LCNL 082: Change Happens (a mix by YlangYlang)

Photo: Christian Michael Filardo

Readers might remember that I lived in Montreal until the autumn of 2014. Lately, especially since the election, I’ve been really missing everything that is so special about that city, conveniently forgetting all my past frustrations. Which might account for all the Montreal artists I’ve been profiling lately. Catherine Debard (aka YlangYlang), the author of this mix, recently left Montreal herself. Relocating is always difficult, as we miss what is familiar while being curious about the new and unknown, filled with possibility and apprehension. This mix reflects the mindset of finding oneself in a new place, and full of confidence and uncertainty and grounding sonic energies.  Catherine used to play with the ensemble A Sacred Cloud, who I first encountered when we were featured together on an episode of the Montreal Sessions for CKUT 90.3 FM. A month later, Stefan Christoff and I shared a bill with them as part of the Howl! Arts Festival, alongside  Amir Amiri and Jean-Sébastien Truchy.  A Sacred Cloud’s improvised drones were a beautiful way to finish up that evening.  I also wrote about their split with Anarchist Mountains (Stefan and his brother Jordan) for this site, which you can find here. Last summer Stefan and I played with Catherine again, but this time she performed solo as YlangYlang, utilizing much the same richly textured electronics but channeled through a more pop sensibility, structured by driving drum beats and introspective lyrics. Enjoy this lovely mix and be sure to dig through YlangYlang’s catalog. (Joseph Sannicandro)


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Please introduce yourself.

Hi, my name is Catherine Debard, I am a Sagittarius Wanderer, Montrealer recently moved to Hamilton, Canada, in a quest for a Meaningful Life (whatever that is). I started recording music bedroom-style in 2005 during the Holy MySpace Golden Age and, still today, I take care of every aspect of it (oh i learn every day). I’ve adopted the moniker YlangYlang five years ago for my ‘omnipotent solo trip’. I see music as a friction between pure freedom (experiential exploration) and intellectual structures, as jamming with one’s emotions, memories, senses and thoughts, as FUN + POTENT COMMUNICATION TOOL.

 I co-founded and co-ran a tape label & collective in Montreal for five years (i’ve quit nearly two years ago), participated in a vast amount of projects such as A Sacred Cloud, R U REAL, Sea Nymph Science, Silver Shadow Counsel and Sally Paradise. I collaborated with Celine Bion, Così e Così, Stefan Christoff, Palgal (for game soundtracks), I also am (was? am? was…?) a booker in the Montreal music scene for various series of e x p e r i m e n t a l music (Noisundaéè, Island Frequencies).

Tell us a bit about the mix.

Crafting a mix is a pretty intuitive process for me. I generally choose a song, set a vague intent, then I explore how it ripples and try combinations until it feels right. That day, I had just discovered Andréa Daltro’s track on a new compilation by Music from Memory, Outro Tempo; it was the actual impulse for the mix. The context : the aftermath of a great Tumultuous Time (at a personal level), like the tarot card ‘The Tower’, it was Total Disintegration.  I named it ‘Change Happens’ because sometimes (often), change does happen, and there’s not much to do except being resilient and accepting and doing your best to cooperate. A somber and bedridden wreck, I needed an outlet, a trance to soothe the fierce emotions. With that mix, I went for grounding, slightly hypnotizing tracks. It starts as a pacifying ceremony, then it goes in a deeper healing vibe. I’ve included Durutti Column, Flaming Tunes and Loren Connors with Kath Bloom to bring me back to earth, in reality; they always feel very real, humbling and beautifully imperfect to me.
What’s coming up on the horizon for you? How is Hamilton treating you so far?

Hamilton is very welcoming to me, actually. I’m hanging out with the Cool People (♕) from Strangewaves, Casino Artspace, HAVN and potent healing goddesses. I find a lot of Heart, Motivation, Playfulness, Consciousness, a willingness to Work to create something different and purposeful. Slowly, I’ll figure out how I can contribute, what I have to offer. The next shows I’m playing are at Kazoo Fest in Guelph on April 7th [today!] with my friends Persons and Toronto project Ice Cream and April 22nd at HAVN, Hamilton, with Fee Faw Fum, Joyful Joyful and Bunt.

I’ve recently finished my part of a four-split tape that’s going to be released on Crash Symbols with GREAT musicians (friends). I’ve submitted an exploration with Walkman, pedal effects and field recording, pretty different from what I generally do. Also, the first sessions of my work with Young Ascension Hypnosis will be online soon (having plenty of ideas for the next ones!). In the next month, I’ll be visiting my friend Christian Michael Filardo (Holy Page Records, Phinery) in Santa Fe and we planned on jamming and recording. We might also record with his friends Theodore Cale Schafer and Angelo Harmsworth (both of the Phinery Family). Finally, I’m gradually getting back to work on my next album, pursuing the explorations I’ve started on Life Without Structures and No Exist (Feel Special), an abstract pop self-discovery work. Ok thanks for reading me! PEACE


Carlos Ninos & Friends – Calimayan (ft. Nate Morgan & Yaakov Levy)
Iury Lech – Barreras
Anna Homler and Steve Moshier – Oo Nu Dah
Lena Platonos – Εμιγκρέδες της Ρουμανίας
Andréa Daltro – Kiuá
Durutti Column – Never Know
Tara Cross & Stefan Tischler – Arcadia
Flaming Tunes – Generous Moon
Keith Fullerton Whitman – Fib01a
Kath Bloom & Loren Connors – When You Smile

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