Upcoming Releases

It’s summer, it’s scorching, and our government leaders are finding new and creative ways to kill us come fall.  Thank God there’s still new music.  The music industry has grown during the pandemic, as so many artists have been recording at home.  We’re still receiving three times the normal amount of submissions, even in the heart of summer!  This makes reviews hard to come by, but we still list everything that has a public Bandcamp or Soundcloud link. If you’re looking for new music, there’s never been a better time to find it.  We hope you find your next favorite album right here!

Now more than ever, we need new entertainment.  We are grateful to all the musicians who have been making music during the pandemic.  Your efforts have helped to keep us going and given us a steady stream of things to look forward to.  Whether your music is dark to reflect our darkness, or light to reflect our hope, thank you!

Automatisme ~ Terrain Reduction (G89, 7 August)

Babies in the Bardo ~ S/T (Sister Cylinder, 7 August)

corbusier ~ pause (Natal, 7 August)

Cyanotype ~ Birdsongs of the Necromancer (Out & Gone Music, 7 August)

Esther ~ Zelda (Textur, 7 August)

Little Maitsabes Rebok/Gary Flanell ~ Split (John Steam, 7 August)

Merzbow ~ EXD (Room40, 7 August)

Quinsin Nachoff ~ Pivotal Arc (Whirlwind Recordings, 7 August)

Ranges ~ Live at Post. Festival 2019 (A Thousand Arms, 7 August)

Lionel Marchetti ~ Planktos 2015-2020 (8 August)

Quiet Places ~ Volume 1 (A Strangely Isolated Place, 10 August)

Ellen Fullman & Theresa Wong ~ Harbors (Room40, 14 August)

Gaslamp Killer ~ Heart Math (Cuss, 14 August)

Kaj Aune ~ Superstring (Ash International, 14 August)

Komare ~ The Sense of Hearing (Penultimate Press, 14 August)

The Oracle ~ Hypogeum (Repose, 14 August)

Scarv ~ A Memory Like Any Other (Rhizome, 14 August)

Scattered Order ~ Everything Happened in the Beginning (Provenance, 14 August)

susana lopez ~ crónica de un secuestro (Elevator Bath, 14 August)

Titan to Tachyons ~ Cactides (Nefarious Industries, 14 August)

Justin Wiggan & Maurizio Bianchi ~ THEMENISHI (Volume One) (International Ephemera, 17 August)

Ndr0n ~ White EP (TruthTable, 19 August)

Chronovalve ~ Light (Home Normal, 21 August)

Library Tapes ~ The Quiet City (1631 Recordings, 21 August)

Microwolf ~ My Cauliflower Ears (Lost Tribe Sound, 21 August, vocal and instrumental versions)

Oberlin ~  Übersee (Handstitched, 21 August)

Raphaël Pannier ~ Faune (French Paradox/L’Autre, 21 August)

Shrimpnose ~ A Ghost from a Memory (Friends of Friends, 21 August)

Tim Munro ~ Christopher Cerrone: Liminal Highway (New Focus, 21 August)

Nazanin Noori ~ FARCE (enmossed, 25 August)

Johnny Woods ~ Pavilions (Bluetech/Behind the Sky, 27 August)

Max Cooper ~ Earth EP (Mesh, 27 August)

Aiden Baker, Simon Goff, Thor Harris ~ The Bit (Gizeh, 28 August)

Aukai ~ Game Trails (28 August)

Belbury Poly ~ The Gone Away (Ghost Box, 28 August)

Forest Robots ~ After Geography (28 August)

Harmonious Thelonious ~ Plong (Bureau B, 28 August)

John Monkmann ~ Asriel (28 August)

Siavash Amini ~ A Mimesis of Nothingness (Hallow Ground, 28 August)

Spektral Quartet ~ Experiments in Living (New Focus, 28 August)

x.y.r. ~ Pilgrimage (Not Not Fun, 28 August)

Op3 ~ Route EP (Same Difference Music, 1 September)

V/A ~ Perceptions (Bigo & Twigetti, 3 September)

Galya Bisengalieva ~ Aralkum (One Little Independent, 4 September)

Give Me Monaco ~ From the Coral to the Grey (MCT, 4 September)

Phew ~ Vertigo KO (Disciples, 4 September)

Richard Norris ~ Elements (Group Mind, 4 September)

Samm Bennett ~ Oscillendulum (Room40, 4 September)

Shlohmo ~ Heaven Inc. EP (Friends of Friends, 4 September)

Cinema Perdu ~ Vlakverdeling (Moving Furniture, 11 September)

David Toop ~ Apparition Paintings (Room40, 11 September)

David Toop ~ Field Recording And Fox Spirits (Room40, 11 September)

Etrusca ~ S/T (Discrepant, 11 September)

Joshua Van Tassel ~ Dance Music volume Two: More Songs for Slow Motion (Backward Music, 11 September)

Orphax ~ En De Stilstaande Tijd (Moving Furniture, 11 September)

Sam Prekop ~ Comma (Thrill Jockey, 11 September)

Tolouse Low Tracks ~ jumping dead Leafs? (Bureau B, 11 September)

Young Girl ~ The Night Mayor (TruthTable, 16 September)

Frank Bretschneider ~ abtasten_halten (Faitiche, 18 September)

Michi Wiancko ~ Planetary Candidate (New Amsterdam, 18 September)

Sarah Davachi ~ Cantus, Descant (Late Music, 18 September)

Suzanne Ciani ~ A Sonic World: Live Buchla Performance at Lapsus (Lapsus, 18 September)

Yui Onodera ~ Ray (Serein, 18 September)

Natali Kruger ~ 83% Invisible (les anges noirs de l’utopie, 23 September)

Linn Elisabet ~ Fac ut Ardeat/Made to Burn (Acts of Rebellion, 25 September)

Pinkcourtesyphone ~ Leaving Everything to Be Desired (Room40, 25 September)

Richard Skelton ~ These Charms May Be Sung Over a Wound (Phantom Limb, 25 September)

Schlammpeitziger ~ Ein Weltleck in der Echokammer (Bureau B, 25 September)

Graham Reynolds ~ The Lodger (Fire, 2 October)

Mary Lattimore ~ Silver Ladders (Ghostly Int’l, 8 October)

Offermose ~ Stilhedens Tarn (Third Coming, 16 October)

Henrik Lindstrand ~ Nordhem (One Little Independent, 23 October)

Standard ~ Cycle I (30 October)

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