LCNL 037: Enrico Coniglio presents ‘The Sobs of the Violins’

SONY DSCPhoto by Donato Gagliano
LCNL 037: Enrico Coniglio

Enrico Coniglio created the first mix for A CLOSER LISTEN almost two years ago, and we’re honored to welcome him back to wrap up 2013 for us with ‘The Sobs of the Violins,’ a mix that features his favorite tracks released this year.

Enrico has had a great year himself, having released My Home, Sinking, an excellent record featuring several guest musicians, as well Lemures, his recent duo with Giovanni Lami.  Keep an eye out for an English translation of Enrico’s noWHere manifesto for live electronics as part of my series Sound Propositions.


Days that are getting shorter, the arrival of rain, temperatures dropped: winter is upon us and with it all the seasonal illnesses. It’s coming what some call humoral seasonal crisis, also known as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). This seems to be for most of the people harbinger of weakness, lethargy, drowsiness. Not to mention melancholy and depression. Climate change and the reduction of hours of sunlight is a major cause of the diseases listed above. For those who live in the temperate zones of the planet, at least.

But the Autumn for many is also an occasion for existential reflections, both on the year that is ending, either on the course of life in general. That be SAD, meteoropathy or romantic tendency to the spleen, ther’s no doubt that the Autumn is par excellence the season of Poetry. Paul Verlaine in “Chanson d’automne” recites: The long sobs of the violins of autumn wound my heart with a monotonous languor.

All presented tracks are released in the 2013. Go out and follow a trail, if you can. Music is overrated, though. (Enrico Coniglio)


00:00 Old Splendifolia –  Hazel
02:24 Leastupperbound – Sunset Limited (excerpt)
04:40 Ian Hawgood & Friends – The new World
09:52 Leonardo Rosado – Excerpt (on the cyclic nature of winter)
15:20 Orla Wren – The Painting Tree
18:20 Christoph Berg – Buildings At Night
22:56 Saltland – ICA
26:50 Ikebana – Ikebana
29:12 James Murray – The Land Bridge
32:48 Andrew Weathers Ensemble – Piedmont Drone
35:12 A-Sun Amissa – Part One (edit)
40:45 My Home, Sinking – Touching The Void

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