Lost Children Net Label

Want something original to play at home, at work or in the car?  Look no further than our sweet selections of mixes.  We create some of these mixes ourselves, while others come from guest contributors.  All are curated by Joseph Sannicandro.  We joined Soundcloud in 2014, so many of the more recent mixes can be downloaded for your personal pleasure!

What is LCNL? LCNL stands for the Lost Children Net Label, which was independently run for many years before being trusted to Joseph in the early days of the current decade.  Ghosts of former incarnations still exist on the web, including a Bandcamp page and a main site that has since been taken over by foreign overlords.  Thankfully our mixes are safe here at A Closer Listen and in the Cloud.  See all the mixes here, or listed individually below.

A Closer Listen on Soundcloud

Inverted Microphones is a new quarterly series inaugurated in 2018, dedicated to the art of field recording, and inspired by our love of tapes. Giovanni Lami will offer new installments in his Tapeocracy series fusing the two, while guest mixes from other artists will spotlight the wide variety of field-recording practices from around the world.

Inverted Microphones #1: Giovanni Lami’s Tapeocracy

ACL Mixes (2018)

Heinali presents Iridescent
The Ukrainian ambient electronic wizard Heinali presents a deep mix through musical influential music he was listening to during the creation of that album, Iridescent.

Shida Shahabi presents Early Autumn
The pianist and composer showcases her disparate influences, weaving together modern composition with ambient, electronic, and krautrock, moving from old favorites to very recent releases.

Dmitry Evgrafov presents “The Comforting One”
A tranquil meditation through placid sonic waters, from the cellist Resina to the ambient haze of Huerco S, each track perfectly layered and seamlessly blended into the next. As the name indicates, this mix is a restful break from the more grueling rhythms of daily life.

Lost Children Net Label Mix Series 1-100 (2011-2018)

LostChildrenNetLabel’s Cloudcasts (Mixcloud archive)

LCNL 0100: 36 presents ACL100 mix!
To celebrate our milestone 100th installment, I approached our old friend Dennis Huddleston (aka 36 aka 3six) to create a sequel to a mix he made for us back in 2011, our very first. 

LCNL 099: Fabio Perletta presents Japanese Composers II
Italian microsound maestro Fabio Perletta presents an exquisite and elegant sequel to his 2017 mix for Secret Thirteen, both of which solely feature composers and musicians from Japan. Fabio freely intermixes a variety of genres and time periods, producing a stunningly complex and listenable tableau.

LCNL 098: DXGPVWZ Smells Like Fritos

A dense sound collage juxtaposing computer music, noise, and experimental sounds with music that shares more classical roots and instrumentation, including Nicola Ratti, Jeremy Bible, Botany, Laurel Halo, as well as contemporary acts from Pittsburgh’s underground.

LCNL 097: Teleseen presents the Emotional Life of Savages
A globe hopping, hypnotic, polyrhythmic experience fusing live African rhythms and Latin Jazz vibes with electronic music filtered through year’s of experience as a DJ.

LCNL 096: Morgen Wurde presents Scattered to the Four Winds
Morgen Wurde returns with an expressive cinematic tale of neo-classical, lyric jazz, and cinematic electronic styles. Scattered to the Four Winds has a filmic quality of strong imagery and emotional arcs, at times merciless and cathartic, then soothing and liberatory.

LCNL 095: SUBDUXTION presents Darkness is Your Ally
A banging mix of hard-hitting beats, dance-floor oriented yet full of dark ambient textures, industrial moods, and dub-inspired techniques resulting in an engrossing listen even for those not usually tuned into the club.

LCNL 094: Moon Ra presents ‘Back to School: Cherubini Session CHIMERA’
A gift in the form of a unique sonic postcard from Italy, full of healing and transition in which you might detect work by Wanda Group, Nuno Canavarro, Alvin Lucier, Kwisp and others.

LCNL 093: The Static Hand presents Set Your Maps To Zero
Oxford-based musician and sound artist channels his varied musical interests and his practice at the Sonic Art Research Unit (SARU) to produce this unique mix of electronic beats, sound collage, and house music from Durban.

