Hello AutumnThe New Season!
Once we hit September, we begin to feel it in the air: the change of seasons.  We lament the shortening of the days, the cooling of the earth and sea.  But the fall brings its own simple pleasures, from walking in leaves to viewing the filtered sunlight.  And it’s not cold yet; that time will come.  For now, it’s pumpkins and harvest festivals and the new season of TV.

We are especially enamored with this year’s crop of autumn albums, so many that they threaten to overload our News page!  We hope that you’ll check out our Fall Music Preview for short descriptions, but for a vast selection of upcoming music, stay right here ~ you’re sure to find something good!

We’re only able to review a fraction of what we receive, so this page is our way of helping listeners to preview as many albums as possible in a short period of time.  A huge thank you to all of the labels, artists and readers who support instrumental music.  May your next favorite album be right around the corner!

Automatisme ~ Momentform Accumulations (Constellation, 30 September)

Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society ~ Real Enemies (New Amsterdam, 30 September)

Giulio Aldinucci ~ Goccia (Home Normal, 30 September)

Jason Sharp ~ A Boat Upon Its Blood (Constellation, 30 September)

Jonathan Uliel Saldanha ~ Tunnel Vision (Umor Rex, 30 September)

Lustmord ~ Dark Matter (Touch, 30 September)

Marta De Pascalis ~ Anzar (The Tapeworm, 30 September)

NYOS ~ Nature (30 September)

Off World ~ (Constellation, 30 September)

Resina ~ S/T (Fatcat 130701, 30 September)

Stupid Cosmonaut ~ Astral Transmissions (30 September)

Sun Ra | Merzbow ~ Strange City (Cold Spring, 30 September)

Survive ~ RR7349 (Relapse/Holodeck, 30 September)

Thomas Brinkmann ~ A 1000 Keys (Editions Mego, 30 September)

Warning Light ~ Inland Empires Disregard the Sea (Stickfigure, 30 September)

51st Dates ~ Pomegranate Communion (Shed, 1 October)

Liliam Sova ~ Lost Between Mounts and Dales/Set Adrift in the Flood of People  (Cold Smoke/Urgence Disc, 1 October)

Kylver ~ The Island (6 October)

C. Diab ~ No Perfect Wave (Inja Zero, 7 October)

Kim Myhr ~ Bloom (Hubro, 7 October)

Matt Robertson ~ In Echelon (Tape Club Records, 7 October)

Monolake ~ VLSI (Imbalance Computer Music, 7 October)

The Seven Mile Journey ~ Templates for Mimesis (dunk!records, 7 October)

Future Children ~ Composition 1960, #7 (Simulacra, 8 October)

Horselover Fats ~ Liberty Ashes (Northern Spy, 8 October)

Joe Westerlund ~ Mojave Interlude (Northern Spy, 8 October)

Padang Food Tigers & Sigbjørn Apeland ~ Bumblin’ Creed (Northern Spy, 8 October)

Billy Gomberg ~ Slight at that Contact (Students of Decay, 9 October)

Tamtam ~ Urban Dialog (Cronica, 10 October)

Vapor Lanes ~ Hieratic Teen (Usonian, 11 October)

Botany ~ Deepak Verbera (Western Vinyl, 14 October)

Clem Leek ~ 2 Pianos I (14 October)

Dead Light ~ S/T (Village Green, 14 October)

Joe Olnick ~ Defiant Grooves (14 October)

Katie Gately ~ Color (Tri Angle, 14 October)

Kuedo ~ Slow Knife (Planet Mu, 14 October)

DVA [Hi:Emotions] ~ NO-TU_URONLINEU (Hyperdub, 17 October)

Fluxion ~ Vibrant Forms III (Subwax bcn, 17 October)

Todd Tobias ~ Gila Man (Hidden Shoal, 18 October)

Laura Cannell ~ Simultaneous Flight Movement (Brawl, 21 October)

Seabuckthorn ~ I Could See the Smoke (Lost Tribe Sound/Dead West Tape Series, 21 October)

William Ryan Fritch ~ III Tides (Lost Tribe Sound/Dead West Tape Series, 21 October)

Jung An Tagen ~ Das Fest Der Reichen (Editions Mego, 27 October)

IN-IS ~ Seven Days (28 October)

Mark Harris & John 3:16 ~ Victory Over the Sun (Little Crackd Rabbit, 28 October)

Michael Gordon ~ Timber Remixed (Cantaloupe, 28 October)

Slam ~ Machine Cut Noise (Soma, 28 October)

Steve Hauschildt ~ Strands (Kranky, 28 October)

Ten ~ Yukon Youth (Ten, 31 October)

Nadja ~ The Stone Is Not Hit By the Sun, Nor Carved With a Knife (Gizeh, 4 November)

Orphx ~ Pitch Black Mirror (Sonic Grooves/HANDS, 4 November)

Oren Ambarchi ~ Hubris (Editions Mego, 10 November)

KURO ~ S/T (Rocket, 11 November)

Outer Space ~ Gemini Suite (Amethyst Sunset, 11 November)

William Ryan Fritch ~ Untitled Soundtrack (Lost Tribe Sound/Settled Scores, late November)

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