ice-stormThe Land of Ice and Snow
Yes, it’s cold outside, which makes this the perfect time to stock up on indoor music.  Fortunately, we’ve got a great batch of sounds upcoming in 2017, samples of which are included below.  In fact, there’s so much good music coming that this is the only way we know to keep track of it all!  We update this page nearly every day with new and exciting announcements.  So put the log on the fire and the brandy in the decanter, and settle in: these are the sounds that will keep you warm.

We’re only able to review a fraction of what we receive, so this page is our way to help our readers to preview as much upcoming music as possible, all in one place.  A happy mid-winter to all ~ may your next favorite album be found right here!

Savage Cult ~ Blood Artefacts (Tripalium, 22 February)

Peter Levics ~ Narcissism and Doubts (23 February)

Chicago/London Undergroud ~ A Night Walking Through Mirrors (Cuneiform, 24 February)

Dag Rosenqvist & Matthew Collings ~ Hello Darkness (Denovali, 24 February)

Grebenstein ~ Gloss EP (Horo, 24 February)

Group Zero ~ Structures and Light (Touch Sensitive, 24 February)

Herva ~ Hyper Flux (Planet Mu, 24 February)

Janek Sprachta ~ Grow (Midira, 24 February)

Kangding Ray ~ Hyper Opal Mantis (Stroboscopic Artefacts, 24 February)

Kim Myr & Lasse Marhaug ~ On the Silver Globe (Sofa, 24 February)

Monolog & Subheim ~ Conviction (Denovali, 24 February)

Pulse Emitter/Brett Naucke ~ Split (Hausu Mountain, 24 February)

Sunset Graves ~ Dead City Hymnal (24 February)

V/A ~ Meditations 3 (Shimmering Moods, 24 February)

V/A ~ 47008 EP (47, 24 February)

We Deserve This ~ Smile (Fluttery, 24 February)

Alex Pardini ~ MOOD SWINGs (27 February)

Michael Ford ~ Exile (27 February)

AWARE ~ The Book of Wind (Glacial Movements, 28 February)

Emmanuele Mieville ~ Juryo: Duree de la vie de l’ainsi-venu (Cronica, 28 February)

James Murray ~ Killing Ghosts (Home Normal, 28 February)

Jenny Berger Myhre ~ Lint (The Lumen Lake/Carigou, 1 March)

Paddy Mulcahy ~ The Words She Said (1631 Recordings, 1 March)

Wealth ~ Primer (Ventil, 1 March)

William Ryan Fritch ~ Birkitshi – Eagle Hunters in a New World (Tonefloat, 1 March)

MAGAM ~ One (Thirsty Leaves Music, 3 March)

Monolyth & Cobalt ~ The Dunen Diaries (Eilean, 3 March)

9T Antiope ~ Isthmus (Eilean, 3 March)

Pick a Piper ~ Distance (Tin Angel, 3 March)

Frequency Vs. Atkins ~ Mind Merge (Out Electronic Recordings, 6 March)

High Plains ~ Cinderland (Kranky, 10 March)

Kassel Jaeger & Jim O’Rourke ~ Wakes on Cerulean (Editions Mego, 10 March)

Planetary Research Systems ~ The Light Years Reworks (Mote-Evolver, 10 March)

wombat_army ~ circling (Assembly Field, 12 March)

Andrew Weathers & Seth Crisman ~ Ogallala (Full Spectrum, 15 March)

Ondrej Zajac ~ ICU (Attractive Coincidence, 15 March)

An On Bast ~ Neuroplastic Brain Fitness (Ghost Kitchen, 17 March)

Astalashes ~ Ibiza 72 (Tonefloat, 17 March)

Ezekiel Honig ~ A Passage of Concrete (Anticipate, 17 March)

Jasper String Quartet ~ Unbound (Sono Luminus/New Amsterdam, 17 March)

Mario Batkovic ~ S/T (Invada, 17 March)

Those Who Walk Away ~ The Infected Mass (Constellation, 17 March)

Golden Oriole ~ S/T (Drid Machine, 21 March)

Anjou ~ epithymia (Kranky, 24 March)

Daniel Brandt ~ Eternal Something (Erased Tapes, 24 March)

David Douglas ~ Spectators of the Universe (Atomnation, 24 March)

sleepmakeswaves ~ Made of Breath Only (Pelagic, 24 March)

Tomotonttu ~ Kevätjuhla (Alter, 24 March)

zeitkratzer ~ Performs Songs from Kraftwerk and Kraftwerk II (Karlrecords, 24 March)

Verge ~ Emblematic Ruin (Avian., 27 March)

Toby Hay ~ The Gathering (Cambrian, 29 March)

Hauschka ~ What If (Temporary Residence, 31 March)

Oiseaux-Tempete ~ and your night is your shadow (Sub Rosa, 31 March)

People Like Us ~ Abridged Too Far (Discrepant reissue, 31 March)

Saltland ~ A Common Truth (Constellation, 31 March)

Yannick Dauby ~ Penghu Experimental Sound System, Vol. 2 (Discrepant, 31 March)

Miguel Angel Tolosa ~ Ephemeral (Sofa, 7 April)

Philippe Lauzier ~ A pond in my living room (Sofa, 7 April)

Seabuckthorn ~ Turns (Lost Tribe Sound, 21 April)

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