LCNL 092: DBGO presents ‘Las Nubes proyectaban sobre los llanos’
A deep dive into the record collection of DBGO, mostly focusing on late eighties Spanish solo artist with very unique voices.

LCNL 091: Hotel Neon presents “Cold Suns”
Ambient who’s-who featuring Kyle Bobby Dunn, Stars of the Lid, *AR, Chihei Hatakeyama, and many others. Kicked off with a new track from Hotel Neon featuring Slow Meadow.

LCNL 090: John Thayer presents Memories Of A Possible Future (Dustbin Ephemera)
Drunken Sufis member’s enveloping sonic travelogue compiled from dustbin tape finds at Thrift Stores across the globe.

LCNL 089: ▲†NONCONNAH’S Long Live Witch House Mix ’18†▲ 
Zachary Corsa (Lost Trail, Pines) presents a strong case in favor of the oft-maligned micro-genre.


LCNL 088: Front & Follow presents The Days Passed
Manchester label Front & Follow celebrates their 10th anniversary with a mix looking back on different corners of their catalog, with a few inspirational classics thrown in for good measure.

LCNL 087: Monrovani presents House of Mystery
Out latest mix comes from Radoslav Morovani compiled with this special season in mind. Happy Halloween!

LCNL 086: Wabi presents ‘The Texas No One Hears’
Dallas, Texas based producer Wabi presents various underground sounds coming out of his home state that you may not be familiar with, changing gears frequently throughout.

LCNL 085: Your Grace Adrianna Natalie presents Another Side
Alrealon Musique’s Your Grace Adrianna Natalie weaves her own tracks in with kindred spirits (Regis, Dasha Rush, and Orphx), fellow New Yorkers (Chanski), sacred ancestors (Throbbing Gristle) and more.

LCNL 084: Velleitie presents ‘Felt Like Dusk All Day’
Straight out the American Midwest, this mix comes courtesy of Velleitie. A direct sonic challenge to rising nationalism, ‘Felt Like Dusk All Day’ is out to open minds through a clash of sound cultures. No sonic walls, no sonic borders!

LCNL 083: Jim Perkins presents Elements
Musician and founder of Bigo & Twigetti, a London based record label mixing classical music, electronica, sound design and a more. 

LCNL 082: Change Happens (a mix by YlangYlang)
Catherine Debard’s dreamy mix reflects the mindset of finding oneself in a new place,  full of confidence and uncertainty and grounding sonic energies.

LCNL 081: “Location Materials” compiled by Karl Fousek
Montreal modular synthesist Karl Fousek takes us on a tour through his personal cassette collection.

LCNL 080: Dorian Williamson’s Northern Solace
A timely excursion into dark ambient and drone. 

LCNL 079: Luminance Ratio’s Honey Dream
Italian psychedelic drone supergroup’s eclectic taste on display.

LCNL 078: Jilk’s Slumber Party mix
This Bristol collective’s music is shaped from collaged found-sounds, glitch cuts and clicks, and deep ambient soundscapes.

LCNL 077: blackstag presents “Give me the withered leaves I chose before in the old time”
Eastern European choral music mixed with a variety of experimental influences.

LCNL 076: Sylvia Monnier présente Mes Huit Défenses d’Eléphants
“One to get lost in” ~ a soothing potpourri from the south of France.

LCNL 075: DJ LOGITECH presents Mad Hooligans (Sima Kim mix)
An unusual, beguiling and hard-edged electronic set, first presented in a gallery setting.

LCNL 074: R_Puke’s Carboniferous [mix]
An hour of noise and distortion, with occasional kindnesses for contrast.

LCNL 073: Thomas Ragsdale’s Decaying City
Half of worriedaboutsatan returns, with Autechre, Depeche Mode, and … Chic?

LCNL 072: Off Land presents Astral Drive
One of the prettiest mixes we’ve ever received, from cover image to music.

LCNL 071: Luca Sigurtà presents Motel Music Mixtape
Sonic debris from the outer fringes.

LCNL 070: Ongapalooza – 10 years of Boring Machines mix
The furthest thing from boring; it’s been an exciting first decade.

