nembrot/A. “ICS” Ferraris ~ il suono dell’ olifante

Yet another instance of collaborating Italian sound experimentalists, il suono dell’olifante draws on noise improvisation and careful post-production techniques to intimidating effect.  The trio of Nembrot draws out “insane” guitar noise with “nembrotic percurssion,”  combined with the laptop treatments and cheap electronics of Andrea “Ics” Ferraris resulting in an unsettling noise worthy of the city it was recorded in.  Naples has a reputation as a hellish city, and is identified as such in the liner notes of the release.  Mixed and mastered by Sec_ (aka Mimmo Napolitano of aspec(t), Weltraum,  toxo records) the release is imbued with aspects of each contributors particular artistic vision.  Naples itself is seemingly chaoticrules are flexible, shall we sayand yet it continues to function, aware of its history, enjoying life and getting on with it all at the same time.  This paradox is a fitting analogy for music such as this that draws the listener into its anarchic space in a way that is enticing and frightening.  Though the record is steeped in Napoletano energy, Ferraris hails from the north.  Perhaps this contrast shouldn’t be overstated, but his voice as an artist is clearly distinct from that of his collaborators.   There are no pretensions of sentiment or beauty, just the harsh reality of deconstructed industrial noise.   The sounds of metallic scraping and creaking give the project an industrial quality that discourages a real fondness for the material, an aggressive quality that nonetheless makes an impact with careful listening.  Best suited for listening attentively with headphones on long walks through urban environments, il suono dell’olifante is as terrifying as its name implies. (Joseph Sannicandro)

Sei  [download | stream ]

Nembrot | Andrea “Ics” FerrarisZero Sonico Records | Hysm?


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