AugustAlready August
Oh no, it can’t be!  Yes, that little shiver we feel at the end of a sweltering day is the sense of time slipping through our fingers.  Only a few more days, and we’ll be back at school and work.  Fortunately, there’s still plenty of time for vacations and fun: Europeans especially look forward to August, as refreshing as a drink by the white cliffs of Dover.

It’s been a tough summer for Planet Earth, with all the shootings, bombings and coups. But to quote the Desiderata, “with all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.  Be cheerful.  Strive to be happy.”  We hope that the music we cover will serve as a small counterbalance to the world’s suffering.  Where there is creativity, there is life.

While we can’t review everything, we do try to list everything.  We hope you’ll peruse the scroll below to discover your next favorite album.  Be sure to return often, as this page is updated daily with all of the latest information.  May your month be filled with music and warmth, and may your next vacation always be near!

Dan Hayhurst ~ Critter Party (LTR, 1 September)

Machinefabriek ~ Crumble (1 September)

Altars Altars ~ Small Hours (Home Normal, 2 September)

Dujat ~ Dither EP (This City Is Ours, 2 September)

Eluvium ~ False Readings On (Temporary Residence, 2 September)

J Mundok ~ Plitvice Botany (2 September)

Lost in Kiev ~ Nuit Noir (dunk!records, 2 September)

Mouse On Mars ~ Lichter (Infinite Greyscale, 2 September)

Idealist ~ Firewood Street (8 September)

No Mask Effect ~ Nothing Out There (Psychonavigation, 9 September)

Tasos Stamou ~ Koura (Moving Furniture, 9 September)

Drömloch ~ Late Style (Kit Records, 12 September)

Ian Martin ~ Clairvoyant (diametric, 12 September)

Ed Carlsen ~ The Journey Tapes (Moderna, 13 September)

Vitor Joaquim ~ Geography (Cronica, 13 September)

The Arrivist ~ S/T (14 September)

Massimo Discepoli & Daniel Barbiero ~ An Eclipse of Images (Acustronica, 15 September)

Saåad ~ Verdaillon (In Paradisum, 15 September)

Tlön ~ Chapter II (Aphelion, 15 September)

Footpaths ~ Riddles Wisely Expounded (Marmara, 16 September)

Giulio Aldinucci ~ Goccia (Home Normal, 16 September)

IXVLF ~ Involuntary Movement EP (Unknown Precept, 16 September)

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Suzanne Ciani ~ Sunergy (RVNG, 16 September)

Koen Holtkamp ~ Voice Model (Umor Rex, 16 September)

Tangent ~ Collapsing Horizon (n5MD, 16 September)

Electrorites ~ Structures (Nightmare Factory, 19 September)

Franck Vigroux ~ Rapport sur le Désordre (DAC, 19 September)

Tomaga ~ The Shape of the Dance (Hands in the Dark, 19 September)

Dura ~ Oceans of Solaris (Marmara, 23 September)

Forma ~ Physicalist (Kranky, 23 September)

Geneva Skeen ~ Dark Speech (Dragon’s Eye, 23 September)

Molnbär av John ~ The End (flau, 23 September)

N (43) ~ Anklam (Denovali, 23 September)

N (49) + Simulcra ~ Birka (Denovali, 23 September)

Petrels ~ Jörð (Denovali, 23 September)

Sanct Otten + N ~ Männerfreundschaften und Metaphysik (Denovali, 23 September)

Automatisme ~ Momentform Accumulations (Constellation, 30 September)

Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society ~ Real Enemies (New Amsterdam, 30 September)

Giulio Aldinucci ~ Goccia (Home Normal, 30 September)

Jason Sharp ~ A Boat Upon Its Blood (Constellation, 30 September)

Jonathan Uliel Saldanha ~ Tunnel Vision (Umor Rex, 30 September)

Lustmord ~ Dark Matter (Touch, 30 September)

NYOS ~ Nature (30 September)

Off World ~ (Constellation, 30 September)

Resina ~ S/T (Fatcat 130701, 30 September)

Sun Ra | Merzbow ~ Strange City (Cold Spring, 30 September)

Survive ~ RR7349 (Relapse/Holodeck, 30 September)

Thomas Brinkmann ~ A 1000 Keys (Editions Mego, 30 September)

Warning Light ~ Inland Empires Disregard the Sea (Stickfigure, 30 September)

Marahiko Hara & Polar M ~ Dance (mu-nest, September/October)

C. Diab ~ No Perfect Wave (Inja Zero, 7 October)

Dead Light ~ S/T (Village Green, 14 October)

Katie Gately ~ Color (Tri Angle, 14 October)

Kuedo ~ Slow Knife (Planet Mu, 14 October)

DVA [Hi:Emotions] ~ NO-TU_URONLINEU (Hyperdub, 17 October)

Mark Harris & John 3:16 ~ Victory Over the Sun (Little Crackd Rabbit, 28 October)

Slam ~ Machine Cut Noise (Soma, 28 October)

Steve Hauschildt ~ Strands (Kranky, 28 October)

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