LCNL 069: Morgen Wurde presents Sturm
A worthy journey, from post-rock to jazz to world music to trumpet serenade.


LCNL 068: Jamblu presents ARBID mix
Ambience and hip-hop collide in this evocative mix from India!

LCNL 067: Aria Rostrami Mix
The artist mixes his own music, including smuggled fragments from Iran, into a larger artistic framework.

LCNL 066: pjs ~ harvest”
A four-part suite from the Canadian electronic duo.

LCNL 065: Assembler presents “Rearranging Mists”
Techno, industrial, trance and new age all find a home in this mix from Denmark!

LCNL 064: JOHN 3:16 ~ From Darkness, Comes Light
Loops and fragments from Verdi to Plastikman, melded by the co-founder of Alrealon Musique.

LCNL 063: Shimmering Moods presents “Tales of the Field”
One of the newest and most prolific ambient labels shares a selection of new and upcoming music!

LCNL 062: worriedaboutsatan’s worriedaboutdrone mix
The Leeds duo offers a mix that expands its palette far beyond the expected.

LCNL 061: the new objective presents ‘Interactions of Color’
An eclectic one-take mix created with variable speed players.

Hello, Chicago, 2015! (Cinchel Mix)
Brand-new music, spanning many different genres, presented by Jason Stanley and representing the great city of Chicago!

LCNL 059: Dronarivm Mix
A showcase of recent and upcoming selections from the Moscow label’s line of distinctive ambient and drone releases.

ACL Mix for Secret Thirteen
A 55-track, 73 minute mix compiled for the website Secret Thirteen!


LCNL 058: CZ/SK Mix vol. II (Jara Tarnovski)
Our final mix of 2014 is a sequel to an earlier installment of contemporary Czech and Slovakian music, from a member of Gurun Gurun. 

LCNL 057: Enrico Coniglio presents “Buon compleanno bambina morta”
This all-vinyl mix drips with the emotion of violins and the quiet peace of pianos.  Recorded on All Souls’ Day, it seems like a gift from a higher plane.

LCNL 056: n5MD Ambient Immersion Mix
Mike Cadoo’s mix includes many favorites from the label, including tracks from Jasper TX and Last Days, as well as an exclusive from bvdub.

LCNL 055: Ryan Alexander Diduck presents Miss Claire Remembers
An all-vinyl mix from a frequent contributor to The Quietus, beginning with Robin Williams and ending with Enya, but traveling far afield in the interim.

LCNL 054: The Use Presents Electrostatic Equinox
Minimal techno meets hip-hop and upbeat electronics on this harbinger of the cold season.

LCNL 053:  A Machine in the Garden
Captured during a walk through the Caramoor Institute’s Garden of Sonic Delights, this mix of field recordings highlights the intricate sounds of nature and exhibition at play.

LCNL 052: Alrealon Musique 5-Year Anniversary Mix
15 exclusive tracks, representing everything from experimental electronica to drone and off-kilter hip-hop.

LCNL 051: Beachers Mix
A fascinating narrative of free improv and electronics, based on (and including) old Shangri-Las radio spots.

LCNL 050: The Long Now Mix
Julien Demoulin initially proposed a never-ending “infinity mix”, but due to time constraints the actual mix became 9 hours (6:45 for Soundcloud).  The mix challenges our ideas of attention, commitment, and close listening.

LCNL 049: At the Edge of Love, There We Stand (Joanne Lam)
A short yet lovely mix of modern composition from the concert reporter from I Care If You Listen.  Possibly the sweetest sounds on our site.

Premiere Mix: Cliff Dweller’s “The Golden Days of Radio”
Astute readers will notice that this mix lacks an LCNL tag.  Staffer Richard Allen came across this mix, fell in love with it, and asked the artist if ACL could officially offer a premiere.  Thankfully, Cliff Dweller agreed!  This is another short mix, but it segues beautifully into the one above, bringing listeners from 1935 to 1985 in only 23 minutes.

LCNL 048: Waves Approaching (Selected by Phirnis)
An avant-garde selection, including many artists new to this site.  We’d expect no less from the new master of experimental drone.

