Phillipe Requena presents ‘Paysages, encore’ [mix]

We have another special guest mix from Philippe Requena. We have previous featured two mixes from him, Venant le jour and Water Be My Road Now. As on those mixes, Requena moves in a post-genre sonic world, drawing unexpected connections between disparate selections.

You can follow Phillipe Requena on his Bandcamp here.



1. KMRU – Well
2. Innesti – Moving The Stars
3. Fovea Hex – Don’t These Windows Open ?
4. Fabiano Da Nascimiento – Ilhas
5. Biosphere – Tranoy Lighthouse
6. Meredith Monk – Unison
7. Plod – Aptaxi
8. Moses Sumney – Lucky Me
9. Rhythm & Sound – What A Mistry Version
10. Sarah Davachi – The Pelican
11. Roméo Poirier – Le bématiste
12. Steven M. Halliday – Für Alina Pt 3
13. Arvo Pärt – Even If I Lose Everything
14. Virginia Astley – With My Eyes Wide Opened I’m Dreaming
15. Christine Ott – Comma
16. Hilary Woods – There Is No Moon
17. Golden Retriever & Chuck Johnson – Lupine
18. Léo Ferré – Les Romantiques (Loop)

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