LCNL 057: Enrico Coniglio presents “Buon compleanno bambina morta”


 Enrico Coniglio (guitarist, field-recordist, dronegazer, manifesto-writer, one-half of Lemures, and co-founder of the Galaverna  label) has already produced a few great mixes for us over the years (03, 37) so I was happy to receive this unexpected gift, an all-vinyl set composed on All Souls’ Day.  Enjoy.

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I composed this mix on All Souls’ Day. It’s the rainy season here in Venice, it’s getting dark early in the afternoon and it is so humid. Listening to vinyl has become my favorite way to listen to music, because of the gesture of putting the music on, because of the lack of precision in the sound reproduction and because of the slowness in the way of listening. Everything takes time. Many of the records I own, to tell the truth, were of my parents. So recently I spend my free evenings listening to old stuff and plunge myself into the past, when I was a child and we used to listen to music in the living room, especially on Sunday during the bad season, all together, as a family.

The title is not something personal, however. I was in a rock climbing area this summer and while I was having a look on the names written at the base of the various climbing routes, I stumbled upon this: “Buon compleanno bambina morta”  (Eng. “Happy birthday little dead girl”).  I thought: who the hell would want to climb a pitch with a name like this?  The pitch was very hard, by the way.  Since then, this has dug-out into my soul. Because of its simplicity and immediacy and because of its tenderness.  Probably those who have opened the route wanted to make a dedication. Here it is in music.

Special thanks to Joseph Sannicandro, Savvas Metaxas, Gianmaria Aprile, Michal Porwet, Stefano Guzzetti, Giacomo Vianello.


00:00 Edvard Grieg – Viaggiatore solitario op.43 n. 2
02:04 Inverz – svl
06:08 Anton Webern – Cinque pezzi op.10
10:04 Il canto degli uccelli – Cardellino
11:24 Interlude I
12:06 Anonimo veneziano – Adagio dal concerto per oboe e orchestra d’archi in do minore
16:50 Philip Jeck & Marcus Davidson – London Tenderberry
20:52 Claudio Rocchetti – Arienti
22:50 Lemures – VI
31:00 Interlude II
31:09 Timeless Pulse Trio – Mesa Mambo
33:52 Luminance ratio – Il mare
39:50 X-NAVI:ET – Mutenogenocidecadentha


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