LCNL 047: Holodeck presents The Trial
ACL’s second mix from the founder of the experimental/electronic tape label presents the more eclectic side of its stable.  These songs may be “free of the restraints of song structure and aesthetic”, but they still flow well in the mix!

LCNL 046: Mix by Spring Break Tapes
We’ve greatly enjoyed the output of Spring Break Tapes since our inception.  The label is a year older than we are, and specializes in creative beats and nostalgic funk.  But whenever we think we can define their sound, they throw us a curveball; this multi-faceted mix is one example.

LCNL 045: Regards sur le 7e feu ensemble mix
With a name like this, you’d expect something wild and untamed, and that’s exactly what you’ll get, as improvisation, dub, and jazz crash head-first into Balkan and Turkish music.  A lead-in to Montreal’s Howl Festival, the mix stands tall in its own right.  The finest moment is Count Basie’s appearance at the direct center of the mix.

LCNL 044: Snowfall Tapes Winter Mix
Unlike our other selections, this one isn’t as much mixed as it is a mix tape, an introduction to a new Flagstaff cassette label specializing in indie sounds with a DIY vibe.  Perfect for nights at the ski lodge!

LCNL 043: Hip Hop Instrumentals Mix (Part II)
The second part of sometime staffer Gabe Bogart’s selection of instrumental hip-hop (including samples), mixed by Joe.

LCNL 042: Hip Hop Instrumentals Mix (Part I)
The first part of sometime staffer Gabe Bogart’s selection of instrumental hip-hop mixed by Joe.  Together, the two parts include 4 hours of head-nodding music!

LCNL 041: Kwaidan Mix
A tour through blues, drone, avant-garde and Korean music, culminating in a guest appearance by Jimmy Page.

LCLN 040: Holodeck Records Mix
ACL’s first mix from Holodeck Records, representing the more accessible side of its roster and concentrating on recent label releases. Featuring S U R V I V E, now famous for their work on Netflix’s Stranger Things.

LCLN 039: TRANSFORMATIONS by Tapiwa Svosve
The youngest presenter on our Mixes page, 18-year-old Tapiwa Svosve (also known as „Cullllt“) is also one of our most creative.  This mix of musique concrète, electroacoustic music and field recordings launched our year at ACL, but still sounds great many months later.

38: Kaukatakan tadi mulut raksasa itu selalu mengaga ? mixed by Blindhæð
37: Enrico Coniglio presents ‘The Sobs of the Violins’
36: M. SAGE presents Half-Speed Flourish
35: The Volume Settings Folder
34: Vektormusik present Alternating Polarity (vinyl mix)
33: SMOKE EM IF YOU GOT EM selected by the new objective
32: Sidewalk Sundowns (James Catchpole)
31: warm ribbons connecting thoughts and souls (Ruhe)
30: Music for Heat Waves in K# Major Minor (Pie Are Squared)
29: Raining Light Mix (Lost Trail)
28: Electronic Observations Summer Mix
27: Ross Baker presents Mind in the Shadow Mix
26: Lcoma presents Unorganised
25: Scratching the Surface (Feral Media)
24:Even Closer (The Ephemeral Man)
23:The Floating World Mix
22:Sic Sic MegaMix
21: DJ Hush Hush presents ‘Parallel Intricacies’
20: Spring Mix (Richard Allen)
19: Decisively Lingering (Le Berger)
18: Alrealon Musique
17: Tacoma Tarpits (High Aura’d)
16: Mario Gabola [A spirale, Aspec(t)]
15: Un Paese Vuol Dire (Gianmarco Del Re)

14: ACL 2012 (thenewobjective)
13: mise_en_scene
12: SEC_ 2
11: Daylight Fades (LowLight Mixes)
10: SEC_
09: Deep Magic
08: Those Who Will Not Rise Must Fall, Cello Mix (thenewobjective)
07: Black Swan
06: Snowy Mix For Synesthetic Commuters  (Lost Trail)
05: Sequenza 21
04: Say Hi to Strangers by Alex Smalley (Olan Mill / Pausal)
03: Enrico Coniglio
02: Jara Tarnovski
01: 36

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