Survive (Denovali, 3 August)

Potions ~ Ostinato (Hausu Mountain, 3 August)

Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones ~ Vicious Circles (Planet Mu, 3 August)

Slow Dancing Society ~ The Torchlight Parade Vol. 2 (Hidden Shoal, 3 August)

Adam Fielding ~ Mesmera (8 August)

Daniel Crompton ~ Inscendence (9 August)

bod ~ Limpid Fear (Planet Mu, 17 August)

Somni ~ Bloom (Friends of Friends, 17 August)

Glass Locus ~ Escapism (Audiobulb, 22 August)

Bardo Todol, M.M. Peres and Úgjü Sectas ~ Adzer (Sucata, 24 August)

Fire-Toolz ~ Skinless X-1 (Hausu Mountain, 24 August)

Joyfultalk ~ Plurality Trip (Constellation, 24 August)

Los Siquicos Litoralenos ~ Radio Siquica (Sucata, 24 August)

‘Olafur Arnalds ~ re:member (Universal, 24 August)

Panchasila ~ S/T (Sucata, 24 August)

Tomas Tello ~ Ekeko Mix (Sucata, 24 August)

Footpaths ~ Old Timer (Lost & Reclaimed) (Monticulo Creadores, 28 August)

Yair Etziony ~ As Above So Below (Lamour, 29 August)

Ingar Zach | Speak Percussion ~ Before Nightfall One (SOFA, 31 August)

John Atkinson/Sabriel’s Orb ~ Split (Whited Sepulchre, 31 August)

Julia Kent & Jean D.L. ~ The Great Lake Swallows (Gizeh, 31 August)

Konstrukt & Keiji Haino ~ A Philosophy Warping, Little by Little that Way Lies a Quagmire (Karl Records, 31 August)

Michael Price ~ Tender Symmetry (Erased Tapes, 31 August)

Szun Waves ~ New Hymn to Freedom (Leaf, 31 August)

Andrea Taeggi ~ Zimní Král (SM-LL, 1 September)

Craig Armstrong ~ Sun On You (Decca, 7 September)

Haiku Salut ~ There Is No Elsewhere (PRAH, 7 September)

Ipek Gorgun ~ Ecce Homo (Touch, 7 September)

Julia Govor ~ Jujuka (Le Bleu, 7 September)

Manu Delago ~ Parasol Peak (7 September)

Maribou State ~ Kingdoms in Colour (Counter Records, 7 September)

Oliver Coates ~ Shelly’s On Zenn-La (RVNG, 7 September)

Distant Fires Burning ~ For the Love Of … (Audiobulb, 12 September)

A-Sun Amissa ~ Ceremony in the Stillness (Gizeh, 14 September)

Djedrotronic ~ R.U.R. (Boys Noise, 14 September)

Drekka ~ Examinations 2016-2018 (Bluesankt, 14 September)

Max Ananyev ~ Water Atlas (Serein, 14 September)

RAUM ~ Wreck the Bloodline (14 September)

V/A ~ Figure 100 (Figure, 17 September)

Max Cooper ~ One Hundred Billion Sparks (20 September)

Giulio Aldinucci ~ Disappearing in a Mirror (Karlrecords, 21 September)

Glass Knot ~ Present Tense (Foul-Up, 21 September)

Mitch von Arx ~ Pyramids (Project: Mooncircle, 28 September)

Tashi Wada with Yoshi Wada and Friends ~ FRKWYS Vol. 14 – Nue (RVNG, 28 September)

Stefan Smith ~ S/T (Sapiens, 12 October)

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